Dead lazy evaluation 9 frame analysis


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Coursework 9 frame Analysis

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Dead lazy evaluation 9 frame analysis

  1. 1. 9 Frame Analysis Of Dead Lazy
  2. 2. Frame 1 This shot challenges the regular forms and conventions of a zombie comedy as normally in a zombie comedy the infection is started by a much bigger issue but by using the small dog it creates and comedy element for the audience while also creating the opening narrative by showing the outbreak. The high angle shot makes the dog look even smaller creating more comical elements. During this scene there is a ambient drone typical of horror films.
  3. 3. Frame 2 In this shot there is a close-up on the name tag of this person, this is effective for the opening as it is giving the audience the chance to find out who there main character is and wonder what he looks like etc. This shot challenges the forms and conventions as the character’s face is not yet revealed leaving the audience in suspense.
  4. 4. Frame 3 In this shot, the character is shown about to drive home with the emphasis on the radio he turns on. This is using the form and convention of giving the audience some background story as the broadcast is describing recent zombie outbreaks but develops them by having the character turn the radio off and say “Bullshit” to add the comical element.
  5. 5. Frame 4 This scene is the title sequence as our character is driving home, the institutional information is displayed throughout the drive home such as the Film 4 presents. Our product uses the form and conventions of horror films by having the title sequence slightly after the opening of the film but our product has happy and party like music creating a different feel to a normal horror film and adding comedy.
  6. 6. Frame 5 This shot is the film’s logo shot as Dead Lazy appears just as our character is about to arrive home. We have used a typical horror convention by having the lettering in red for Dead but challenged that as well by having a much brighter and more comedic in the orange for Lazy showing to the audience that the film has both horror and comedy elements.
  7. 7. Frame 6 This scene is where our second main character is introduced but he is introduced in a much less typical way as our first character hears a scream but it turns out to the new character playing games thus making the audience think at first that a gruesome horror part is about to occur but ends up being a comical moment thus challenging the horror conventions while also developing them into more comical conventions. Also the room is light which is a different convention to normal horror films as they are normally dark and spooky, by having a lighter room the audience know that the film will have other genre’s in it such as comedy.
  8. 8. Frame 7 This shot adds the horror element back into the product after the introduction of the second character. The zombie’s hand clutching the door is only a very brief shot making the audience on the edge of there seats because the audience know the zombie is coming for characters but they don’t adding suspense which is a typical horror form and convention thus using it. Also the quick fire shot of the hand is a convention of horror as in many horror films some shot are sharp and jumpy.
  9. 9. Frame 8 This shot is where our first character is looking through the mail. The emphasis is on the biohazard note which gives audience more background knowledge of the outbreak. By having him checking the mail it is creating suspense as the audience know that the zombie thus adding the horror suspense convention to our product. Also there is a certain shade in front of the character which is slowly shadowing the room suggesting to the audience that some dark moment is about to occur.
  10. 10. Frame 9 This shot is the final shot in the product just after the character’s have met the zombie. In the shot the audience can see that it has got darker outside suggesting to them that the characters may have to fight the zombie for there lives thus using and developing a horror element. The scene also sets up the audience for what else is to come during the zombie comedy.