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Newsletter february-vol-iv-1


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Newsletter february-vol-iv-1

  1. 1. CopalThe Leading Authority on Indian Art Weekly Collector Issue: IV February 2011 Newsletter for Art Collectors & Aficionados
  2. 2. Thought for the week:If you dont get everything you want, think of the things you dont get thatyou dont want.~ Oscar Wilde***************************************************************************************NATIONAL HERITAGE: A TREASURE“Treasures of Ancient China” a very significant exhibition aimed to fructifycultural exchanges between the two most ancient civilizations of the world:Indian & China, was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture (Government ofIndia) Kumari Selja in the presence of H.E. Zhang Yan (ChineseAmbassador to India) and the senior officials of Cultural Heritage fromChina on February 19, 2011.History:The year 2006 was declared “Indo-China Friendship Year” and as asignificant component of the yearlong celebration in this context, anexhibition on “Treasures of Ancient India” was organized in 2006-07 at fourvenues in China-Beijing, Zhengzhou, Chongqing and Guangzhou. Onehundred exquisite Indian art objects ranging from 3rd century BC to 18thCentury AD, representing Hindu, Buddhist and Jain pantheons made instone, metal, ceramics etc. were mounted on display to present amicrocosmic view of Indian art and culture.
  3. 3. In reciprocation to that endeavour, India opens “Treasures of ancient China” thatbrings alive over 10,000 years of Chinese history through some amazing pieces ofartefacts like terracotta warriors and special tri-coloured pottery of China. Copalstrongly feels that National Treasures of a country are vital in demonstrating theartistic outlook of that nation.“Such joint ventures help strengthen and grow the bond of affection betweenpeople of our countries. We are readying with the second exhibition on Tagorepaintings and will work out details in this regard”~ Kumari SeljaThis exhibition will be on till March 20, 2011********************************************************************COLLECTORS CHOICE: HARSH GOENKAThis week we bring to you, the art inclination and penchants of business mogul HarshGoenka with his fervour for art and about his most recent attempt to advance viewingof art.His interest in art dates back to his childhood days in Kolkata and since then, this artenthusiast has been collecting countless art pieces from all across the globe. The artaficionado has now organised a unique art show titled Of Gods and Goddesses whichis an eclectic mix of artworks by several artists.“The fabric of religion, cinema and cricket truly binds the collective consciousnessof the nation” ~ GoenkaThe industrialist feels that his arty influences have also been extended to his entirefamily. “Their involvement in art is relatively passive though,” he stated in aninterview to DNA. Goenka is one of the biggest collectors of art in India and has adiverse collection of artworks in his office as well.Early this month also witnessed the 18th season of the Art Camp, an annual, week-long art exhibition held at Goenkas beach house in Marve, Mumbai marked by anarray of works by 20 artists from India and abroad.
  4. 4. It is heartening to see art enthusiasts like Goenka who elevate the criterion forshowcasing and promoting Indian Art and is one of the adherents who endorse thevalue and significance of art in our lives.Source: Copal, Shreya Badola-DNA********************************************************************CELEBRATING RAZAWe are glad to share with you, a recent issue of the art magazine Harmony for themonth of February which has featured Copal recommended senior artist SH Razas onits cover page, snap shot of which we are sharing with you (see image below).This month also marked the 89th birth anniversary of the legend and we are glad tohave a gem like him in the fraternity without whose dedicated time and effort, wecould have not reached our aspiration to benefit this community and the overallpromotion of art.We hope that his life be full of colours and vividness just like he has dedicated his lifeto brighten the intensity of Indian art globally.********************************************************************
  5. 5. SUBODH GUPTA: ABSOLUT VODKAIndian artist Subodh Gupta is the latest to contribute to Absolut Vodkas art collection.Absolut has built up an original art collection over the last 30 years, which comprisesworks by greats such as Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois and Rosemarie Trockel.About Gupta:Until Subodh Gupta happened, most Indian artists were aping installation practices inthe West. Subodhs utensils, his cow dung cakes, his aluminium rods tweaked into afence like bamboo, his gigantic cow - illuminates his capacity for bridging differentworlds, all have restructured Indian constructivism to the sensuous fluid installations ofhis more recent, rustic ruminations.The Absolut Vodka sculpture by Gupta goes beyond the chaotic eruption of vessels andinstead is the artful disorganization of a quaint and curious order. This deceptivelysimple-looking bottle(below) is garbed in the high-gloss sheen of the familiar, homely,stainless steel forms, and is a commentary on contemporary India.
  6. 6. “I work with my childhood memories. I have always believed art should becontemporary, but it must have a distinct language that gives it life beyond years.My work emerges from the mundane, from the surroundings, from my past, broughtforward to the present”~ Subodh GuptaSource: Copal, Times of India*********************************************************************ART NEEDS A PRESERVATION LAWRecently, it was declared by the ministry of India that conservation and public artinitiatives would be given priority on a long list of imperatives vis-à-vis an appropriatepreservation of culture.News reports state that the Indian ministry may even contemplate the enforcement of aregistration law that will list public art and heritage relics. It is likely that additionalstringent laws would be framed to prevent desecration of public art.Heritage walks, brochures and festivals have given the world something to talk about.But much more needs to be done. Hopefully, Delhi will stand as a carefully calibratedcolourful example to the rest of the country and tout its culture and heritagepreservation moves, as much as its vibrant economic climate.The authorities may want to consider tapping into its already wealthy mind power anddraw from trained resources to arrive at a more comprehensive and enlightened policythat addresses all aspects of art, culture and heritage conservation.
  7. 7. Kumari Selja"People must learn to respect public art. Art should be brought out from theconfines of the museums to public spaces so that they become more interactive andmass-oriented"~Kumari Selja, Minister of Culture (GOI)Source: Copal, DNA*********************************************************************INDIAN ART & CULTURE AT ABU DHABI FESTA three-day cultural and entertainment event that was inaugurated on February 17,2011 concluded on February 20 at Abu Dhabis Indian Social and Cultural Centre(ISC). This festival, having attended by over 25,000 visitors presented a glimpse ofIndian, art, culture and cuisine to national and international tourists.Artists from various Indian organizations across the UAE performed in a range ofprogrammes, representing Indias cultural diversity, as it aimed to open its doors to allIndians who constitute the largest expatriate community in the capital and also in theUAE.“The first time that the centre has organized such a major event portraying thecultural elements from various parts of India”~ ISC President M. Thomas Varghese*********************************************************************
  8. 8. EVENTS Contemporary Pioneers Karnataka A show of works of Karnatakas artists from the 1970s, dedicated to K.K. Hebbar The works of 22 veteran, pioneering artists; a special limited-edition by Yusuf Arakkal; originals by K.K. Hebbar at Galerie De Arts has an interesting show lined up to celebrate its first anniversary. Homai Vyarawalla: A Retrospective Over 200 images from Vyarawallas career of 35 years (1930s to 1970s) will be on display at the NGMA, introducing people to the human side of India and poignant moments in Indian nationalism. On till April 10. Tyeb Mehta: Triumph of Vision Works of legendary artist Tyeb Mehta in a solo exhibition titled Triumph of Vision on display curated by Yashodhara Dalmia. On till 15 March 2011 at Vadehra Art GalleryCONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: The contents of this message may be legally privileged and confidential, for the use of the intended recipient(s) only. It should not be read, copied and used by anyone other than the intended recipient. If youhave received this message in error, please immediately notify us at the above co- ordinates, preserve its confidentiality and delete it from your system. Thank you.DISCLAIMER: The contents of this message or any other communication from Copal should not be taken as investment, legal or tax advice. Each individual should consult his / her / their own financial and legal advisors and accountants asto tax and related matters concerning potential purchase of the artworks. Although the information contained herein has been obtained from sources which Copal reasonably believes to be reliable and authentic, Copal, its auditors and / or itslegal advisors make no representations or warranties regarding its accuracy or completeness. Nothing contained here is to be, or should be, relied upon, as a promise or representation of Copal. The information contained herein is not anassurance that a market will develop for the artworks purchased from Copal by the Art Collectors. Each individual must be prepared to bear the economic risk of the purchase. Kindly refer to our website, for detaileddisclaimer.Special Contributions by: Ashok Vajpeyi , Ajay Seth, Devesh GargEditor: Saguna AhluwaliaContributing Editors: Mithila Kapoor, Nikhil Khandelwal, Ricky Seth, Sahitya Prakash, Sharan Seth, Swati Sharma,Mahendra NayarCoordinator: Sanjiv ChoubeCopal Art P. Ltd. 1112, DLF Tower B, Jasola District Centre, Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110 025 (India)Phone: 011- 40647045- 52. Email:, Website: