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Online mixing will make you look like a pro


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Online mixing will make you look like a pro

  1. 1. ==== ====Listen and find out more about rap and hiphop music at ====Today there is more music about then ever, and with the internet booming and services such asNapster, iTunes, and loads more free radio stations and if you are an artist this means that youhave more ways for your music to be heard.One of the most popular genres of music is rap and if you enjoy listening to rap or hip hop thenthere will come a time when you want to turn your hand at music creation.Unfortunately a lot of people only get this far, and once they see all the equipment and how muchit is going to cost to product great sounding music they are put off.Well it does not have to be that difficult!You do not have to go straight in and buy your own recording studio for thousands of dollars if youare just looking for a little primer!The first thing you will need to get started is a rap beat maker; these are also known as musicproduction software as it may allow you to make different types of music as well.What is Music Production Software?Basically it is a program that runs on your computer and allows you to make your own musicdigitally. You pick your instruments and then lay out the notes and timing with a something that iscalled a sequencer.You can actually get desktop sequencers that you can download and with just this alone you canmake some very good music.The only downside if you are looking to use a sequencer is that it does require a bit of knowledgeabout music production and if you are brand new you might find it a bit over whelmed at first.If you do a search online you can find plenty of flash games that allow you to make fun rap beatsas part of a game, and these are not to be overlooked as some are quite good!You can also find a lot of free trials of programs and most of them run for 30 days so this is morethan enough time to get to grips with how it all works.You will find that although trials will be adequate while you are getting used to making rap beatsthe real problems come in when you want to save your beats.
  2. 2. Most of the free trials will not let you save your beats, so if you are just having g a play aroundbear that in mind you do not want to lose all of your work.Another option would be a website called Sonic Producer and this is a membership website with acommunity that use a sequencer.This is quite a good sequencer because although fairly simple it only has the things that youabsolutely need to start making rap tracks. So you will not get bogged down with all the technicalbells and whistles.This is particularly good for beginners as it will allow you to the see basics of rap music creation,but more than that you will be able to start producing your own music and having fun while you arelearning.The other good thing for people starting out is the price as it is only $29 as oppose to the topoption a full DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) could cost you thousands of dollars.What Does Sonic Producer Include?You get access to a community of like minded people, of course the beat maker, and thousands ofpre set beats and loops that you can use to start making your own music.There are also a few video lessons that show you how to use the software and also there is amore advanced video series when you are ready to take the next step.I find that most beginners are confident starting out with Sonic Producer because they offer a fullguarantee, so you can get a refund if it is not for you.How To Make Your First Rap Track?I find that once you have picked the program that you are going to use to make your rap music;the best way to get started is through good old trial and error!You just have to keep trying different things, mix the sounds up and a good way to get started ifyou are lost is to think of your favourite rap artist and try and emulate the same sound.Start with a build up into your main tune so you could have a kick drum at the start and count outthe beats, some of the programs let you tap out the beats.Most important though is to remember to have fun and not take it too seriously, remember wewere all new once!Now go out there and make your first rap beat!Good Luck!
  3. 3. Terry Waite invites you for a Free Trial of Sonic Producer so you can see how easy it is to makeyour own rap music at will be able to begin making your first rap tune with high quality sounds and beats in just 10mins and you can even burn them onto CD and take them with you!To get started making beats today for FREE and get your TRIAL - Check Out > Sonic ProducerArticle Source: ====Listen and find out more about rap and hiphop music at ====