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Endof semestersummativereflections eric

  1. 1. Eric DanielMrs. LesterHonors 10th Lit/CompMay 2012 End of Semester Summative Reflections1. This semester I have been studying all about Traumatic Brain Injury. I have beenresearching this topic and discussing it with my peers in fishbowl discussions. To reallyreceive the maximum amount of knowledge possible I limited my study to T.B.I. in onlywar veterans. Veterans who have this injury usually receive it from a bomb on the sideof the road. About 10 to 20 percent of soldiers who return home from war have somesymptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Luckily I was given plenty of time to research mytopic and do not have any questions.2. This was a pretty “smooth sailing” project. I did not have to many challenges Ihad to encounter. Time management was not a problem due to the fact that we hadplenty of time in between deadlines to do what was asked of us. My group and I haveknown each other for a very long time and had worked on a project together previouslyso we knew that we would be able to do this project well. We split everything up evenlyand all played our role so there were no arguments to be had. If I was to pinpoint onechallenge that my group and I encountered it would be research. At the beginning of theresearch process we were finding article after article giving us the same information.Since we were worried about how we would be able to do a whole project with limited
  2. 2. information we went to Ms. Lester and Hamilton. They reassured us that this was okand that we just needed to go deeper into our research.3. For my group the most difficult part of the project was finding a professional onour topic to interview. It took us four tries and a little more than a week to get a positiveresponse. For our first choice we could not find an email for our professional. On oursecond try we shot the guy an email but did not receive a response. The third personthat we tried did not have an email in sight, so we went to Ms. Hamilton who “tweeted”her. After waiting for a few days we decided we would not hear back and contacted Dr.Charles H. Bombardier. The best feeling was when we saw his name in the inbox andrealized we did not have to stress about it anymore.4. “All Quiet on the Western Front” did not really influence my decision. My warbook of choice was, “Dear America, Letters Home From Vietnam” and lead me tooriginally want to do the project over the familys role in a soldier’s life. Then when Icontacted my partners they persuaded me into doing Traumatic Brain Injury. This alsointerested me because I had a family friend who had been in an accident recently andwas suffering from a case of Traumatic Brain Injury. The more fishbowls we had and themore I heard about my peers talking about it, the more I began to like the idea of thetopic.5. The biggest lasting impact for me will be visiting with my family friend. It justamazed me to see how much the injury could change a person. He was just a normalperson like the rest of us until his accident and now he has trouble with his speech andmemory. It helped me get a sense of what it was like for veterans and their families
  3. 3. were going through when the veteran would arrive home with a traumatic brain injury. Ithink I will carry this learning experience throughout my life.6. I am most proud of the fact that I felt as if me and my group stepped our game upfrom the last project. We did countless research and worked as a team to make the bestproject we could. Just seeing it all come together day by day made me proud. Beingable to stay organized using my calendar was something kind of new for me as well. Iam usually not well organized but have the calendar at hand made my life so mucheasier and less stressful.7. I think the thing that was most challenging for me was the stress of it all. Luckilythere was not too much stress either. Due to our calendar I was able to keep my stressat an all time low when it comes to projects. but I still encountered it a few times.Everything can just get overwhelming sometimes when you have homework in everyclass, sports, and family all in one day. I can also get nervous before a fishbowlworrying that I might sound stupid or say something incorrect. As far as the actualproject, everything went well and now that I am approaching the end of it I realize thatthere really was not anything to stress over.8. (1.1.1) This year I learned how to properly develop research questions. This isgoing to be so helpful for me down the line. I have learned to really dig deep and get indepth with my questions. (1.1.5) Websites like Wikipedia usually get used a lot and arenot trustworthy. This year Ms. Lester and Hamilton taught us the CRAAP test to makesure all of the information we were finding was true. I look forward to using this skillwhen I encounter projects that I need to find all the information possible for. (1.1.8)Scoop.it was very heplful this year it was a website that me and my partners could use
  4. 4. to find articles on our topic and then within a click of the mouse could have in ourpossesion for research. I know for a fact that I will be keeping my Scoop.it profile!(2.1.2) Netvibes and Symbaloo are not really helpful to me they just seem like a websitewhere you can put down unnecessary information instead of just bookmarking it andgetting back to it later. (1.3.3) I know that me and my partners really enjoyed beingintroduced to EasyBib this year. It made citing our resources so much easier comparedto what we were doing with NoodleTools earlier in the year.9. My group and I used VoiceThread once again for our final product. As far as itenhancing our learning experience, for me, it did not really just because we already haddone our design proposal and our shaping sheet. We had been researching for over amonth and already had all of our information. By the time we got to the VoiceThread itwas all about finding copyright friendly pictures and talking about our information thatwe had on our shaping sheet.10. My group and I chose Netvibes. I really do not like the whole idea of Netvibesand Symbaloo, I can see where it would be helpful for some people but just not me. Iguess for me it just seems like a waste of time when you already have all theinformation to go and put it up on there. It also reminds me of a website that you go toand then just click on a link which will take you to a website you have previously beento. In which case I think just bookmarking the URL would be easier.11. This class has been so helpful. I look forward to taking my brand neworganization techniques and researching skills to American Literature and Compositionnext year. I hope that we do something kind of like a fishbowl because to me they werereally helpful. I feel like I now know my way around the computer better which in our age
  5. 5. of time is very important. Also even more so than American Lit I want to thank Ms.Lester and Hamilton for preparing me for college.