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Engro Foods Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Final Project Presentation Professor Madiha Munawar Group Members Usman Manzoor (0083) Maryam Hussain (0078) Zunaira Shakeel (0085) Umm-e-Rubab (166)
  2. 2. Engro Corporation  Introduction o Engro Corporation Limited (formerly known as .Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited.) is one of the largest industrial corporations in Pakistan. It operates in various sectors o • Fertilizer • Food • Energy • Chemical • Business Automation Solutions
  3. 3. Business Type  Fertilizer  Food  Beverages  Chemicals  Polymers  Power Generation  Petrochemical
  4. 4. Engro Foods Ltd  Introduction o Engro Foods Limited was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Corporation in 2005. It start its operation in 2006 and become major player in Food industry. It launches multiple products o o • Ice Cream • Flavored Milk • Fruit Juices • Milk Powders
  5. 5. Vision & Mission Statement Vision Statement “To be the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all stakeholders” Mission Statement “Our mission is twofold, to help farmers maximize their farm produce by providing quality plant nutrients and technical services upon which they can depend. To create wealth by building new businesses based on company and country strengths in petrochemicals, information technology, infrastructure, food and other agriculture sectors.”
  6. 6. Objectives and goals: Engro Foods main objectives are to supply everyone their favorite Olper’s Milk and to satisfy the consumer need and wants. EngoFoods second objective is to increase the value for the stakeholders and company value. We want to be the major player in the food industry.
  7. 7. Introduction to Leaders Mr. Hussain Dawood (Chairman) Mr. Asad Umer (Ex. President & CEO) Mr. Ali-u-din Ansari (President & CEO)
  8. 8. Quick Facts & Figures  12 Brands  1,243 Employees  45% Market Share of Dairy Products  Market Share in 310 Cities in Pakistan 18 states in USA 4 Provinces in Canada  18th Largest Customer of Tetra Pak World Wide  2nd Largest Company of Chilled Milk Collection of Pakistan  900 Milk Collection Centers  35,000 farmers directly linked with EFL
  9. 9. Products Portfolio
  10. 10. Competitors
  11. 11. Business Level Strategy: Engro Foods wants to achieve more market share than other competitors. In order to achieve the more competitive advantage company uses the differential strategy by differentiate its products from other competitors. Engro Foods differentiate itself in the form of taste, quality and availability of their product in the market.
  12. 12. Market Segmentation:    Demographic Segmentation Psychographic Segmentation Behavioral Segmentation
  13. 13. Demographic Segmentation Engro foods are not particularly bound with any age pr any lifecycle stage. The brands of Engro Foods are made for all level and middle and low level classes of Pakistan Psychographic Segmentation On the basis of psychographic, factors such as personal traits, brand loyalty, personal satisfaction, values, lifestyles Engro Marketers segment market according to these particular factors to get more and more sales and company goodwill and fame Behavioral Segmentation Engro product have been segmented into the behaviors and perceptional factors that consumers get benefits and values for Engro's products by using their Milk and Other brands that loyally fulfill their level of satisfaction and other factors that directly target to their behaviors towards the brands and the company
  14. 14. Engro Foods Marketing Mix Strategies
  15. 15. Product Product Variety: A wide range of dairy ice creams and frozen deserts. Quality: Premium ice cream rich in calcium and which is fresh every time. Design: Includes ice pop, Choc bar, dairy ice cream and pop sticks. Features: Made from fresh milk and ice cream and high nutrition Product Names: Olpers, Olfrute, Omore Omung Lassi, Dairy Omung Olwell, Frozen ice pops Packaging: High quality and eye catching packing, Packing color ranges red, blue, yellow, orange and green. Packaging is colorful Sizes: Sizes includes 1ltr. And half ltr. For dairy milk, chic bars serve ice cream are of different sizes. Service: Satisfying customers with warranty and money back guarantee Returns: Only in case when products are expired
  16. 16. Price Cups Rs 20 Soft Serve ice cream Rs 10-50 1Ltr. Ice cream Tub Rs 150 2 Ltr. Ice cream Tub Rs 275 Cones Rs 30 Ice pop Rs 10 Olpers per Ltr. Rs 105 Olwell Cream Rs 80  The prices of its competitor (WALLS) more or less the same and price of liter ice cream is less then Walls which is great strategy  Omore offers a 16% margin to retail traders and shop keepers which are slightly lower than Walls, who offer a margin of 20% to shopkeepers. They are new in the market and do not have the same relationship with retailers like Walls
  17. 17. Place Channels: Sells directly to the end user through retailers and shopkeepers. This is trend in Pakistan followed by many FMCG’s. Coverage: Engro Products for the time being is only available in limited areas on Punjab and available throughout Pakistan. The company started off its operation in Punjab because it has the largest population. Transport: Engro products are transported to retailers and shopkeepers through private transportation firms and also through few trucks owned by company Locations: Available at large/medium and small sized bakeries, grocery stores and pharmacies in Pakistan-Sell their products directly to consumers using cycles and their own personnel. This strategy has been in practice for many years and is being used by Walls and Hico.
  18. 18. Promotion Advertising: Vehicle Advertising, Outdoor billboards, Point of sale Displays and Ads on televisions. Advertisements are mostly colorful reminiscent to their ice cream packaging. When Engro foods was initially launched they adopt a unique way of advertising. Message: Linked Engro foods with joy and happiness so their tagline/ slogans is ART OF HAPINESS linked with consumers and got review of different product using various medium social communications e.g. Facebook and Orkut linked their ice cream with other brand names like Olpers and Olwell. This promoted their other brands as well which are also relatively new in the market.
  19. 19. SWOT Analysis
  20. 20. Strength          Quality products Suitable Brand Names Good Packaging Motivational Slogans Best Marketing Campaign Strong Relationship with Farmers Strong back by Engro Corporation Good Consumer Response Strong Research & Development
  21. 21. Weaknesses  Depend on Tetra Pack  No Powder Milk Production Ability  Engro Foods have 40 milk collection center in Pakistan which are not enough for increased demands  Have only one Dairy farm which is not enough provide required quantity of Milk
  22. 22. Opportunity  Increase in consumption of processed milk by the consumer  Population growth  High migration rate of people to Cities  Flexible Government policy for food industry  Improvement in Literacy Rate  Have enough funds to expand their Operations
  23. 23. Threats  High Inflation Rate  Law and Order Situation  Low purchasing power of the People  Giant Competitor in the Market  New Companies Arrival
  24. 24. Recommendations/ Suggestions Engro Foods should have much diversified bi-product line of dairy products like Nestle &  Haleeb.   They should introduce new promotions to get customers’ attention EFL should expand its dairy farms so that they can get competitive advantage. EFL should focus on Market Penetration, Market Development and Product Development  strategies with more efforts to be the market leader.   They should go expand its capacity to enter into in international market like Nestle. Engro Foods can be into Co-branding with other brands like Olper’s with Lipton tea bags, Olper’s with different biscuits etc. to increase their sales  They can also move towards other foods products like Nestle launch Kit Kat Chocolate, Meggi Noodles, Sweets Candies etc.
  25. 25. Conclusion  Engro is going to be a market leader due to different reason like its financial position, product quality, R & D, market share, sales growth etc. Its price is more or less equal to its competitors, it matches its quality with its competitors and capturing its competitor’s share from market. Engro is using its brand name and its packaging is good to promote its products and EFL is becoming very popular as compared to its competitors.  Company has planned to make Omore world class premier quality brand like existing brands of Engro Foods. Company is also working on cereals in coming years. They has planned to move other dairy products as are offering by its competitors Nestle like yogurt, flavoured yogurt (raita), cereal for babies etc. Foods competitors Nestle and Haleeb are biggest threat. There are opportunities and doors for new players are open who can be the future competitors.  Consumer is aware now, there is need to maintain the quality of products. Consumers perceptions and price differentials can cause threat for the company, Consumer’s preferences changes timely and prices might create certain barriers in terms of the profit margins for ENGRO FOODS.  In short Engro Foods should grow and maintain its position. That is why EFL is increasing Market Penetration, Market Development & Product Development strategies.
  26. 26. THANK YOU Questions & Answers