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Server Monitoring as a Service


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Servers hosted in the cloud - public or private - require continuous visibility and cloud analytics to troubleshoot critical issues. Cloud monitoring across all your hosted servers must support both Linux and Windows system and integrate with Chef, Pagerduty, HipChat, Basecamp, and Twitter - plus support Amazon EC2, Rackspace, or any public or private cloud. More details at

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Server Monitoring as a Service

  1. 1. Server Monitoring as a Service - Hosted Server Monitoring in the Cloud
  2. 2. Cloud Customer Needs •  Cloud user base is expanding •  Cloud-dependent organizations with business-critical web sites & web applications •  Includes SaaS, eCommerce, web hosting, game hosting, social media •  Hosted in Amazon EC2, Rackspace, public, hybrid, private clouds•  Two emerging classes of users •  1st generation cloud users: DevOps, early adopters, hands-on, DIY •  2nd generation cloud users: Sys Admins, ops, demand for less complexity and more intelligence•  Feedback on current cloud monitoring tools •  Complex: High-maintenance, hard to use & scale & administer, expensive •  Wrong: false alarms, narrow-focus, fragmented, siloed •  Slow: low-resolution, 1-minute to 15-minute measurements 2
  3. 3. Cloud Server Monitoring Challenges •  Customer Problem •  Today’s cloud monitoring solutions are complex, brittle, fragmented, and slow •  Early cloud administrators have been forced to rely on first-generation cloud management tools – legacy, open-source, or one-dimensional products (e.g., Nagios, Cloudkick, Pingdom) •  New cloud customers are looking for something simple, integrated, smart, and cost-effective•  CopperEgg Solution: Next Gen Cloud Monitoring •  Simple to try, install, use, and grow via SaaS, utility-based, pay-as-you- go model •  Smart performance analytics, unified across system, website, and application tiers •  Fast, high-resolution visibility via a scalable, big data, NoSQL platform
  4. 4. CopperEgg RevealCloud •  CopperEgg RevealCloud •  Server, system, OS, & process monitoring, analytics, alerting •  Now includes website and web application monitoring (in Beta)•  Smart: purpose-built for cloud environments & hosted servers •  Server-resident, small footprint, no polling, push-only •  Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Linode •  Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat, etc.), Windows, MacOS X, FreeBSD •  SaaS delivery, pay-per-use (per hour)•  Fast, non-stop monitoring•  Simple, quick install: 5-seconds and you’re up! 4
  5. 5. Ops-Centric Server Monitoring •  Maximize visibility, detect server outages faster •  Real-time, sub-minute metrics•  Collaborate across all your operations team •  Multi-user access, admin & read-only rights, limit user views by tags•  Integrate with your everyday operations and devops tools •  Chef recipes for automation •  Pagerduty, HipChat, Twitter DM, Basecamp integrations•  Troubleshoot and alarm through advanced cloud analytics •  Composite health metrics roll-up overall server health •  Drill-down and analyze system metrics including various OS, CPU, I/O, application process. and memory usage details•  Tag-based alarm rules, visibility filters 5
  6. 6. RevealCloud: App Process Detail 6
  7. 7. Summary •  Cloud monitoring demands growing •  First generation users losing patience, looking for something better •  Second generation users demanding less complexity, better value•  CopperEgg solution •  Simple, smart, fast •  RevealCoud: system, server, OS, & process monitoring•  For more server monitoring information check out CopperEgg at • • 7