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Make your own silk flowers for your wedding - amazing!


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Make your own silk flowers for your wedding - amazing!

  1. 1. ==== ====Our flowers are better and fresher. Dont believe us? See for yourself. We always have deals othercannot afford to offer. We deliver anywhere in US and outside. Visit: www.212floral.com ====Using silk flowers for your wedding is one idea that you will be glad that you went with. Thought ofas a social faux pas in the past, silk flowers are now becoming the choice of many brides not justthose worried about cost. Many brides are choosing to use silk flowers in their weddings becauseit cuts back on the stress and worry before the final days. This is especially true if you are doingyour flowers yourself.When you are thinking of silk flowers on your wedding day, do not think of the ratty flowers at thedollar stores with the misshapen petals or the thread coming undone. Think about high quality silkflowers that truly mimic the look of fresh flowers. These silk flowers have been put together withthe care and the study of the real flower to make them look as realistic as possible. Silk weddingflowers give you the beauty of flowers on your wedding day without the fuss.Where to Find Quality Silk FlowersThe DIYers already know that one of the best places to find beautiful silk flowers is at your localcraft or hobby story. Because there are those who dabble in flower arranging, these stores offer avariety of flowers. Some stores even offer classes on arranging flowers or have someone whocan make custom arrangements for you. Also, if you are like me, you want to feel and touch theflowers to actually see the quality of what you are getting. You can study them to see how wellthey can go with your look.Your local florist is another place where you can get beautiful silk wedding flowers. Many peoplemay want arrangements done for a number of events or their personal space where they dontwant the flowers to die in a few days. Because the florist has the best connections and theexpertise on flower arrangements, they are a great resource in finding fabulous silk flowers foryour wedding day.Last but not least is the internet. The internet has many sites that not only offer silks, butpackages with them arranged as well. You can get the flowers you want arranged at quite areasonable price. Silk wedding flowers can even be found on eBay. However, always make sureyou find a reputable company that has a reputation of providing quality service. Many sites doshow pictures of their arrangements and offer testimonials. If this does not assure you, buy a testbouquet to see if the quality is what you are looking for.The Advantages of Silk Wedding Flowers1. They can be done in advance. Although real flowers are very beautiful and breathtaking, theymust be done right before the wedding in order to not wilt. If you are a bride on a budget and
  2. 2. taking this task on yourself, you may find yourself overwhelmed and stressed during a time thatshould be fun and relaxing. With silk arrangements, you can arrange them ahead of time whichcan reduce the stress of the last few days leading up to your wedding. On the day of yourwedding, they will still be even more beautiful than the day you bought them.2. Submerged, they look real. One of the big trends in weddings now is the submerged flower.What is so good about this trend is that you can submerge a silk flower in water and no one will beable to tell if it is real or not. If the flower is submerged in water, all people will see is a beautifularrangement. No one will actually put their hand in the water to see if the flower is real. Also,being that you need less flowers when doing submerged or floating centerpieces, this saves onmoney.3. Allergies are not aggravated. You, your hubby to be, or any of your guests may have certainallergies when it comes to flowers. To avoid the inevitable sneezing, runny noses, or red eyes,silk wedding flowers are a great way to have that floral beauty and happy guests. This is also aplus if you are having an outdoor wedding and are afraid of attracting insects.4. Life-lasting keepsake. The fabulous thing about using silk flowers for your wedding is that youcan have a keepsake. You can bring a centerpiece home as well as your bouquet and save onfloral preservation costs. They can become a decoration for your home and a reminder of the startof your married life.5. Great as favors. Many of your guests may fall in love with the wedding centerpieces that youhave on the tables. A great favor would be to send the centerpieces home with those flower-loving guests. Your guests get great arrangements to beautify their space as well as a reminder ofyour wedding day.6. Sturdy flowers. Because real flowers are more delicate, cold or heat can cause them to wiltquickly. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, the flowers may not be able to stand the heat.What if you forget to put them in water to keep them looking fresh? Well, with silks, this is not aproblem. They dont need water and can stand any weather conditions.7. Less expensive. Now this is always argued because quality silk flowers can cost as much aslive ones. This is true; however, if you need a particular flower in December that can only befound in France, the cost can rise. You can use silk flowers instead and have incredible savings.Also, when submerging flowers, because you generally use less, you can use silks instead of thereal ones which can run cheaper. You can also save money with silks by checking out sales onthe internet and in stores.How to Spice Up Your Silk Wedding FlowersIf you are using silk flowers for your wedding day, there are many ways that you can spice themup to make them even more unique which gives a personal touch to your day.Scent. We love the smell of real flowers, so how can we replicate a fragrant smell with silks.Spraying the perfume of your choice on the flowers is a great way. This way, the flowers have awonderful smell that can add spice to your reception. Although, you want to make sure the smellis something that will not aggravate guests. I would suggest a real clean, light scent.
  3. 3. Jewels. Instead of having a plain bouquet of flowers, add jewels to liven it up. You can getcrystals glued to the petals of the flowers. This adds more pizzazz and personality to an alreadybeautiful arrangement. Plus, you dont have to worry about damaging the flowers because theyare sturdy enough to be handled.Feathers. Feathers can add flavor to any floral arrangement. Adding feathers to a silk bridalbouquet gives an extra flair that makes it stand out. Beautiful peacock feathers in a silkcenterpiece arrangement helps add a certain level of exquisiteness.How to Care for SilksAlthough one of the advantages of silk flowers is that they need little tending and care, here are afew tips to make sure your silk flowers for your wedding day are in perfect condition.o To clean silk flowers you can wash them or clean them by hand, but this is not the mostrecommended way because it can become a bit messy and time consuming.o A great way to keep silks looking their best is to use an ozone safe aerosol spray. This cankeep them looking clean and fresh.o If any of the greenery is wrinkled, you can steam iron the leaves. Just make sure thetemperature is on the lowest steam setting. Test a corner before steaming out the wrinkles.o Many stores that carry silk flowers also carry silk flower cleaners that can keep silk flowerslooking great.http://www.inexpensivelyfabulous.comArticle Source: ====Our flowers are better and fresher. Dont believe us? See for yourself. We always have deals othercannot afford to offer. We deliver anywhere in US and outside. Visit:
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