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Cooperative Quarterly Summer2009

  1. 1. Cooperative Quarterly Cooperative Purchasing Programs of Summer 2009 the California Family Health Council Volume III, Issue 3 From the Director’s Desk Inside As a country bumpkin youngster I once lived by the old adage; “knee high by Fourth of July,” as I patiently waited for the fruits of our labor to develop. I don’t know if it was This Issue the tough soil conditions or our knack for always sowing seeds a week later than the neighbors but somehow our corn was never knee high by Fourth of July! Still, by the end of July we started to find watermelons that were ready to be harvested which was in itself a call for celebration! In these economic times it is sometimes difficult to find things to celebrate about. I am 2 ever the optimist though and see times like these as a way to not only discover how Calendar of grateful I am for the simple things but also celebrate making it through another day, week Events or month. It is the little things they say. In this issue we at the FP Coop are celebrating our new connections through social media. It has taken a little bit for us to get there but we have made it to the digital world and invite you to come join us via your favorite 3 Vendor of applications; Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We are also celebrating savings from such great vendors as Medical Arts Press, Staples, PharmPak, FemCap and Lifestyles. the Quarter: LifeStyles I also made a really neat discovery this past month that I wanted to share with you. A colleague of mine is a puppeteer up north in the Bay Area. She developed a puppet show; “Carlitos and the Magic Garden,” that promotes healthy eating habits and the enjoyment GLMA 4 of foods such as I once took for granted growing in Guidelines our garden. The puppet show was so well received Introducing: for LGBT up in Oakland that she went ahead and created a Patients DVD of the show suitable for viewing in elementary schools and clinical settings such as the children’s waiting room. I recently viewed the DVD and enjoyed Quinoa the puppetry as well as the depth of layers the story 11 Tabbouleh is written in. This is not just a show about how healthy eating is important for our health but also shares Salad how healthy eating is vital for both our health and the Recipe health of our planet. There is also a brilliant usage of the Spanish language throughout. One does not need to know Spanish to understand it but they will learn Spanish by watching the show! Carlitos and the Magic Garden is available from Read more about it inside! Page 9 continued on Page 11 Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  2. 2. Summer 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 2 Many Abortion Clinic Workers Nearing Retirement Age, Look to New Generation of Calendar Women to Take Over March 9, 2009 of Events Many women who provide abortion counseling and other services at clinics across the U.S. are nearing retirement, August 8 raising questions about whether younger Photo: Louis L. Family PACT women will take their places at the clinics, Abortion clinics provide about 94% of Orientation the New York Times reports. Sally Burgess, abortions, according to a study in Perspectives Ventura, CA chair of the National Abortion Federation on Sexual and Reproductive Health. and executive director of the Hope Clinic for Women, said, “We worry about that a lot. Although it is not difficult to find younger September Younger women have always had access to doctors and other staff to work at clinics in 3, 4 & 5 abortion care, they don’t fully appreciate the large urban areas, the same is not true in rural Family battle that was fought to have it available to areas, smaller Midwestern cities, Southern Planning them. And more important, I don’t think they states and more conservative areas of the Health Worker know how precarious the option is at this country, Kelli Conlin, president of NARAL Pro- Course point, even with Obama’s election.” She Choice New York, said. Issues such as lower Los Angeles, added, “What I observe for women in their pay and safety can be obstacles to attracting CA 20s and 30s -- there are fewer who really people to work in clinics. have the fire in the belly for this.” September 9 Those working in abortion clinics usually have Family PACT According to a survey published in the lower salaries than their counterparts working Pregnancy journal Contraception, 64% of doctors at in other health facilities, partly because Test Options 273 abortion clinics in the U.S. were at least providing abortions has a smaller revenue Counseling age 50 and 62% were men. stream than other medical areas. Fresno, CA continued on page 9 September Your Strength is in Your Membership: Communication 17 to 20 At the cooperative programs, we strive to maintain an open and transparent conversation Co-op Attending with our members. One of the ways we achieve this is through our monthly email updates from our Director, Louis Linsmeyer. We also have a daily blog where we post Association of articles and updates in Women’s Health. Reproductive Health Professionals Recently, we entered the social networking world of the internet, looking for ways to Conference make it easier not only for us to communicate with you, our members, but looking also Washington, for ways to make it easy for you to communicate with us and with each other. DC Our Facebook account has been fun, and has given us opportunities to get to know you better, especially when reading some of your comments (how about those Sotomayor hearings?)! Our LinkedIn page has opened us up to many of the action and support groups that are formed in the Women’s Health community, and has also familiarized us more with your professional affiliations. continued on page 8 Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  3. 3. Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Summer 2009 Page 3 Vendor of the Quarter: LifeStyles Ansell Healthcare Que stion:best e at is th off the would like to remind the Wh Photo: Richard J. Reetz CFHC members kick that ALL w ay to season? October 2 er LifeStyles Summ Family PACT Orientation condoms are available at LOWER prices. Answer: Berkeley, CA By saving money October 15 This recent price reduction on all orders for to 17 allows you to keep your Co-op customers protected while LifeStyles Condoms. Attending saving money. Women’s Health Update Conference San Francisco, CA October 23 & 30 CFHC Pregnancy Counseling Course Los Angeles, CA October 25 To set-up an account or to LifeStyles brand condoms are the most to 29 place an order, contact: effective way to protect against both HIV/ Co-op Attending AIDS, STI’s and unwanted pregnancies. Christine Abel We offer over 15 different styles of American 1-800-232-1309 or Public Health condoms enabling you to meet all the Association needs of your customers. Our extensive Conference For more information product line reinforces our commitment to San Diego, CA regarding our products, public health by providing safety and fun please visit us at: all at the same time. sexualhealth Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  4. 4. Summer 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 4 Caring for Lesbians and Bisexual Women: Additional Considerations for Clinicians Exerpt from the GLMA – Guidelines for Care of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Patients Lesbians and bisexual women are an infinitely diverse group and comprise the full spectrum of women. Lesbians and bisexual women are part of every age group, ethnicity, race, geographic area, income stratum, and cultural and linguistic group, and can be of any Photo: Richard J. Reetz size, education level, profession, and gender expression, from very traditionally feminine to androgynous to very masculine or “butch”. The health care needs of lesbians and bisexual women are similar to those of all women. However, many experience additional risk factors and barriers to care that can impact their health status. This section is to help you understand how common physical and mental health issues and risk factors may be particularly relevant in the context of the lives of lesbian and bisexual women. Photo: Richard J. Reetz Coming out safely to a health care provider may be the single most important thing lesbians and bisexual women can do in order to maximize the quality of their health care and reduce the associated risk factors for health problems. Therefore, the most important thing for health care providers to do is make it safe, comfortable and easy for all women to make honest disclosures about their health-related behaviors, including sexual histories and practices. As many as 45% of lesbian and bisexual women are not out to their providers.1 Establishing a lesbian and bisexual-friendly practice will ensure that your patients can be honest with you about all health-related matters. Click to continue (page 24) Cervical Cancer Series Now Available at HealthEdworks It’s Summer! Take time this season to make sure you have up-to-date, quality, easy-to- read materials for your clients. CFHC’s new and innovative service, HealthEdworks, provides you with print-on-demand patient education in multiple languages for a low annual fee. L a Lo Biop e d sia qu In addition to our popular Birth Control and Wh c m Si en it colpel médic bioo osco o m eb sab psia. espía, ta iró a to l es ab er STD series, HealthEdworks now features El cánc er. Esta bv lgo rz er de se Gett ¿Q ho eeast anor Lo que no ing ué ja le mbcancl ta ma Ua edu usted pu Every ha na bmasmna le r,ra e exp ién u mbio lic Aprenda ede hac cance woman e cu psiac io ogprsa a lo hizo nte la an all-new Cancer Prevention series! You’ll en er a hacers mam r isEfou el cérv ndo s una ia? is ata e m qu e d na u ¿Q Hav e el auto l mn risk v eb Todas las in mujeresra g a br x- est -examen mogérvm éisdicearly, .it isof cambstrueba help find c ra d ix e br p ea e De ué de Pero, con la detch gave ea y án en rie st sgo de pad de seno oeextr much iocancer.e ix on • cancey lo of a s qu lev spué bo ha Cu fácil de ecc me Un r ea en e u be the easier Bl m eut tom es. P s de cer id tratar. fo ión temprana,e ance u e su find fact sheets on breast and cervical th ecer a b rl vía if puede no Cubr do to get r an este cán A cáncer de seno. p y on. n pstdthings to treat. édbreast • io au e a ico ar reg la bio desp sted y salud tar hay ea la muhel se cer mam Algu es mucho n sia n la cit a wom Get Pu pa ún ra te p ué sus se — H y se siente siNow camst cance p revisa los jer moge máas si tard bo od ting de ede s calm le a sia ta s d res ágal n. gr I ca bios en r. for la ma senos pe ramn s muje n Breascadate iscan as rato e te an can a sp an ar l méd l vez e la quer o p Al hacer nw lliz mes, x- re ólo rio jido do tooscu ués d grar el b ido or me el Aprenda andc atch en que cót x- c om ra s los lic ra o or yo senos ys o o y pi un . vez ra y e la un do ico q sienta iops s. a exam hildren my o le ven u cture os de ten vers bio poc lor. ue ia? cancer prevention in both English and auto-exa men de • Este inarse losgrow easier ur doctse can find n v. of th segu l No ga p o pu cólic seno sen es un aut sen. os. to tr oreto fe breast e br nd sem se qu e com sia. por ed e os tí una o-exam It do eat. el. W ca east os. p eu L 4 • No es en de sen hen ncer th s. qu ana onga sar o gra a sa ó 5 bolita y muy difí o. only es not hu brea un no ng d en seguid • Un doc cil hacerlo a few rt st ca at is too ee l m despu nada a to s d re p ías hablé con a . WhM min to have ncer smal • N éd alla e c ued tor enseñar o enfermera le ico és de en la Spanish. Topics include: mi doctor entrsh utes am is fo l san afé. e se Era cán . cómo rev pue a iz o . amm und • for yoo us le la vag cer. Lo isarse los de uld ogra earlN u e ta ita Tal r bueno es y cuáles cambio If yo I ge m. • y, o s it is mp indiq biopsi ina p ria . s debe not senos u ar tam It is eh aga ones. ue a, o que con Examíne ar. If yo e 40 amm safe and o ten N . o e r una detección la se los sen u C or ov ogram Esto lav l ti tempra os cada you Vagare un érvix er, ge take ga le s rela ados em me lo pu na • Apren mes. shou a der in 40 ye tam ? Lla da po de tratar da a con El ld h amm me tie c de a tiemp • Así Learn ocer la aparien cér vix ave a m ars old, ogra • al mp iones la vag o. podrá rec or m cia y for entra amm ta m ev S mé oa sex br ogra lk to yo ery ina • Este east hea e abcambio onocer ma norda es la m maa que year i tien • . dic l o d cérvix ales. u . examen lth out s en los l m. ur do Si e fi : sólo tom sen atriz. la tienen. ctor• ab sang eb e in pa • Escoja 1-80 a unos min insura os de un mes Sout w ra re me ra qu el día del utos. nce: a otro. i ti he m dia es 0- me • en n uc to: Examíne 1-800- 462-92s que usted pre Ask ec an • Mammogram Si ho e. se toda 2-62 73 or 42 fiera parat no óli de el área ali your Ca que ta u co co 37 del s fu Aprenda • Es el áre wwa que busto. Ask3a 0dofornianoinicle olvide. 6 cl se . n fl ujo ert lor rojo más sob desde en w.komestá desde Lo 0 ct F Call s An Wilorirormil sh a va es cuidado re en.o medio delrg la exi nu H gin o mu viv de los sen el pecho has la hasta abajo 00les, C e Blvd rse.alt 1-8 ge y o hombro 1- al ch ta la cla 800-422 -462-9 ., Su h C . e os: de los A co od • Breast Self-Exam • Llame vícula, o -6 sen27 yite o 90os; n m olo gra Acuéstes hueso del103 or600 uncil 1-800- tis al e boca 237. 0 VP al olo r rela H es VPH 36 00 1-800- 462-92 73 • Estire hi re W arriba. r 422-62 o Lo s ils el Blzo A ng bra vd VP cion un vir y e • Or vis 37 codo. Pon, CA .,ySu ite le el el es dob las H pu es se us q l Cá n almoha ga una01 0 0 ite: 90 60 ayu muje eden xuale ue se cer • Pelvic Exam www.k da re re s. d da /bse su hombro debajo de r a s. H sult Alg contr e C pro ay ar e un ae ér . teg un n c os ti al te vix • Comie er a á p nce co vacu ncer os d ner desde la a examinarse ntr a e na q de c el vir axila con l V ue é u 360 0 Wil mano. la otra PH pu rvix s • Abnormal Pap shir Tie el área del ne que revisar Los Ang e Blvd ., Suit . ed pa eles , CA e 600 e ra 900 10 busto de se toda y de aba arriba a jo para abajo arriba. • Colposcopy • Cryosurgery With your subscription to HealthEdworks, • LEEP you can be sure your clients have the health • Biopsy education materials they need. • Cone Biopsy • Laser Surgery Visit for more information. Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  5. 5. Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Summer 2009 Page 5 Global Protection Corporation Photo: Richard J. Reetz Photo: Richard J. Reetz Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  6. 6. Summer 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 6 Employee Benefits through California Family Health Council’s VEBA Association (VEBA) is a federally qualified program which provides healthcare benefits to the employees (and their dependents) Photo: Richard J. Reetz of participating 501(c) (3) community based healthcare organizations. These benefits include medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Photo: Richard J. Reetz Currently over 900 employees (and their dependents) in 27 different healthcare organizations in Southern and Northern California receive benefits from VEBA. The California Family Health Council (CFHC) is the plan sponsor, overseeing the operations of VEBA according to the “Trust Agreement” set in place. The VEBA program has two committees which help make certain decisions regarding benefits plans offered to participating agencies. These committees are comprised of agencies from both Northern and Southern California participants and are chaired by the Director of Human Resources for the California Family Health Council. CFHC partners with an elected broker - Houska Insurance Services (HIS) - in order to For more information manage information regarding regarding the VEBA plan designs and rates. The HIS program and the team continues to work towards specific benefits cost effective renewals and long- available, please term partnerships between VEBA contact the HIS team at and interested carriers. 310-297-2700. Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  7. 7. Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Summer 2009 Page 7 Repackaging with PharmPak Photo: Richard J. Reetz DISPENSDispenseT E DIREC DirectlyYO Your Patients! LY TO to UR PATIE NTS Photo: Richard J. Reetz Exclusive Co-op Purchasing Women’s Health-Pediatrics-Seniors-Mental Health-Primary Care Optimize Clinic Efficiency Unit of Dose-Inventory Control-Tracking-2 Peel Off Labels-Instructions in English & Spanish PharmPak Offers a Full Formulary OTC & Rx-Diagnostics-Creams-Topicals-Injectables-Custom Kits-Vaccines-Supplements Contact: Janice Motha 800-541-6315 Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  8. 8. Summer 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 8 Membership Communication, continued from page 2 We are also developing a YouTube page, Here are some resources to help you with which will allow us to share with you some your own accounts so that you can find of our favorite video contributions from strength in your fellow cooperative members and by getting to know them and communicating with them: Twitter is an exciting resource for news Photo: Richard J. Reetz and conversation, and we cannot stress enough how enjoyable it is to be able to share the cooperative with you using this blog/2007/04/some_resources_.html extraordinary tool! We understand that not all of these tools Photo: Richard J. Reetz will appeal to you, but please feel free look around and find the one (or few) that you like the best. You will be pleasantly surprised at the wealth of knowledge that already exists among you. For instance, some of your own agency’s dilemmas may have already been lationships-using-linkedin/ solved by another member’s agency. FemCap is pleased to announce that it will be used in the future to deliver Microbicide to prevent STDs and HIV. Alfred Shihata, MD - Medical Director of FemCap, Inc. - will be giving an oral presentation at the 2009 National HIV Prevention Conference entitled, “Novel and Unique Dual Strategy for HIV Prevention.” Please contact FemCap for further details: 877-433-6227 Photo: Karen Peacock Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  9. 9. Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Summer 2009 Page 9 Carlitos and the Magic Garden Carlitos and the Magic Garden is a bilingual traveling puppet show that promotes healthy eating and creative play. It was written, designed and directed by Tania Esmeralda Padilla during an artist residency with ArtsChange, a non-profit arts organization based in Richmond, CA. ArtsChange and Tania Padilla created Carlitos Photo: Richard J. Reetz and the Magic Garden to address the epidemic of childhood obesity and the long-term health risks for children. More than one third of children in California are currently overweight or obese, with a disproportionate rate among low-income children and children of color. Photo: Richard J. Reetz Carlitos and the Magic Garden is an imaginative tale of a junk food craving little boy who discovers the benefits of his family’s garden, friends and his grandma’s chicken soup. The artists present clear messaging in their puppetry: eat home-cooked meals and fruits and vegetables instead of fast foods, soda and sweets. The puppet show is crafted for children ages 3 – 8 but its artistry and messages will appeal and entertain all ages while affirming cultural identity and community building. For more information about Carlitos and the Magic Garden and the work of ArtsChange, please visit, send an email to or call (510) 275-4787. Rosa Valdez Abortion Clinic Workers Nearing Retirement, from page 2 According to Rachel Jones, a senior Clinic workers also must deal with protesters researcher at the Guttmacher Institute, the and picketers. Working at an abortion average cost for a first-trimester abortion clinic also can affect workers’ personal was $413 in 2006. Ruth Arick, an abortion lives. Tina Welsh, who helped found the care consultant, said, “At many clinics, fees Women’s Health Center in Duluth, Minn., have not changed much since the mid- said, “I never wanted to be political, but for 1970s. The cost was $175 then and I can the clinic to survive, I had to know all the still find you an abortion for that price in legislators from our area. They can make Detroit and Miami.” Arick added, “People or break you.” Burgess said, “You work in running these clinics have brains wired for abortion, it will affect who you will date, the social work and social justice even though parties you will be invited to” (Winerip, New they’re in the medical business.” York Times, 3/8). Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  10. 10. Summer 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 10 Staples Photo: Richard J. Reetz Photo: Richard J. Reetz Celebrate Summer with Staples You can count on Staples to provide you with: Need your own Easy button? Look no further. • Easy online ordering through California Family Health Council members, want to spend less time ordering® office supplies and more time helping families enjoy their summer in good • All the supplies you need, including health? Let Staples help you do this by providing you the office supply office products, breakroom supplies, program with an easy online ordering platform and the lowest negotiated janitorial supplies, IT supplies, prices for CFHC members. The time has never been better to switch to furniture, green products and more Staples Business Advantage, an officially endorsed California Family Health • FREE delivery on orders over $30 Council supplier. • “An outstanding customer service If you are not already registered to order though, please click experience.” — J.D. Power and the easy button below to get started. Associates After you have completed the online registration form and we create your profile, you will receive an email notification welcoming you to the program with your login information and instructions on how to order your purchases through Ordering office supplies has never been so Easy! For further information, please Want To Go Green? contact Colleen Ramirez at Our new Green Guide offers a wide 800.898.2420 X6710 or variety of product categories that use recycled content, as well as a full range of ENERGY STAR® products and non-toxic items. These product are easy to access online via your Stapleslink online ordering platform. Click the image Need a new Printer? Check out below to go to access our offering of our new Summer Tech guide by more than 3,400 products to make clicking on the catalog above. your office a greener place. Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  11. 11. Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Summer 2009 Page 11 Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad Contributed by: Nancy Ragle, Researcher - CFHC Here is a delicious component for a cool summer meal: Ingredients: 1 c quinoa Photo: Richard J. Reetz 2 c water ½ tsp salt 1 lemon, juiced ¾ c olive oil 1 cucumber, peeled and chopped Photo: Richard J. Reetz 1 red onion, chopped ¾ c parsley, chopped ¼ c chopped mint ½ c feta cheese, crumbled ½ c kalamata olive, pitted and halved Salt and pepper to taste 1 Rinse quinoa thru fine sieve or strainer, drain and place in heavy Director’s Desk, from page 1 skillet. Heat, stirring constantly, Finally, in conjunction with the Heinz until grains separate and start to Philanthropic Foundation we have come brown. Add water and salt and to a final price structure for a national bring to a boil. Reduce heat, lab program. I have to say the prices cook about 15 minutes until are VERY good; probably the best in the liquid is absorbed. Transfer to country at the moment, and I am excited a bowl and set aside. to roll this out as soon as possible. We 2 will be starting this program in the Rocky Whisk lemon juice, 1 tablespoon Mountain region; Arizona, New Mexico, of the olive oil in small bowl and Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming. If set aside. you are in these states we will be reaching 3 out to you if we have not already! Place remaining oil, cucumber, onion, parsley, mint in large Well, I managed to finish this letter to you bowl, add quinoa and lemon before my keyboard melted from the heat, dressing. Toss. Sprinkle with so there is something else to celebrate! feta, olives, salt and pepper to Stay cool out there everybody and we will taste. Serves 4-6. talk to you soon! Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -
  12. 12. Summer 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 12 “What is the Cooperative Purchasing Program?” and Other Frequent Questions What is the Cooperative My agency is reimbursed Purchasing Program? by Medicaid and other state We are a nation-wide cooperative of about programs. Can we still participate 1400 agencies comprising of approximately in the Cooperatives? 3000 clinical sites. We maintain and negotiate Yes Photo: Richard J. Reetz contracts with the goal of providing our members the lowest possible prices for products and Do participants have input services they use daily. concerning what is placed on contract? Who is eligible to be a part of the Cooperatives? Absolutely. We are constantly in receipt of Photo: Richard J. Reetz suggestions for additional products or product Any agency, delegate agency or clinic which lines and negotiate with pharmaceutical and receives funding from a Title X federal grant may other product companies daily. What are your pay $199 and participate in the Family Planning needs? Cooperative Purchasing Program (FPCPP). Any agency, delegate agency or clinic which is Do you purchase supplies and non profit and licensed, but does not receive distribute them to clinics? Title X funding may pay $199 and participate in No. The cooperatives do not buy, sell, supply the Cooperative Purchasing Network (CPN). or distribute to clinics. We provide all the information you need to open an account and Is there a fee to join the make purchases directly with the companies Cooperatives? that we have agreements with. There is a nominal fee of $199 annually. Most members recover this cost with the savings Are the products on contract/ they receive on their first order. agreement reimbursable by the Family Pact program in California? What is the relationship between the Cooperative’s contract prices Most, but not all. If the federal Medi-Cal and Public Health Pricing/340B program in California does not reimburse for pricing? the product or services relating to the product, then the Family Pact program probably does Designated agencies who receive specific not reimburse for that product or service. federal grant money are eligible to purchase pharmaceuticals at a lower price level. These Are only California agencies prices are calculated by drug companies and the eligible to participate in the United States government Office of Pharmacy Cooperatives? Affairs. No. The Family Planning Cooperative The lowest possible price for pharmaceuticals, Program is currently made up of 44 states and office supply products, lab services and medical/ approximately 2200 locations nationwide. surgical supplies are negotiated for both cooperatives. Some of the prices negotiated Visit Our Blog! are as low as Public Health Pricing, (340B price) and some are even lower. Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program -