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undergone a detoxification diet and another 3 who did not. This population may not comprise ahuge percentage, but I am not...
smarter eating choices. Although they resumed with their normal eating routine, they did not goback with consuming lots of...
optimum health condition. After being cleansed and detoxified, your body will surely feel a lotbetter, more energized and ...
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Detoxification or Starvation, are you kidding me?


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Detoxification or Starvation, are you kidding me?

  1. 1. ==== ====For Part 2 of this article, videos and more information on latest diets and weight loss programs,please download a report @,%20weight_loss==== ====Detoxification or starvation?Diets for detoxification have come under immense scrutiny over the months that have passed.There are numerous claims that only weight that can be lost is the weight of water from the start ofthe fasting period and the subsequent loss of weight due to the reduction of caloric intake. Adetoxification diet can be quite restrictive, and can go as far as being called as a starvation diet. Alot of articles made by "experts" explain that a detoxification diet is hazardous to people, sayingthat it is just a "yo-yo" diet, creates a wrong impression on many food groups and can even lead tosome eating disorders.We are also aware of the fact that most of these "experts" making these articles are working or arerelated in the field of health and weight loss which are people like health program supervisors,nutritionists, weight loss counselors, and common people who have great interest and knowledgeon fitness and health. Although I am not saying that anyone of these people are just making uptheir statements or may be fabricating the truth regarding this matter, I am just saying that usuallya person of this education level will have a hard time seeing things on a different perspective. Thismay be because they only believe in what they have learned or experienced, and may not beready to accept facts other than what they had. Like for example, when a nutritionist enters collegeand has been educated with the teaching that green beans can cause cancer, this same personwill finish college with the belief that this food is bad for peoples health. This will also cause him toshare this information with his clients and other people he comes in contact with. And when after afew years, a particular person gets in the picture and debates that green beans does not causecancer, do you think it is possible for the nutritionist to believe what this current person is stating?This kind of anomaly is not only related to nutritionists and other related fields in health andfitness. It can happen in other fields as well. Being a writer, I learned that you must nevercommunicate in double negatives. It is just a simple ethical consideration I apply each and everyday. If someone would approach me and did everything to convince me that what I have learnedbefore is now different, whether right or wrong, I always see to it that I dont speak in doublenegatives. And if I make criticisms on this current idea without first making my own investigationand revisiting my knowledge of basic English and grammar, then I am simply only just dependingon my former knowledge to debate on this issue.So why dont we deviate away from conventional nutritionists and just discover what detoxificationdiets have to offer from a completely blank slate. No, I am not a nutritionist, Im just a writer who iscurious and wants to learn if a detoxification diet really is a healthy method of body cleansing, or isit just a kind of starvation diet that does no good for the body besides just losing some water whilemaking people believe that it makes them feel better. I have gathered 3 people who have
  2. 2. undergone a detoxification diet and another 3 who did not. This population may not comprise ahuge percentage, but I am not getting these people as guinea pigs, I just want to get informationbased on their experience in order for me to confirm or negate the detoxification diet statementsfrom both dieticians and those who are subjects of a detoxification diet.Fasting and purityPeople have relied on fasting for centuries in order to be purified. If we backtrack through ancientwritings, we will discover that fasting was not only done as a means of purification of the spirit, butalso for physical purification. Those fasting for purity experienced significant loss of energy, butregains strength after the period of fasting, usually within a period of 36 hours. This statement caneasily be debated upon, since those people might have felt that their body has been cleansedbecause of their spiritual inspiration from the fasting process. The three persons I have invited toundergo fasting were not looking to be spiritually enlightened, and stated that they felt very weakafter being deprived of food for a while, although they began to feel better and cleaner before thesecond day ended. Also, none of the three said they experienced starvation, but instead felt thefasting process did give them some level of physical purity.In the science of medicine, there are instances wherein physicians will advise you to fast. Settingaside pre-surgical procedures, most fasting methods are done in order to prepare or cleanse thebody for something. Take the case of people taking diets like the ketogenic diet, which requires aperiod of fasting prior to starting it in order to better treat illnesses.Those criticizing the detoxification diet plan state that headaches and other undesirable symptomsshow up on the first stage of the diet program due to the food deprivation. But advocates of thedetoxification diet program argue that the headaches and other symptoms are only temporary anddue to the body being accustomed to the new process it is going through. The three persons Iinvited to undergo a detoxification diet program all had the same result in the quality of their urineand bowel excretions; they look clearer and had less odor. And although they did feel some levelof headaches and fatigue, they did not attribute this to the fasting process.I also did some research online and found 11 dieticians who disagreed undergoing a detoxificationdiet. Each individual debated that headaches were due to the fasting process, but in essence, theyare also recommending some form of detoxification diet. Interesting enough, their versions ofspecial diets included some form of fasting as well. Their version was just different in a few things,like just eating only some varieties of fruits and yogurt. Most detoxification diets actually dont havea complete fasting period.People who dont agree with getting into a detoxification diet are not really happy with the weightloss results that it offers. They argue that it is only the weight of the water lost during fasting, andwill easily get back to what it originally was the moment normal eating regimen is resumed. Theweight loss benefits of detoxification diets actually come from different sources. Like when you areundergoing an overall body detoxification, some of the weight lost from the body has already beenflushed down the toilet (if you know what Im talking about that is). You might be surprised to knowthat two of the people I invited to take a detoxification program even called for a plumber becauseof the surplus waste they excreted. The weight they lost in the process has been maintained aswell, and two of these individuals have started with the program more than 6 months before thisarticle was even written. The weight they lost has been maintained simply because they made
  3. 3. smarter eating choices. Although they resumed with their normal eating routine, they did not goback with consuming lots of junk and processed foods. They all stated that they have learned howto keep their bodys toxin levels low after undergoing the detoxification diet and it has gave them abetter overall health.So is this just another diet craze?Critics of the detoxification diet that this new trend in dieting, similar to others that had the "diet"word with them, is no different than its predecessors, particularly in its effectiveness. Every time anew diet craze comes in the market, a lot of people rush to the scene, saying that it does them nogood. In reality, not all diet programs are suitable for everyone. I myself have tried Atkins diet forquite some time and my efforts proved to be futile, although a friend of mine swore that it workedwonders for him. Apparently, the Atkins diet is not made for those who are not significantlyoverweight, as most critics say, and my own body as well. So can we now conclude that thedetoxification diet is beyond everyones standards of a regular diet craze, or is it just a hyped-upfailure just like everyone claims it to be? Of the 3 individuals who had undergone detoxification, 2state that it is not a diet craze. They say that is an effective procedure of cleansing the body, inwhich most diet programs fail to do. The third person states that it is just a trend in diet, but since itis effective for him, then he does not really care about it.Diet crazes and trends usually do not really have much inside them. They are actually just ideasmade to convince you that this particular diet trend is the best and most effective, and they canallow you to lose weight and keep it from coming back. Detoxification diets aims for somethingbeyond all this, which is why I really exerted some effort to find out the truth about this dietprogram. I simply had to find out.There is a huge amount of data that proves that Americans and Canadians have the worst healthcondition in general, considering the health support readily available. The health support availablein our area is supposed to make us one of the most physically fit and healthiest countries in theworld, but unfortunately it is the opposite. A lot of doctors state that this can be attributed to thekind of food people take in nowadays, which are usually filled with toxic substances from too muchprocessing. And even with the wide range of healthy options available to us, we are still at the topof the list on cancer rates, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Not surprisingly, wealso rank high on the list of countries with the most number of overweight and obese people.The detoxification diet intends to address the growing problems regarding the overall health ofAmerican citizens, which will go beyond just their waistlines. The diet trends that we have seen inthe past have only focused on shrinking peoples waistlines, but did not even touch how toimprove overall health. So is this detoxification diet just another trend in dieting? Technicallyspeaking, a diet trend simply means any new program introduced in the market, which promises alot of good stuff and gains a lot of new followers as well. If this is how we define it, then yes. But byanother standard, this may also not be considered a diet trend. This is because this was notdesigned like the usual diet trends that came before it.Both overweight and slim people can benefit from undergoing a detoxification diet. In fact we cansay that everyone can enjoy the benefits that this diet program has to offer. This program was notmade to induce weight loss; it was made in order to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle.Losing weight is just a side effect of the program. This diet program strives to achieve a long-term
  4. 4. optimum health condition. After being cleansed and detoxified, your body will surely feel a lotbetter, more energized and rejuvenated. It will also help you keep you in the right track and youwill find out that you never want to get back to your unhealthy lifestyle again.   Beyonce Knowles recently announced on the Oprah Winfrey talk show that she had lost a massive20 pounds on the Master Cleanse detox diet! Compare the best detox diets used by theHollywoods superstars!Article Source: ====For Part 2 of this article, videos and more information on latest diets and weight loss programs,please download a report @,%20weight_loss==== ====