How to dry flowers at home?


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How to dry flowers at home?

  1. 1. ==== ====Our flowers are better and fresher. Dont believe us? See for yourself. We always have deals othercannot afford to offer. We deliver anywhere in US and outside. Visit: www.212floral.com ====Want to make your gardens summer flowers last all year? Ok, the easiest way is to bring yourgarden flowers indoor and dry them.* First: Harvesting FlowersIt is best to cut your flowers in the morning hours after the dew has evaporated from the plants.Once cut, group stems into bunches using rubber bands (pure rubber rubber bands work best)and remove them from the sunlight as soon as possible.There are definite developmental times which are best for cutting flowers for drying. This can bevery specific for different plants or even different cultivators of the same plant. In general, it is bestto pick immature flowers (ones that are not completely open) since flowers continue to open duringthe drying process. If you pick a flower at the time that it looks perfect, it will continue to open whiledrying, leaving you with a flower past that perfect stage. Most people pick flowers too late. Forexample, have you ever seen a pretty dried rose? If you really look at it, the flower is still fairlyclosed. Avoid harvesting flowers too mature in development. Such flowers will generally shedupon drying and will not hold up well in arrangements.We offer specific picking and growing recommendations for each flower we grow. Just click on anydried flower name on any of our lists to obtain a wealth of specific information including pictures!* Second: Preserving FlowersWith only a few exceptions, we air dry all our flowers. We simple hang flower bunches upsidedown on wire (over two miles of it is stretched in our circa 1860 barns). The barns offer idealconditions: 1) darkness; 2) very good airflow; 3) cool updrafts; 4) perfect (usually) humidity levels.Once you have cut your flowers, it is important to remove them from the sunlight as soon aspossible. This, along with drying in the dark, is the most important factor in maintaining good color.Note:1)How to Hang Flower BunchesSuspend a 1/2-inch-diameter horizontal pole or pipe from the ceiling. If fastening hooks into yourceiling or walls is not an option, use tripods or two high-backed chairs to support the pole. A bentpaper clip makes a perfect hanger for your bunches. Put newspaper or a drop cloth on the floorunder the hanging bunches to catch fallen leaves, seeds, and petals. Hang bunches far enoughapart to allow good air circulation.
  2. 2. 2) How Long to Hang Flowers to DryThe drying process takes from 10 to 20 days, depending on the plant. When dried, the stemsshould snap. You must test the flowers for dryness. Dissect one or two, and make sure theflowers insides are thoroughly dry.Some flowers, such as delphiniums, keep their color better if dried quickly near sources of warmair such as a heater. Large, many-flowered blooms such as dill, fluffy grasses, and Queen Anneslace, should be dried upright, not hanging upside down.3) How to Dry Flowers with Silica?Silica-gel drying is done in shallow, airtight, plastic (or glass) containers or trays. I dry manyflowers at once using a 10- by 18-inch airtight plastic container. Yours need not be that big, butmake sure that the flowers arent crowded. Spread the flowers out, face up, on a 1-inch (minimumdepth) bed of crystals. Carefully spoon or sprinkle more silica on top until youve completelycovered the flowers with at least another inch of crystals. Drying flowers with single-petalstructures, such as daisies, facedown is another technique, but my results have been identicalusing both approaches. To dry flowers facedown, create a small mound for the flower head, placethe flower head facedown on it, and add silica over the flower until it is covered. Flowers can bealmost touching, and because similar kinds of flowers dry at the same rate, you may wish to groupsimilar blooms in the same container. Seal the container, and dont disturb it for three to four days.Remove delicate blossoms very carefully. Shake or brush off the crystals lightly with a soft artistspaintbrush. Leaving flowers in desiccant too long makes them very fragile, so remove flowers rightaway once youve determined that theyre dry enough.4) How to Use Sand to Dry your Flowers?Sand must be very fine, clean, dry, and preferably salt free. Sifting is recommended to removecoarse grains and foreign particles. Rinsing the sand in water several times to remove any soil isalso recommended. Damp sand can be dried in an oven by placing in shallow pans and baking at250 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. Be sure to use only flowers in their prime and process themquickly to prevent wilting.To dry with sand, place an inch or two of sand in a container; scoop away a small amount of sandto form a depression on the surface; place the flower head upright in this depression and press thesand in and around the outside of the flower to support it. Next, scoop a little sand into your handand allow it to trickle in a fine stream around each petal. Start with the outer petals and workinward row by row, allowing the sand to build up equally on all sides of each petal so its positionand shape are not altered. Flowers dried with sand are fragile so be very careful when removingthem from the sand. Notice that flowers must be stored in a strong carton to protect the petalsfrom breaking.5) Using a Microwave Oven to Dry FlowersThe latest and fastest method to dry flowers is to use a combination of silica gel and a microwave
  3. 3. oven.With the use of a microwave, you can now dry your flowers very quickly. Flowers should begathered at their peak or else they will turn brown. Use any of the drying agents (silica gel, sand,borax) in a container deep enough to cover the bloom. Leave a 1/2 inch stem on the flower, andplace it face up on a 1/2 inch layer of drying agent. Carefully sprinkle enough agent to cover theflower, and place it in the microwave along with a small bowl of water. Do not remove the flowersfrom the agent immediately, but set them aside for several hours. Listed below are some times fordrying flowers in a microwave.By using air drying and other methods also, many flowers can be preserved for year-roundenjoyment. Plan now to include some flowers in your garden for drying, and check nearby fieldsand road sides throughout the summer and fall for more dried plant materials.* Third: Care of Dried FlowersRoutine dusting can be accomplished using a real feather duster or hair blow dryer on its lowestsetting.* Last: Storing and Enjoying Dried FlowersWe recommend wrapping the flowers in newspaper and placing them in a cardboard box. Do notstore the box containing the dried flowers where it is unusually damp (some basements) or verydry (some attics). Also, a lot of people think you should never store dried flowers outside (it wouldbe way to cold). This is simply not true. Temperatures are not important. In fact, a garage can bean ideal place for storing dried flowers. Actually, if your home is heated by forced air, the preferredplace to store dried flowers would be in a outside building away from the dry heat.In general, dried flowers should remain out of direct sunlight while you enjoy them in their finalstate. This will minimize fading over time. We also suggest not to place dried flowers in the path offorced air heat registers. This extremely dry air is very hard on dried flower structure (causesshattering).Suggestion for use of dried flowers would include wreaths, swags, sheaths, bouquets, and sprays.Simply hanging dried flowers in a room can be very appealing. Also, placing clusters of bunches ina basket, as though you just came in from a garden, is most attractive.Caution: if you do store your dried flowers outside, make sure you protect them from smallrodents and insects (a few mothballs will work).Finally, I should to say that drying flowers can be addictive! Before long, wreaths will adorn all yourdoors, and swags will hang from every wall. And theyll all have come from your own garden. Talkabout an extended season! Youll soon see why dried flowers are often called "everlastings".Im a Chinese girl, I love all beautiful, fashion and interesting things, and Id like to introduce anddisplay an excellent selection of China fine art, handicrafts, jewelry, toys and gifts, and fashion
  4. 4. accessories to you, also give you great suggestions about gift ideas and introduce you the latestfashion trends in China.Article Source: ====Our flowers are better and fresher. Dont believe us? See for yourself. We always have deals othercannot afford to offer. We deliver anywhere in US and outside. Visit: www.212floral.com ====