What did you do last weekend?


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This unit is about what people did last weekend

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What did you do last weekend?

  1. 1. What did you do last weekend?
  2. 2. Simple Past Tense
  3. 3. THE WINSTONS` THANKSGIVING DAY Carol: Hi, mom Eleanor: Hi,Carol. Gee, we really miss ed you for Thanksgiving Carol: I miss ed you too. Eleanor: How's San Francisco? When did you and Sam arrive ? Carol: We arriv ed late Wednesday night. San Francisco is great. On Thanksgiving day we took a sight-seeing bus all around the city. Then we rode on a cable car and walk ed around Fisherman's Wharf. We ate fish at a restaurant there and had a great time. What about you and Dad? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Eleanor: Well, dinner was delicious. Aunt Valerie made a huge turkey, I brought spaghetti, Norma bak ed a pumpkin pie. Carol: I have to go, Call you next week? Eleanor: Of course dear, Bye.
  4. 4. Verb To Be I He She It Was I was a very cute baby. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. She wasn't my best friend in primary school. He wasn't a healthy person. Was not Wasn`t Positive Negative Interrogative: Was it cold yesterday? No, It wasn't . It was warm.
  5. 5. Verb To Be You We They Were You were in Europe last summer. We weren't having a great time. Last November They were running the Trote. Were not Weren`t Positive Negative Interrogative: Were you at the ballgame last night? No, we weren't. We were watching the game on TV.
  6. 6. Regular Verbs Wash Wash ed Paint Paint ed There are 3 endings for the regular simple past tense: -ed I washed the car on Sunday morning. I painted the kitchen last weekend.
  7. 7. Regular Verbs Study Stud ied Play Play ed They studied Chinese last night. We played basketball yesterday afternoon. -ied Exception :
  8. 8. Regular Verbs Arrive Arrive d Bake Bake d Yolanda arrived early to her house. Kenan painted the kitchen last weekend. -d
  9. 9. Regular Verbs Negative form For negative statements in the past, use: did not (contraction didn't) <ul><li>We did not * stay at the hotel </li></ul><ul><li>He did not * like the painting </li></ul><ul><li>They didn't * watch the movie </li></ul>* The verb stays in its base form (doesn't change).
  10. 10. Regular Verbs Interrogative form For interrogative form in the past, use: Did Did you * understand the interrogative form? Yes, I did. * The verb stays in its base form (doesn't change).
  11. 11. What did you do yesterday? I got up I had breakfast I took a bath I read the news I did exercises I ate lunch I drove to the super I bought groceries I made dinner I wrote a letter I saw a movie I went to sleep
  12. 12. Irregular Verbs Take Took Make Made Irregular past tense verbs do not add –ed in the affirmative sentences. They have different forms. Susan took the bus this morning. The children made breakfast this morning.
  13. 13. Irregular Verbs Buy Bought Write Wrote Michael bought a bicycle yesterday. Tommy wrote to his grandmother this week. Do Did They did exercise in the morning.
  14. 14. Irregular Verbs Read Read Stella read a book this afternoon. Exception : Hit Hit Other exceptions… Cut Cut