Computation of fees


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CDA Guidelines in the Computation of fees

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Computation of fees

  1. 1. By: Filipina H. Porio – Chief SEU CDA-DEO
  2. 2. On Certificate of Good Standing
  3. 3. Regular Purpose For Cooperatives Registered more than one (1) year- for purposes of BIR Compliance and mandatory compliance under R.A. 9520) 1. Letter Request duly signed by the cooperative chairman or any authorized representative 2. Required Regular Reports a. Cooperative Annual Performance Report (CAPR b. Social Audit Report c. Performance Report d. Audited Financial Statement duly stamped "RECEIVED" by BIR e. List of Officers and Training Implementation
  4. 4. Regular Purpose 3. Minutes of Annual General Assembly - Order of Business. XXX a. Call to Order; b. Declaration/ Consideration of presence of quorum; c. Reading, consideration and approval of the minutes of previous meeting; d. Presentation and approval of the reports of the board of directors, officers, and the committees, e. Including audited financial statements of the Cooperative; f. Unfinished business; g. New business; f. New business; i. Election of directors and committee members ii. Approval of Development and/ or annual Plan and Budget iii. Hiring of External Auditor iv. Other related business matters v. Announcements; and h. Adjournment 4.Updated Bond of Accountable Officers 5. Semi-Annual Report on Med-Con Committee
  5. 5. Section 11 of MC No. 2011-16 Fees – The Authority shall charge a certification fee of One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) for every Certificate of Good Standing (CGS).
  6. 6. A penalty shall be charge in its of the following: a. P300.00 for every year of failure to secure a CGS for regular purpose. b. P300.00 for late filing of application for regular purpose.
  7. 7. Mandatory Reports a.Cooperative Annual Performance Report (CAPR) b. Social Audit Report c. Performance Report d. Audited Financial Statement duly stamped "RECEIVED" by BIR e.List of Officers and Training Implementation
  8. 8. Section 7 of Rule 8 of IRR. Sanction For Delayed Submission. Failure to file the required reports on time shall subject the Accountable Officer to pay a fine of P100.00 per day of delay.
  9. 9. Computation of Penalty Mandatory Report: with penalty 1.CPAR – 100.00 x No. of days late from May 1. 2. AFS – 100.00 x No. of days late from June 1. (MC NO. 2013-08)
  10. 10. MC No. 2013-08- Supplemental Policy on the submission of AFS duly stamped received by BIR The Circular stated Quoted as: Some cooperatives experience difficulty in complying AFS received by BIR. In consideration thereof, the Authority hereby resolved to accept Provisionally AFS which do not bear stamped ‘received’ provided that the cooperative shall show proof within thirty 30 days from the date of submission to the Authority that it has to submitted the said Audited Financial Statement.
  11. 11. 3. Social Audit Report 4. Performance Audit Report 100.00 x No. of days late from: 2013- August 1 (MC NO. 2013-18 ) 2014- May 1
  12. 12. MC No. 2013-18 Submission of Performance and Social Audits Reports All cooperatives that have submitted to the Authority the required reportorial requirements (such as CAPR, AFS, List of Officer and Trainings Undertaken) but without the PAR and SAR . . . . ., have been given an extended period from May 1 to July 31, 2013 to submit the aforesaid Performance and Social Audit Reports without penalty.
  13. 13. 5. List of Officers and Trainings Undertaken 100.00 x No. of days late from May 1.
  14. 14. Memorandum Date: May 26, 2014 Subject: CDA-DAR Partnership Program Paragraph 3 In order to accomplish the deliverables indicated in the MOA, you are requested to issue the CGS to ARCs which are encountering financial difficulties in paying the penalties. Provided however, that a minimal amount be paid upon issuance of CGS, and the remaining amount will be paid in an installment basis depending upon the amount of penalties.