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API Platform and Symfony: a Framework for API-driven Projects


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Install API Platform. Design the API data model as a set of tiny plain old PHP classes. Instantly get:

- Fully featured dev environment with Symfony Flex and React containers, HTTP/2 and HTTPS support and a cache proxy
- Pagination, data validation, access control, relation embedding, filters and error handling
- Support for modern REST API formats: JSON-LD/Hydra, OpenAPI/Swagger, JSONAPI, HAL, JSON...
- GraphQL support
- An API responding in a just few milliseconds thanks to the builtin invalidation based cache mechanism
- A dynamically created Material Design admini interface (a la Sonata / EasyAdmin - but 100% client-side) built with React.
- Client apps skeletons: React/Redux, React Native, Vue.js, Angular...

Finally, deploy in 1 command on Google Container Engine or any cloud with a Kubernetes instance with the provided Helm chart.

Yes, you just need is describing a data model, just a few line of codes to get all of that!

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API Platform and Symfony: a Framework for API-driven Projects

  1. 1. API PLATFORM A framework for API-driven Projects
  2. 2. Kévin Dunglas Founder of Symfony Core Team API Platform creator @dunglas
  3. 3. Self-managed company since 2011 100% owned by employees 25 people, 97% growth in 2016 Hiring in London, Paris and Lille:
  4. 4. The Web of 2017
  5. 5. APIs: the Heart of the New Web
  6. 6. Progressive Web Apps Downloaded only 1 time, works offline! Sends async HTTP requests to the API Huge ecosystem: React, Angular, Vue… Holds the presentation logic Static « website »: JS, HTML and CSS Modernized stack: ES2015, Babel, Webpack, Yarn, Flow, TypeScript, ReasonML…
  7. 7. Native Mobile Apps Sync data by sending HTTP requests to the API JS stack: React Native, NativeScript Downloaded from stores (App Store, Google Play) Look’n’Feel consistent with the platform (iOS or Android)
  8. 8. Cloud Native Projects Software built, tested and deployed continuously Rich and open ecosystem: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Terraform… Projects are hosted on public and private clouds Containers and orchestration from dev stations to prod
  9. 9. A Framework for the Modern Web
  10. 10. Goals Modern API formats A rock-solid API-first project in minutes Batteries included: create, consume and deploy the API Customizable, extensible, modular: config, events, decoration…
  11. 11. They already Use API Platform
  12. 12. Getting Started
  13. 13. Get Docker If you don’t have it yet…
  14. 14. Install Grab a release on GitHub Browse https://localhost $ docker-compose up
  15. 15. Just 1 class
  16. 16. Included (v2.1 - stable) PHP FPM and Nginx containers, sensitive defaults for Symfony Varnish container (more about this later) Cross-platform Docker setup MySQL container Symfony Edition fine tuned for APIs
  17. 17. Upcoming Changes HTTP/2 and HTTPS dev proxy Containers for JS dev 🤔 🤗 Symfony Standard Edition Symfony Flex Simplified directory structure MySQL PostgreSQL api-platform/api-platform@master
  18. 18. Too Much?
  19. 19. Go Micro with Flex Browse http://localhost:8000 $ composer create-p symfony/skeleton api $ cd api $ composer req api $ php -S -t public
  20. 20. Your Turn!
  21. 21. Create your Class PHPDoc extraction (optional) The hook:@ApiResource XML and YAML also supported Doctrine integration (optional) $ docker-compose exec php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force Plain Old PHP Object
  22. 22. Your 1st API is ready!
  23. 23. Out of the Box Features JSON-LD + Hydra formats But also… JSONAPI, HAL, XML, YAML, CSV and raw JSON… OpenAPI (aka Swagger) doc Nice UI (Swagger UI) POST, GET (item and lists), PUT, DELETE Pagination for lists (30 items per page), fully configurable
  24. 24. Data Validation
  25. 25. Symfony Validation groups Error levels Symfony Validator integration
  26. 26. Relations
  27. 27. Class with a Relation
  28. 28. Embedding Relations
  29. 29. Embedded Relations
  30. 30. HTTP Cache (invalidation)
  31. 31. HTTP cache (invalidation) GET responses generated only 1 time, then served by Varnish (also work with CloudFlare and any cache proxy supporting tags) Responses tagged with IRIs (URLs) of resources they contain (including relations, embedded resources…) When a write operation occurs cached responses containing outdated data are purged Builtin, single config flag, trusted proxies config provided Browse https://localhost:444
  32. 32. Other Features
  33. 33. How does it Work?
  34. 34. Core Library
  35. 35. Metadata Subsystem Properties’ types and relations extracted with Symfony PropertyInfo Guesses API’s structure (resources and properties) from classes marked@ApiResource Intermediate representation of the API structure Used by Hypermedia normalizers (JSON-LD, Hydra, HAL…) registered in the Symfony Serializer
  36. 36. Event-Driven Architecture
  37. 37. JSON-LD and Hydra
  38. 38. JSON-LD Standardized hypermedia format: W3C recommandation (2014) Easy to use: a standard JSON document with some specials keys (starting with @) and mapped with a context Backed by Google, BBC, Microsoft, US & UK govs... Compliant with technologies of the semantic web: RDF, SPARQL, triple store... JSON for Linked Data
  39. 39. Hydra auto-discoverable API: resources, properties, types, operations Standardize common API structures: collections, paginations, filters, errors… In-band API doc Draft W3C
  40. 40. Data Fixtures
  41. 41. More Properties
  42. 42. More Properties
  43. 43. Install $ docker-compose exec php composer req doctrine/data-fixtures:^1.2 nelmio/alice:^3.0 theofidry/alice-data-fixtures:^1.0@beta hautelook/alice-bundle:^2.0@beta
  44. 44. Loading Fixtures $ docker-compose exec php bin/console hautelook:fixtures:load
  45. 45. Client-side tools
  46. 46. Admin
  47. 47. API Platform Admin Sonata EasyAdmin-like but as a React PWA Built on top of Admin On Rest (by Marmelab) Material Design Automatically generates the admin by parsing the Hydra API doc Browse https://localhost:8001
  48. 48. Alternatively… $ yarn add @api-platform/admin From any React installation:
  49. 49. Minimal Implementation
  50. 50. Customizing the Admin
  51. 51. Clients Generator
  52. 52. React PWA Generator (default) SensioGeneratorBundle-like, 100% client-side Rock solid stack $ yarn global add @api-platform/client-generator Twitter Bootstrap support + accessibility (ARIA roles) Use ES2015’s fetch() Parse Hydra API doc to generate files
  53. 53. The Stack React, ES2015+, JSX React Router: client-side routing library Redux: extensible container to manage the states of the app Redux Form: forms Redux Thunk: async actions (AJAX requests) Optional: Twitter Bootstrap
  54. 54. Other Skeletons React Native: master branch (@mysiar) TypeScript definitions: master branch (@soyuka) Your preferred technology: Pull Requests very appreciated! Angular: community (momenttech/lysis) Vue.js: api-platform/client-generator#35 (@alOneh)
  55. 55. React Native $ generate-api-platform-client http://localhost src/ —g react-native
  56. 56. Deploy in Clouds
  57. 57. Kubernetes & Helm K8S: « Production-Grade Container Orchestration », by Google Powers Google Kubernetes Engine and Azure Container Service Helm: official K8S package manager (like APT or Homebrew), by Microsoft Free software
  58. 58. Deploy in the Cloud A Helm chart is provided with API Platform # …Build and push the Docker images… # …Connect to your Kubernetes cluster… $ helm install ./api/helm/api --name api The project is deployed, managed, and scale!
  59. 59. One More Thing…
  60. 60. GraphQL Support $ composer req webonyx/graphql-php api-platform/core@master (@alanpoulain & @raoulclais)
  61. 61. Thanks! Any questions? api-platform/api-platform @ApiPlatform