Are you ready       for the mobileMobile web usage is literally skyrocketingand is forecast to grow by an astounding1800% ...
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Are you ready for the mobile web


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Mobile web usage is literally skyrocketing, and is forecast to grow by an astounding 1800% in the next four years. Foreseeing this trend, Google recently launched a campaign promoting the need for everyone to have a mobile website.

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Are you ready for the mobile web

  1. 1. Are you ready for the mobileMobile web usage is literally skyrocketingand is forecast to grow by an astounding1800% in the next four years. Foreseeing thistrend, Google recently launched a campaignpromoting the need for everyone to have amobile website. Nearly 80% of their customersdo not have one. In today’s market that is a web? We have been building mobile websites for over four years with our proprietary mDefinitie mobilegrave mistake. It has been proven that the website technology. Our mobile sites are designed tomajority of mobile consumers will leave a look sharp and load fast despite the slower networkmobile website never to return if they have a speeds, limited processing power and wide range ofpoor experience on their first visit. Without a screen sizes of mobile web presence you are closing the door Our Mobile Web Experts will design, launch andon potential customers. manage your mobile website for a fraction of the costA common misconception is a website can of ground-up custom development. Once a site hassimply be shrunk down to fit a mobile device been deployed if you prefer self-service and you don’tthat it is “optimized” and it will work well as need any technical skills, you can manage your sitea mobile website. The reality is websites yourself. We purposely built our Content Managementdesigned for the wired web do not take into System (CMS) to be simple enough for an intern whileaccount the limitations of the mobile web. To being sophisticated enough for a developer.optimize a mobile website the technology andthe content need to be designed specifically mDefinite Servicesto meet the needs of the mobile web and the • Strategy and Planningmobile user. • User Experience DesignThe mobile experts at mDefinite are well versed • Design, Build and Site Launchin the art and science of creating successful • Ongoing Managementmobile websites. We know how to create • Dedicated Supportan optimal user experience for your mobile • Site Optimization on over 5000+ devicescustomer ensuring they will find the informationthat they need in the moment and when they • URL Redirects for single Web Addressreturn in the future. • Mobile Video Hosting • Real Time Reporting and Analytics • Mobile Commerce/Shopping Carts MOBILE PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS • Custom and Enterprise Solutions SCAN TO VISIT OUR MOBILE SITE MOBILE: 970.215.8112 DIRECT: 888.454.8882
  2. 2. What makes mDefinite Better?The mDefinite TeamThe mDefinite mobile experts have beendesigning, launching and hosting mobilewebsites since long before the first iPhoneexisted. We focus on both the needs of yourmobile consumer and the technology thatmakes it work. We work with our clients to mDefinite Technologycreate a fine tuned mobile experience for their • Renders perfectly on millions of devicescustomer. Then we leverage our proprietary • Cloud Based Platformmobile web technology to build a complete • Easy to use CMSmobile web presence in fraction of the time ittakes our competitors at a fraction of the cost. • 24/7 Platform Access • CSS CustomizationmDefinite Mobile Web Technology • Data Collection Form BuilderThe enterprise grade mDefinite Platform, the • XML and CMS Integrationresult of years of continued development and • Mobile Device Detectionrefinement, allows us to launch and managemobile sites easily and efficiently. To streamline • Detailed Reporting & Analyticssite load time and to optimize the visual • Google Analytics Integrationpresentation the mDefinite Platform identifies • Complete Backup Utilitiesmobile devices in real time and sends backthe appropriately configured information. Our About mDefinitetechnology ensures that your site looks good The experts at mDefinite are new media specialistson the highest end handset and the lowest who have been launching cutting edge mobilecommon denominator feature phones. solutions for businesses large and small since 2008. mDefinite was formed with the goal of providingThe mDefinite Platform is cloud based service an easy way for businesses to join the mobile websupported by data centers across North America, revolution. mDefinite makes having your own mobileEurope and Asia. By incorporating multiple website simple and easy. We handle the complicatedinstances and web caching along with proper part - making your site look good and load fast onload balancing we ensure that your site is safe, all mobile devices so that you can focus on yoursecure and will load fast no matter how much customers and their needs.traffic you get. Being a cloud-based companyallow us to conveniently scale our services atany moment for the needs of our clients. Call Us: m: 970.215.8112 d: 888.454.8882 Courtney Tilley Vice President Sales & Marketing MOBILE PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS SCAN TO VISIT OUR MOBILE SITE MOBILE: 970.215.8112 DIRECT: 888.454.8882