Social Media Management


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Social Media Management

  1. 1. Social Media ManagementSocial Media teams are better off if they have some guidelines to work with so they represent the company appropriatly Copper Abstract Inc
  2. 2. Who?Picking the right people for this job isessential they should have a flare foryour demographic audience and a clearvision of where the company is headed.First step? How do they handle theirown social media accounts. Copper Abstract Inc
  3. 3. What?What are they allowed to post. Whatis their best source of informationand more importantly what are theynot allowed to post. Copper Abstract Inc
  4. 4. C-Suite AccessYes they need access to various levelsof management. In the online worldinformation travels fast and they mayneed special permissions at amoments notice. Copper Abstract Inc
  5. 5. Support accessThey may need support access.Customers expect to be able to getsupport via Facebook, Twitter Etc.Using programs such as Hootsuitethey could assign support tweets tothe appropriate personnel. Copper Abstract Inc
  6. 6. Media AccessYour Social Media team whetherinternal or external can become apower house if they have access totraditional media items such as TVcommercials, press conferences,Photographers etc. Copper Abstract Inc
  7. 7. A little libertySince they are at the front line they may knowwhat the best channels are for yourdemographics are. If your audience is teens youmight want to be on Pheed…Did you even knowabout that network??? It is huge among teensat the moment this presentation was made theexact numbers were not available but it is thenumber one Apple app. Copper Abstract Inc
  8. 8. Comprehensive Crisis AuditDo employees now what to do inincidents involved in the workplace?How can the stop small problemsfrom becoming big problems. Withthe internet consumers can spread abad action very fast. Copper Abstract Inc
  9. 9. Online PresenceDo the people that handle the socialmedia accounts have a personally badtrack record on their personalaccounts? Do they Feel great abouttheir job? Anything less and you couldrisk some rogue tweets or posts. Copper Abstract Inc
  10. 10. What is the Story?They are telling a story of yourcompany. They need a clearunderstanding of what their missionis. It is not to get likes but to createengagement and for that you need astory. Copper Abstract Inc
  11. 11. Copper Abstract provides a complete socialmedia management program and alsooffers social media training should youchoose to run your social media team inhouse. Copper Abstract Inc