CDA Dagupan Strategies for WFP 2014


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CDA Dagupan Strategies for WFP 2014

  1. 1. CDA Dagupan Extension Office jo bitonio for MPAPC
  2. 2. “ Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare .” Japanese Proverb jo bitonio for MPAPC
  3. 3. The 2014 Four Major Final Outcomes of CDA Effective Research, Information and Training Services for Cooperatives Responsive Development Programs for Coops (Strategic and Tactical Alliances/CDA Partnership and Collaborations with other NGAs) Program for the Regulation and Growth of Cooperatives Improved Delivery Mechanisms of the CDA and Enhanced Regulatory Framework
  4. 4. Better internal coordination jo bitonio for MPAPC
  5. 5. Link Program & Projects to Strategy for effective use of scarce resources jo bitonio for MPAPC
  6. 6. Encourage Teachers Cooperative to register a laboratory cooperative Request Electric Cooperatives to submit list of new memberconsumers Gawad Parangal recognition of Best in Membership and Growth Expansion jo bitonio for MPAPC
  7. 7. Collection Collection of Penalties for non compliance in the submission of mandatory reports jo bitonio for MPAPC
  8. 8. Feedback Mechanism Analysis of Inspection, examination PESOS, PISO, PAR, SAR and Training Feedback and advisory to cooperatives jo bitonio for MPAPC
  9. 9. Provision of Technical Assistance Field CDS-IIs will be provided TA forms jo bitonio for MPAPC
  10. 10. Partnership Among NGAs, LGUs NGOs, Cooperatives, SUC, CDCs Provide pro forma MOU/MOA to CDS-IIs jo bitonio for MPAPC
  11. 11. jo bitonio for MPAPC
  12. 12. Mobilize Human Capital Submission of IPCR  clearly defined Deliverables for CDS-IIs  Monitors progress of PPA  Outstanding Employee Better control of financial, physical, and human resources jo bitonio for MPAPC
  13. 13. Mobilize Human Capital Conduct of monthly MANCOM Strengthen the human resource involved in implementation to get desired results Monitoring of performance Governance Review Better internal coordination jo bitonio for MPAPC
  14. 14. Communication and Advocacy  Promote branching, satellite, laboratory cooperatives, membership expansion jo bitonio for MPAPC
  15. 15. Build Up email data base of all cooperators Communication and Advocacy OD to help cooperatives to have an email account or FB jo bitonio for MPAPC
  16. 16. Customer Satisfaction  Customer focus Prompt and efficient delivery of services  Being courteous all the time  Responding to clients complaints the soonest time jo bitonio for MPAPC
  17. 17. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle jo bitonio for MPAPC
  18. 18. Needed jo bitonio for MPAPC
  19. 19. Resource Requesting above the ceiling a. Capital outlay for PCs b. Training Program c. Repair and improvement of the CDA sub La Union Office jo bitonio for MPAPC
  20. 20. Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Stephen King jo bitonio for MPAPC
  21. 21. Contributions from Various CDA EOs jo bitonio for MPAPC November 2013
  22. 22. Communication and Advocacy Programs thru Local Radio, TV, News Paper and ICT. jo bitonio for MPAPC
  23. 23. Strengthening of Federations/ Unions Technical Assistance and Partnership on the conduct technical, developmental and social activities such as trainings and seminars, medical mission, environment and eco- waste educational campaign, etc. jo bitonio for MPAPC
  24. 24. Gawad Parangal and documentation of success stories of regional/national winners Info dissemination through council meetings and website announcements Regional workshop for possible contenders. Posting of success stories through website jo bitonio for MPAPC
  25. 25. CDA Accreditation Program 1. 2. 3. 4. Identify other providers in the region and review the terms of reference of accreditation Inform the parties about the expiration of their accreditation Assist /monitor the document preparation Facilitate the endorsement to the Central Office jo bitonio for MPAPC
  26. 26. On-line Marketing Program ( 1. 2. 3. 4. Identify cooperatives per province for mainstreaming in the system Coordinate with the system administrator Conduct forum/fora/roadshow /trade fair to encourage cooperatives to participate Assist/ monitor development of activities for publication jo bitonio for MPAPC
  27. 27. Implementation and Maintenance of the CDA’s Quality Management System 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Regular orientation on the functions and responsibilities of the members of the QMS team Regular conduct of 5S Conduct of Internal Quality Audits Attendance to QMS-related Trainings Monitoring and evaluation jo bitonio for MPAPC
  28. 28. Asset Management 1. Regular monitoring of the Building Maintenance Plan 2. Regular monitoring of the Vehicle and Equipment Preventive Maintenance Plan 3. Regular Conduct of Physical Count and Inventories 4. Regular Conduct of Disposal of Unserviceable Property and Equipment and Waste Materials jo bitonio for MPAPC
  29. 29. Records Management 1. Regular monitoring of Records and Document 2. Ensuring that it is managed in accordance with Procedure on Control of Records and Documents jo bitonio for MPAPC Source:
  30. 30. The Cooperative Development Authority has to follow a holistic approach, in response to the metamorphosing of cooperatives that are continuously re-defining themselves To fully respond to the to squarely resolve intricacies of development, i.e., challenges ahead Integrated cooperativism as vehicle of the beneficiaries to sustain the projects such as agrarian reform, community-based resource management, women’s health, job generation, food security, ecological integrity (Ravanera (2013).
  31. 31. This truism makes the broader role of CDA on empowerment, regulatory and development even more essential. jo bitonio for MPAPC
  32. 32. The Holistic Development Approach Good Governance Micro Financing Productivity Enhancement Marketing Entrepreneurship Job Generation • Socio Economics - Create Conducive Policy Environment Participate in Decision Making Strengthening of CDSs Integrate Cooperativism in the Development Processes Gender and Development • • • •  Resource Management Basic Utilities/ Services Source: Ravanera: 2013    Access and Control of Ecological Resources Agrarian Reform Community-based Resource Management Protection/Enhancement of Ecological Wealth  Consumer owned Water and Electric Cooperatives  Strengthening of Transport Cooperatives  Broaden Coverage of Co-op Insurance  Pharmaceutical Co-ops  Co-op Schools/Institutes  Co-op Media Social Justice & Equity Peace Stability Productivity Sustainability
  33. 33. Cooperativism & Social Transformation ZONE I ZONE II ZONE III BREAKDOWN BREAKTHROUGH TRANSFORMATION Dehumanizing Poverty • • • Powerlessness of the people No access to resources Lack of capabilities/ opportunities Marginalization of People and Resources Degradation of Values and Ecosystems Social Injustice/Gross Inequities Global Financial Crisis COOPERATIVISM : A Transformative Leading Edge  A Tool of Empowerment • Develop Fully Human Potentials Harnessing Collective Energies Access and Control of Resources Builders of Sustainability Backbone of Social Solidarity Economy Coping Mechanism for Asian Economic Community by 2015 • • • • • SUSTAINABLE FUTURE  Ecologically Sustainable, Socially Equitable Development  Social Justice  Social Equity  Meaningful People’s Participation  Meeting the Millennium Devt Goals  Attained  Sustainable Dev’t Principles institutionalized PEACE, STABILITY & SUSTAINABILITY DEMOCRATIZATION OF WEALTH AND POWER Apathy Conflict/violence EXTINCTION A Vehicle for PEACE, Unity & Cooperation • Democratic Control • Participation • Ideologically Neutral ACCELERATION Source: Ravanera: 2013
  34. 34. CDA as the Lead Agency in Advancing Cooperativism The Three (3) Converging Arrows Source: Ravanera: 2013