Guidelines and Checklists for Philippine Cooperatives


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Guidelines and Checklists for Philippine Cooperatives

  1. 1. Jo B. Bitonio Guidelines and Checklists for Cooperative Operation and Management
  2. 2. The review of the CDA Memorandum Circulars, Social Audit Report (SAR) & Performance Audit Report (PAR) resulted in a listing of programs, projects, policies, GA/Board Resolutions, manuals, information facilities and Code of Governance and Ethical Standards intended to guide Philippine cooperatives.
  3. 3. . Development Plan . Annual Plan and Budget . Acceptance of AFS . Hiring of External Auditor GA Resolution MC 2014-02 - state 5 year limit role in the engagement of CEA - gap 2 years - prohibition in the engagement and signing of audit when the validity of accreditation is not valid or in question
  4. 4. • Development Plan (DP) • Annual Plan • Social Development Plan (SDP) • Education and Training Plan (ETP) • Succession Plan (HRD Plan) • Gender and Development Plan (GAD) (MC 2013-22) Plans Note: - Annual plan is lifted from the Development Plan - GAD, SDP and ETP can be incorporated in the DP
  5. 5. Art 53 of RA 9520 Every cooperative shall draw up reports of its programs of activities including those in pursuance of their socio-economic undertaking sharing their progress and achievements at the end of fiscal year
  6. 6. • Oversight functions • Performance evaluation/appraisal • Election guidelines • Distribution of net surplus (Rate of Interest and patronage refund) • Provisions and funding for statutory reserves • Utilization of statutory reserves • Provisions of funding for Retirement fund Board Resolutions
  7. 7. • Monetary benefits (Performance Bonus, 13th • Month Pay, SSS, Phil Health, Pag-ibig) • Non Monetary Benefits (Rice subsidy, uniforms) • Membership subscription of capital • Compliance limitation of shares • Deposit for share capital subscription • Issuance of Share Certificate Policy/Board Resolutions
  8. 8. • Conflict management – officers, employees, members • Associate members • Laboratory cooperatives • Subsidiary coop • GAD and Gender Equality Policy/Board Resolutions
  9. 9. • Code of Governance And Ethical Standard • Conflict of Interest ( engaged in similar business) • Code of Ethics provisions for officers/staff/members • Policy requiring all officers to comply with the mandatory trainings requirements MC 2012-07 Policy/Board Resolution
  10. 10. • Manual of Operations (membership, business operation, branch, satellite) • HR (Organizational and functional Structure; compliance with labor standard, adoption of performance standard) • Accounting ( maintenance of books of accounts; updated recording; separate books per line of business; interim financial – monthly, quarterly, annual • Internal Control System • Compliance with BIR, DOLE, LGU, Etc. Manual
  11. 11. • Code of Ethical Standard – Officers, staff-members • Compliance with SCA • Savings Mobilization program • Institutionalization of financial and operational performance appraisal system (PISO and PESOS) Manual
  12. 12. • Capital Build Up • Gender Programs and Projects • Member benefit program ( group insurance, medical and health assistance, education assistance, burial assistance) • Retirement & Funding of Retirement Program Programs and Projects
  13. 13. • Nation building programs (MDGs, environment • Responsiveness to gender, elderly, youth and person with especial needs • Collaborative Programs/projects Programs/Projects
  14. 14. • Education and Training Program – officers, employees, members (Calendar of activities, compliance with mandatory training for officers) • Leadership Development Program (retreats, succession planning, leadership session) • Employee Support Program (Council, Insurance Protection, Grievance mechanism, Awards and Recognition, Scholarship, Seminar, training, • Social, cultural, sports Programs/Projects
  15. 15. . Suggestion/Grievance box . Newsletter . Freedom board Information Facilities
  16. 16. MC 2013-02 Supplemental Rules on the Training Requirements of Cooperative Directors, Officers and Committee members • Training is required for all officers • Incumbent officers who has not undergone the required trainings shall UNDERGO such trainings within 12 months • Non compliance shall be a ground for disqualification Supplemental Rules • Inclusion in the cooperative election guidelines a policy requiring to comply with the mandatory trainings the ELECOM shall be responsible to ensure compliance while the BOARD will be responsible for appointive officers
  17. 17. Supplemental Rules • CDA will notify in writing and direct the cooperatives to ensure the officers compliance of the training requirements during his/her remaining terms Sanctions • Failure to comply during his/her term shall be a ground for disqualifications as future officers in any position until the officer comply with the training requirement for that position • Willful failure of the concerned cooperative to comply for its officers despite notice shall be a ground for non issuance of the CGS for the next immediate year.
  18. 18. Image used from National Geographic