The powerful expression of rap music


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The powerful expression of rap music

  1. 1. ==== ====Listen and find out more about rap and hiphop music at ====The success of rap music has made it into a financial powerhouse. Billions in revenue is nowgenerated every year from the sale of rap and hip hop music. While it has long been the voice ofthe streets, todays rap has changed the identity of rap as a tool for the underprivileged. Some feelthat rap is no longer focused on the art. Instead rap music has become an avenue to be used forprofit. Some feel commercial rap music has probably led to the downfall of its power as an artform. Its a far cry from old school rap which was created over two decades ago. A long way, folks,from Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang to Bed Rock by Young Money.It was always easy to produce rap music. Rap has always had a do it yourself mentality.Remember, in the beginning, all you needed were two turntables and a microphone. A largerecording budget from a major label was not needed. Though rarely given credit, rap is indirectlyresponsible for the resources and technology now readily available and more affordable to manyartists. From drum machines to record manufacturing. From selling CDs out of the trunk to sellingMP3s on the internet. No matter how small the budget, any rapper can start their own label.Todays new school rap can be run with the efficiency of a large company.The power of rap music has changed corporate sponsorships. Businesses that once steered clearof rap now have no problem pouring millions of advertising dollars into the pockets of rappers whopromote clothes, shoes or other merchandise. I sure you have seen commercial jingles with a GFunk beat. Rap is so integrated into society that even those who do not listen to rap music canperform most of the top songs. Hundreds of movies, serious or not, have rap music as part of thestoryline. People used to think or hoped that rap was just a fad. It has instead become a big part ofAmerican culture.Rap music has created lots of financial opportunities for street smart individuals. It has alsocreated many young millionaires. Rap has also provided an opportunity for some to blame rap forsocietys problems. As if these problems didnt exist before rap. We are not going to go into themwith this article. It has been debated long enough and will continue to be debated. Recognize thatit is only distraction from the real causes. Rap is a powerful form of expression but it is also onlymusic. Music has always been what the musician wants it to be, and it has always been what thelistener wants it to be.Nolos Quinn has had a long interest in both sides of the Music Industry. Producing music andrunning a indie record label, providing tips and reviews. If you have any questions or want moreinformation, please check our website at Produce Rap Music.
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Listen and find out more about rap and hiphop music at ====