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Mastering Farmville and becoming really good at it


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Mastering Farmville and becoming really good at it

  1. 1. ==== ====Download report Farmville Super Secrets - "Be the Top Farmer in just 7 days" Free at ====Ive been playing FarmVille since Zynga introduced it to us in summer 09 and I dont think Iveever stopped playing it. It has been a rocky road though, Ive felt like giving up a few times but Ivestuck in there. I remember a few months back thinking I was starting to get bored, something Ivefelt a couple of times before, but after a while I picked up the game again and got my enthusiasmback.I thought to myself its not just the game Id miss if I stopped playing, but the social aspect, talkingto friends regular that I normally wouldnt talk to. There are countless times when Ive shared myFarmVille plans with other FarmVille fans and I also get great ideas from them. I cant ever seemyself saying goodbye to FarmVille, at least not in the near future anyway.Do you feel youre getting the boredom blues? It doesnt have be hard to master FarmVille. Hereare some ideas to keep you enthralled in the game and help you master FarmVille:Set some time aside when you know you can play FarmVille and run your farm around that. Dontgo over the allocated time youve set as youll find yourself getting bored and want to end thegame.FarmVille can be repetitive so do little chores such as plowing and seeding, then take a shortbreak to chat to your friends online, make a coffee or catch up on e-mails.Have a lot of neighbors? Helping your neighbors with their chores like fertilizing crops or feedingtheir chickens is thoughtful, but if you have a lot of neighbors it can take a large chunk of yourtime. Try helping only a few neighbors a day and concentrate on your own farm as going in andout of neighbors farms take time, FarmVille can be a bit slow at times.Seems like FarmVille wants to publish everything you do and it takes time! Only post essential wallposts such as gifts or rewards that your neighbors can benefit from.Keeping along the lines of posting to your wall, we all know how good it feels to brag to yourneighbors when you get ribbons or when you reach the next level but trust me if you dont want toloose your neighbors dont brag all the time about what youre up to. You will start to annoy yourneighbors when all they see on the their wall is posts from you about FarmVille.There is a lot of spam going around Facebook at the moment offering amazing FarmVille rewardslike 250 FarmVille Cash or 2000 FarmVille. Be careful as these offers are not always as theyseem. Check the wall post for the ear of corn logo and the FarmVille name underneath, if its thereits from FarmVille otherwise it maybe a fake.
  2. 2. Trying to construct a building? Make use of your wish list in the gifts menu. If you dont haveenough items to complete your building rely on friends to supply them for you theres no need tobuy them unless you really have to. It may take you longer but youll need all your FarmVille cashin the later levels.It doesnt have to be hard to master FarmVille, by following the advice above you too could belevels ahead of your neighbors. Just imagine how good it would feel when you discover a newitem that others havent found yet and youre able to share it with them or how great it could be tohelp others master FarmVille too.Hopefully you can take something away from mastering FarmVille or maybe you are hungry formore? Which ever it is check out my other articles on Squidoo. Perhaps youre looking for moremastering tips? Well check out Five Tips To Master FarmVille. Or it could be that you want to getahead of your neighbors? Then Id recommend FarmVille - The Next Level!I Hope you enjoyed Mastering FarmVille. If you know others who could use some masteringFarmVille advice share this article with them too. Dont forget to subscribe to my feed! Im addingnew content all the time. Thats all for now folks!Article Source: ====Download report Farmville Super Secrets - "Be the Top Farmer in just 7 days" Free at ====