Insurance agents exposes the industry


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Insurance agents exposes the industry

  1. 1. ==== ====Get insurance quotes for your car, and visit our blog to see the questions everyday people askwhen they face difficult situations in their life with their vehicles and insurance policies. For thisand more visit: ====Hi Folks, my name is Cesar Diaz, I am an auto insurance broker in the state of California. IOperate two auto insurance agencies in California and an auto insurance website serving allUnited States. I have many years of experience as an auto insurance agent and broker andthrough the years, I have figured out all ways to save money on your auto insurance.I have decided to share my secrets to saving money on your auto insurance because I dontbelieve that its fair for people to pay more money for their auto insurance just because they dontknow that theyre eligible for a certain discount or maybe because they dont know a certaindiscount even exists!I hope I dont get in trouble for sharing all my secrets but I feel its only fair. (Maybe not forinsurance companies but for the general public.) Insurance companies have enough moneyanyway! I believe insurance companies are among the wealthiest companies in the world. Whydo you think that is? Thats because they rake in those expensive premiums that you pay for yourauto insurance.Well, here are my secrets revealed; You might want to take some notes or even print this out thatway the next time you obtain an auto insurance quote, you can reference this article and makesure you get all your available discounts.First of all, most companies will ask for basic information for the purpose of obtaining your autoinsurance quote such as name, gender, date of birth, marital status, zip code, whether you havecurrent or prior auto insurance, how long have you been licensed (driving experience), drivingrecord history (tickets and accidents), commute distance to work and annual mileage, occupationand type of use (personal or commercial), make and model of vehicle, alarms and equipment onvehicle, and coverage desired.When people obtain auto insurance quotes, they just answer the questions being asked by therepresentatives, but have no idea why the questions are being asked. What does being single ormarried have to do with getting an auto insurance quote? Well, all questions being asked willaffect your rate. I am going to explain why all those questions effect your rate and I am going totell you what answers will give you the best rate.I am simply going to tell you what answers will give you the best rates; however, I do not suggestgiving false information when obtaining a quote. It is important to give accurate answers but at thesame time, it is important to know what answers will give you the best rates because if you dontcurrently fall into the "low rate" categories, you might in the future and since you know, you will
  2. 2. want to contact your insurance company to inform them of any changes that will help you savemoney.I am going to go step by step explaining each question asked by insurance agents and I willexplain what answers give lowest rates.1. Gender- Most insurance companies offer cheaper rates for females due to statistics. Lessaccidents have resulted from females vs males. Could it be because most of the time, if a coupleis in a vehicle, the male will usually drive? Could it be because a housewife will not have the usualcommute a husband would have driving back and forth to work every day?2. Date of Birth- Roughly, the early ages will generate a higher cost for insurance. Rates willlower as a driver matures; however, rates increase again as a driver reaches the later years suchas 60s and up.3. Marital Status- Generally, a married driver will have a cheaper rate than a single driver. This,again, is due to statistics. Single drivers have a higher loss percentage. Could this be because amarried couple have drive less than a single, more active driver? Some insurance companies willallow you to receive the married rate if you live with your "significant other" under common lawmarriage or they may give you the married rate if you are a single parent. Be sure to ask if you fallunder any other the above categories. If you purchase your policy when you are single and getmarried midterm, be sure to contact your insurance company to get your "married rate".4. Zip Code- Zip codes do affect your rates. This again is based on statistics of a particular city.Some cities may be congested with traffic and may have more accidents than others. Some citiesmay have more theft than others, etc. In general, the more a city is congested, the higher therates are.5. Current or Prior Insurance- Some insurance companies will give you a discount if you havecurrent insurance or have had an insurance policy recently cancel within the past 30 days. If youhave had an insurance policy within the last 30 days, be sure to inform your insurance agentbecause most agents will not ask you unless you tell them.6. Driving Experience- The length of time you have been licensed is an important factor indetermining a rate. There longer youve had your license, the cheaper your rate. If you have hada license in another state, be sure to include that in your driving experience. Even if you werelicensed in another country, it can be used to add to your driving experience although proof maybe required.7. Tickets and Accidents- Of course tickets and accidents affect your rate; however, tickets will notaffect you until the violation is published on your driving record. Usually not until you go to trafficcourt or pay your violation. If you purchase your insurance policy before you go to court or payyour violation, it may not affect your rate until you renew your policy. (usually one year) As far asaccidents go, there are three ways to rate an accident: At fault with injury, at fault with no injury,and not at fault. They all produce different rates in the order listed from highest to cheapest. Ifyou were at fault, but there was less that $750.00 of damage, you may be able to list it as non-faultso be sure to let them know.
  3. 3. 10. Commute distance to work and annual mileage- There farther you drive to work, the moreexpensive your auto insurance may be. If you carpool or use alternative methods of commuting towork such as a work vehicle or you take a bus, be sure to inform your agent because this will helplower your rates.11. Occupation and vehicle use- Occupation will affect your rate. Some occupations are evenunacceptable by insurance companies. One such occupation is pizza delivery. Since most pizzadelivery drivers are on a time restraint, insurance companies see it as a high risk occupation andwill decline coverage. Some occupations will be acceptable but may classify your vehicle use as"commercial" or "artesian" use which will generate a high premium. One example is a real estateagent. A real estate agent drives during work vs. a machine operator stays in one location duringwork and is less exposed to an accident. An example of artesian use is an electrician using hisvehicle to drive to work locations. Again, the electrician is using the vehicle during work and ismore exposed to an accident. If you fall under the above categories but drive a company vehicle,you may be exempt from the extra cost of falling into those categories. On the good side, someauto insurance companies may give discounts for drivers with college degrees or if you are astudent with a "B" or higher average you may qualify for a good student discount.12. Make and Model of Vehicle- Some vehicle are generally expensive to insure. One suchvehicle is a Ford Mustang. Although it is fairly inexpensive to purchase, it can be expensive toinsure due to its "sports" performance. It is a good idea to quote a vehicle for insurance beforepurchasing it as I have seen people have to return their vehicles because after purchasing thevehicle, they couldnt afford the auto insurance. Four door vehicle are usually a bit cheaper toinsure than two door vehicles. Usually 4wd vehicle can be higher to insure vs. 2wd vehicles. Highend vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar of course can be more expensive toinsure than your average vehicle. Bottom line, quote the auto insurance before buying the vehicle.13. Alarms and Equipment- Auto insurance companies may offer discounts for vehicles with lowjack or alarm systems. If your vehicle has one, be sure to let your agent know. Some companieswill offer discounts for airbags and other safety features as well.14. Other- There are other discounts that you can take advantage of. If you have more than onevehicle, be sure to insure them all on one policy to get your "multi-car" discount which can be 20%or more. If you are a home owner, some insurance companies can offer "home owner" discounts.If you have taken a drivers safety course you may be eligible for a discount as well. Also if youkeep your vehicle parked in a locked garage over night, be sure to ask if you can get a discount.15. Online Auto Insurance- Many insurance companies offer Online Auto Insurance which can beless expensive than your traditional auto insurance policy purchased in an office location. This isbecause if you buy auto insurance online, insurance companies have less overhead because thepolicy is "paperless" and all the savings will be transferred to you. Compare auto insurancequotes online. Some websites offer one simple process for quotes from multiple well known autoinsurance companies and you can even buy the policy online. One such website is There you can compare quotes from top carriers and buyauto insurance online if you like. Be sure to stop and get a quick quote and keep in mind theabove 15 insiders secrets that I just revealed. Since I took the time to write this detailed article,return the favor by getting a quick quote from my website listed above, actually I will be doing youanother favor by saving you tons of money on your auto insurance.
  4. 4. Sincerely,Cesar Diaz, agent and brokerCesar Diaz, California Insurance Agent and Broker of Online Auto InsuranceArticle Source: ====Get insurance quotes for your car, and visit our blog to see the questions everyday people askwhen they face difficult situations in their life with their vehicles and insurance policies. For thisand more visit: ====