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==== ====Download Tatto Piercing & Designs,%20piercing==== ====In life, circumsta...
(via cover-up) is just the cost of the new tattoo itself.Apart from those two options for tattoo removal there are several...
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I am tired of my tattoo - how should I remove it?


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I am tired of my tattoo - how should I remove it?

  1. 1. ==== ====Download Tatto Piercing & Designs,%20piercing==== ====In life, circumstances are always changing. What we think is good today may be a wrong fortomorrow. This is especially true when it comes to major decisions like getting a tattoo. However,in recent times, the available options for removing a tattoo are growing, and so are advancementin the methods used.o Changing body types - Your weight is no longer what it used to be. You have either lost a lot orgained a lot. It can also be that you have been working out and put on a lot of muscle. On theother hand, perhaps you have just simply gotten older and your skin has loosened, wrinkled and/orsagged.o Breakups - We all know someone, or a friend of a friend who tattooed "Jessica" on his shoulderonly break up with her a month later.o Changing views - Maybe you were a rebellious teen making a fearless statement on a positiveissue, but since then youre older and have changed some of your views. That symbol youtattooed on you arm is no longer an issue.o Bad tattoo design - Hopefully you are not one of the unlucky ones and the tattoo artist messedyour tattoo up and left you with an unappealing design.o Job or "society" issues - If you have a large or easily visible tattoo, certain jobs or even certainindividuals may look down on you and deny you certain opportunities.Should you find yourself in any of the above situations, dont panic; there are various options youcan look into for tattoo removal. Lets begin with the cheapest methods then discuss some of themore costly procedures.o Creams - When looking to remove a tattoo, you will hear about tattoo removal creams that areon the market today. While the cost of these creams are relatively low (about a hundred bucks),compared to other methods, you will probably get what you pay for. Some people claim that thecreams worked for them. Others say the cream faded their tattoo over time and others say theysaw no effect. If youre willing to roll the dice, tattoo removal creams may be worth looking into.Just keep in mind that results can vary.o Cover-ups - A tattoo cover-up involves getting a new, fresh tattoo over your old tattoo. This is notalways possible, and is not always done well. For example, you cannot expect to cover up a thick,black tattoo with light ink, or get rid of a large, intricate design, without getting a large, block-likedesign over it. Some tattoo artists are very good at doing cover-ups. However, you should consulta highly regarded artist to see if he thinks it would be successful. Here, the cost of tattoo removal
  2. 2. (via cover-up) is just the cost of the new tattoo itself.Apart from those two options for tattoo removal there are several types of medical procedures.o Salabrasion - Salabrasion is a rather old technique that actually involves sanding off your tattoocovered skin. Anesthetic is administered to the area and then salt water is applied while your skinis vigorously rubbed. Yes, this is as painful as it sounds and is likely to cause scarring.o Dermabrasion - With dermabrasion you are again basically sanding off your skin. Anesthetic isalso used in this type of tattoo removal. Following that, a solution is applied (or simple ice packsare applied) to the tattooed skin that freezes the area. A hand-held rotary instrument is then usedto scrape away the top layers of skin on the area. Due to the nature of the procedure there willlikely be bleeding as well as scarring.o Excision - Excision is a procedure where the tattooed skin is cut off. This is easiest with smalltattoos however it is a tattoo removal procedure that can be used for even larger tattoos. Withlarger tattoos, you may undergo several the procedure several times. First cutting away the centerof the tattoo and then following up with the outer portions later. After cutting away the skin and thetattoo, your skin is brought back together; in some cases with large tattoos a skin graft is used tocover the removed area. Local anesthetics are also used in this tattoo removal procedure.The most common form of tattoo removal today is the use of a laser to remove the tattoo. Afocused laser is used to break apart the tattoo ink under the surface of your skin. The rest of yourskin remains unharmed and there will not be scarring. Different wavelengths are used for differentink colors which means the more colorful your tattoo, the more complex and costly your lasertattoo removal will be.While laser tattoo removal is very successful (although not always completely), the cost of tattooremoval from laser procedures can be quite expensive and time consuming. For a small, single-color tattoo, the cost of tattoo removal may be one hundred to several hundred dollars.For larger, thicker, more intricate and more colorful tattoos, you may have to have up to 10sessions to get your tattoo completely removed. Sessions can range in cost anywhere from $100to over $1,000, most likely falling in the $400-$500 range. With laser tattoo removal a numbingagent can be used beforehand if necessary, although most say it is a rather painless tattooremoval procedure. One downside to laser tattoo removal is obviously the cost of tattoo removalitself, as well as how long the complete process can take. Individual sessions need to be spacedout to allow proper time to heal.As you can see there are various methods for getting your tattoo removed. You can find a methodto suit your budget and tolerance to discomfort and pain. Just remember to do your research anmake an informed decision.Omar Reyes is an author, publisher, and tattoo enthusiast. For more information about tattoodesign ideas [] be sure to visit []
  3. 3. Article Source: ====Download Tatto Piercing & Designs,%20piercing==== ====