12 things that stop diet from working


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12 things that stop diet from working

  1. 1. ==== ====For Part 2 of this article, videos and more information on latest diets and weight loss programs,please download a report @http://www.smallreports.com/index.php?k=diet,%20weight_loss==== ====You heard me right! They Never Have! They Never Do! They Never Will!The Diet Industry is a 40 Billion Dollar Industry filled with misinformation.96% of people who go on diets cant stay on them to reach their desired goal.98% of people who go on diets gain the weight they lose back + 5 extra pounds. (National Instituteof Health)50% of Americans are on a diet at any given time yet 70% of Americans are overweight and 30%are obese.My StoryWhen I was in my late teens I took up bodybuilding and after a couple of years I began competing.A typical year consisted of me gaining fifty or more pounds in the off season by eating lots of foodand then dieting and losing fifty or so pounds over the next few months as I prepared for thecompetition. After doing this for six years I stopped competing in bodybuilding. Over the followingyears I continued to gain fifty or so pounds a year and then go on a diet and lose all or most of itover the following months. I became an expert and gaining weight and losing weight. I became anexpert dieter. I could lose weight on the Atkins, Stillman, Scarsdale or any other diet. I was masterof the low calorie, low fat and low carbohydrate diets. The only problem that once I lost the weightI couldnt keep it off and eventually would gain it all back plus some. I eventually ended up gainingand losing almost a thousand pounds. After giving up on dieting I began researching why peoplegain weight and why diets dont work. After spending over five years researching why diets dontwork and discovering what does work when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. I beganapplying the principles I discovered and today I am celebrating over ten years at a body weightthat hasnt fluctuated more then five pounds up or down.Why Diets Dont WorkFact #1: Diets are downers. People hate to diet. Have you ever met anyone on a diet that liked it?Does anyone like doing anything with the word DIE in it? When I went on diets I hated it. It mademe unhappy and depressed.Fact #2: Dieting slows your metabolism. The longer you diet the slower your metabolism getscausing you to eat less and less until your weight loss stops entirely. Then when you resumenormal eating the weight quickly returns + extra pounds due to it taking months for the metabolism
  2. 2. to return to normal. Then guess what? You need to go onto another diet.Dieting simply is a way to create an artificial famine. Your body doesnt know that its a diet. All itknows is that its in a famine. So it slows the metabolism as much as 40%. If you naturally need2000 calories a day to sustain your current body weight and go on a diet where you areconsuming 1000 calories a day your metabolism will get lower and lower to say 40% or 1200calories below its natural level of 2000 calories. At that point weight lose is minimal and extremelydifficult. Then when you return to eating 2000 calories a day which is what the majority of peopledo you begin adding 800 extra calories daily. Thats 800 calories about 1.75 pounds of fat perweek.When I was on the dieting roller coaster Id lose 50 pounds in six months and go off it and gain allthe weight back over the next six months. One thing I noticed was that as soon as Id go off thediet the weight would quickly come back due to my metabolism having slowed due to the dieting.Fact 3: Diets offer a poor temporary fix Whats really needed is a lifestyle change. The only peoplewho lose weight and keep it off are the people who change their lifestyle once and for all.Changing your lifestyle is easier then dieting and far more rewarding.I used to go on diets knowing that they were only a quick fix. After losing hundreds of pounds andgaining it back convinced me that dieting could never able me to sustain the weight lose. Dietingwas just a superficial way of treating symptoms instead of the cause of my weight gain.Fact 4: Since 96% of people who go on diets gain the weight theyve lost back plus some the nexttime they diet it gets a little harder to lose weight. With each never dieting round the bodybecomes more resilient to giving up the weight and dieting gets tougher and tougher. With eachnew diet I went on it became more and more difficult to get the weight off. Finally after years of yo-yo dieting It became almost impossible to get the weight off dieting.Fact 5: Diets fail to deal with the things that cause people to overeat. People overeat due to anumber of psychological reasons. Some overeat because they fail to eat consciously. After yearsof eating on the run, in the front of the television or while stuffing a hot dog into their mouth whiledriving down the highway; they eat like dogs never stopping to taste, savor and enjoy the foodtheir eating.Another thing that causes people to overeat is previous conditioning that can go back to theirchildhood. As a child I was told to clean my plate because children were starving in Africa. I wasalso told that if I didnt clean my plate I couldnt have desert. The experts in my life conditioned meto eat every scrape on my plate even if I was stuffed. They conditioned me to overeat. Somethingthat took me years to understand and change.Fact 6: Dieting Causes Eating Disorders. People who get onto the dieting roller coaster candevelop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Dieting serves as a precursor to theseillnesses.During my weight gain and dieting cycles I frequently would binge and after the binge think nothingof purging while standing over the toilet. I eventually got pretty good at it and could down fiveburgers and a dozen Dunken Donuts and drop them in the toilet only to be back eating fifteen
  3. 3. minutes later.Fact 7: Dieting Causes Obesity. Dieting slows down the metabolism making it harder and harderto lose weight. Eventually the metabolism slows to a crawl and even a well balanced healthy dietcauses the person to gain weight. Have you ever seen an obese person who says, "I dont eat alot and continue to gain weight." They may be telling the truth. After years of dieting theirmetabolism is running slow and low making it really easy to keep on adding the pounds.You would think that in America with all the diets, diet pills, and diet centers that we would be thethinnest country on the globe. But instead we are the fattest and getting fatter every year. With allthe dieting I was doing and all the expertise on dieting I was gaining I still just kept getting fatter.Fact 8: Diets cause starvation or semi starvation. Starvation occurs at 900 calories or less thatswhen you start to die. Most diets are in that range. Starvation plays havoc with the systems of thebody and brain and if continued will cause permanent damage. When faced with starvation yourbody will do everything it can to survive. Things like slowing your metabolism to conserve energyand creating intense hunger to drive you to find food. When I was dieting I has hungry all the time.I didnt know it at the time but I was starving. I was putting my body through what people infamines go through.Fact 9: Diets damage your body and cause disease. Studies show that ongoing dieting causesheart disease, osteoporosis, gall stones, high blood pressure, anemia, constipation, kidney stones,dry skin, hair lose, depression, anxiety.When I was on the dieting roller coaster I would frequently get sick. I would get frequent colds, theflu, tonsillitis, sinusitis, and constipation was a daily experience. Over the past ten years Ive hadtwo colds.Fact 10: Dieting Causes Malnutrition. Dieting restricts people from getting the necessary macroand micro nutrients. Not getting these nutrients causes damage to our bodies and results insickness. I didnt know It back when I was dieting that the main reason why I was getting sick sofrequently was that I was suffering from malnutrition. I simply wasnt getting the nutrients that mebody needed.Fact 11: We dont fail at dieting, diets fail us. Diets simply dont work. Every person who ever quitdieting or gained the weight they lost back did so due to the fact that diets are built upon falsepremises. If you build a house upon a foundation of straw it will crumble. Diets are built upon afoundation of straw.While on the dieing roller coaster I continuously felt like a failure. I struggled to stick to the diets Iwould go on and always gained the weight back. I felt like a frustrated failure. I didnt know at thetime that I wasnt the failure but that the entire diet industry and everyone of their diets was afailure.Fact 12: Diets Cause Death. The name Diet fits well. Dieting shortens your life span. Diets cause anumber of problems that lead to sickness, disease and eventually death.Had I not discovered the truth I likely would have dieted myself to death. I am eternally grateful for
  4. 4. discovering the truth. For the truth truly set me free.Why Diets Dont Work1. Diets treat superficial symptoms instead of causes.2. Diets cause major deprivation. You deprive yourself of food. Not only food, but food that youlike. This drives people crazy. When I used to diet all I did day and night was think about food.When I wasnt dieting I thought about other stuff like the geo-political situations in the world andsex. But while on the diet I just thought about Italian bread, pasta, and cannolis.To Your Health!Frank BolellaLearn how to lose weight without dieting ever again...Ever! Health & Vitality is the only true way toprevent disease and create a happy healthy long life. Let me reveal to you many of the ways I canhelp YOU live a Healthier life! By revealing things like the Real Fountain of Youth...and what foodsyou are eating that could be killing you! What Super Foods could change your life dramatically! Iinvite you to learn more at http://frankbolella.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Frank_Bolella==== ====For Part 2 of this article, videos and more information on latest diets and weight loss programs,please download a report @http://www.smallreports.com/index.php?k=diet,%20weight_loss==== ====