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Dos and don'ts of facial cleansers


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Whether you are a man or woman and suffering from face or body acne, this is for you: cleaning pores -

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Dos and don'ts of facial cleansers

  1. 1. ==== ====Clear pores on your face with a new method and have a clean face everytime. The strategy ispainless, effective and wont take much time. More info: ====In the skin care world, skin pores are the enemy. People flock to products that claim to shrink thesize of pores. Skin cleansers, toners and other astringents give people the wrong impression thatusing them can somehow "open and close" pores. With so many misconceptions floating aroundabout pore biology, heres a little primer on skin pores.Skin pores are natural openings of hair follicles, oil and sweat glands at the surface of the skin.Thats all they really are. When skin is behaving, just the right amount of sebum, or natural skin oil,is being secreted from the pores to naturally lubricate skin. But when hormone levels fluctuate, orwe dont take care of our skin (like washing with a good facial cleanser), pores become cloggedwith excess sebum, dirt, bacteria, or dead skin cells. If we dont clear clogged pores, we get thedreaded pimple.Contrary to belief, skin pore size cannot be changed; it is genetics. The largest pores tend to be atthe center of your face, such as the nose, chin and cheeks; at times you may be able to see justby looking in the mirror. Since pores become more apparent when theres "stuff" in them, facialcleansers can clean out the junk and help "shrink" the appearance of pores.Exfoliating facial skin cleansers slough away the dead skin cells that might be filling pores. Somepeople like to steam their face before washing. You must have heard at least one person say,"Steam opens pores." Now that you know better, you know steam helps loosen the stuff inside thepores, making it easier to remove during the washing step. Another step that helps clear pores ismicrodermabrasion. This process "roughens" up skin and literally shakes loose the dead skin thatis clogging pores. Though you may love the look, exfoliating or getting a microdermabrasion toofrequently may irritate skin. Switch to a gentler exfoliant or lessen the frequency betweentreatments.Using an astringent temporarily helps lessen the appearance of pores. These products removeexcess oil which is why they tend to leave skin with that "cool" feeling. However, they containacetone or alcohols, which can be drying. Some people think the "shrinking pore" effect caused byastringents is actually a result of irritation of the skin. The skin temporarily swells around pores,"closing" them up. However, this effect is only temporary.Other unusual methods to reduce the apparent size of pores include patting faces (dont slapyourself too hard!), using ice packs, or splashing face with cold water. Again, these are temporarytricks. For longer term results, use a good effective facial cleanser followed by an appropriatefacial moisturizer.Do NOT for any reason pick at or squeeze pores. This includes the oh-so-tempting habit of
  2. 2. squeezing pimples since that can lead to scarring or infection. Recall that pimples result fromclogged pores. The source of the clog occurs beneath the skin. The pimple is the raised surfaceabove the obstructed pore. That white spot you see on some pimples are the dead cells, sebum,pus, and bacteria that are clogging the pore. If you see what is known as a blackhead instead, thatis a clogged pore exposed to the air; the blackness are exposed skin cells, not dirt. In any case,wash acne-prone skin carefully and gently with facial cleansers that contain anti-acne medications.Then, hands off!You cant change genetics or your skin so you might as well learn to live with it. Follow proper skincare routine with a good facial cleanser, toner and lotion. Dont overstress skin by continuouslywashing it or applying astringers. A little surface oil is expected and by sapping that away, skinpores will only produce more to make up for the lack. So keep your hands off and let skin takecare of itself. Keep it clean, keep it protected and your skin will have a healthy glow.Mark Robbins is an expert in skin care and the treatment of large pores and dryness. His ideas onthe best facial cleansers to treat these symptoms are considered the gold standard of reviews.Many consumers will not buy a product in the beauty segment without consulting with Markbeforehand.Article Source: ====Clear pores on your face with a new method and have a clean face everytime. The strategy ispainless, effective and wont take much time. More info: ====