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Google's Driverless car


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google's driverless car paper presentation

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Google's Driverless car

  1. 1. GOOGLE’S DRIVERLESS CAR A Technical seminar on AUDISANAKRA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of ECE NH-5, BYPASS ROAD, GUDUR, SPSR NELLORE (Dist), Andhra Pradesh- 524101 By
  2. 2. Sai teja madireddy
  3. 3. Sai teja madireddy
  4. 4. Imagine… Sai teja madireddy
  5. 5. The Best of Both Worlds……. Sai teja madireddy
  6. 6. Imagine no more… Sai teja madireddy
  7. 7. Driverless cars proven in a race Sai teja madireddy
  8. 8. Seeing is believing Sai teja madireddy
  9. 9.  Introduction.  History.  Components.  Current scenario. Conclusion. Google’s Driverless car Sai teja madireddy
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION: The Google Driverless Car is like any car, but:  It can steer itself while looking out for obstacles.  It can accelerate itself to the correct speed limit.  It can stop and go itself based on any traffic condition. It can take its passengers anywhere it wants to go safely, legally, and comfortably. INTRODUCTION Sai teja madireddy
  11. 11. HISTORY: The project is currently being led by: Sebastian Thrun  Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory  2005 DARPA Grand Challenge Winner  Co-inventor of Google Street View HISTORY Sai teja madireddy
  12. 12. COMPONENTS: Integrates Google Maps with various hardware sensors and artificial intelligence software Google Maps Provides the car with road information Hardware Sensors Provides the car with real time environment conditions Artificial Intelligence Provides the car with real time decisions COMPONENTS Sai teja madireddy
  13. 13. GOOGLE MAP:  Speed Limits.  Upcoming intersections.  Traffic Report.  Nearby collisions.  Directions. Google Maps interacts with GPS and acts like a database. GOOGLE MAP Sai teja madireddy
  14. 14. HARDWARE SENSORS:  The hardware sensors gives real time environmental properties.  Environment is dynamic so need real time results.  Sensors attempt to create fully observable environment. HARDWARE SENSORS Sai teja madireddy
  16. 16. Sai teja madireddy
  17. 17.  “Heart of our system“  LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging, also LADAR) is an optical remote sensing technology that can measure the distance to, or other properties of a target by illuminating the target with light, often using pulses from a laser.  Scanning distance of 60 meters (~197 feet) LIDAR Sai teja madireddy
  18. 18. MAP OF THE SURROUNDINGS No blind spot e.g. pedestrian emerged from between two parked cars Sai teja madireddy
  19. 19.  VIDEO CAMERA Detects upcoming traffic light.  DISTANCE SENSOR Allow the car to "see" far enough to detect nearby or upcoming cars or obstacles  POSITION ESTIMATOR(Wheel Encoder) Determines vehicle's location and keeps track of its movements. VIDEO CAMERA DISTANCE SENSORS POSITION ESTIMATOR (WHEEL ENCODER) Sai teja madireddy
  20. 20. Google Maps and the hardware sensors data are sent to the AI. AI then determines:  how fast to accelerate  when to slow down/stop  when to steer the wheel  Goal of AI The agent's goal is to take the passenger to its desired destination safely and legally ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Sai teja madireddy
  21. 21. CURRENTLY. As of 2014: • Nevada o 1st state to allow driverless vehicles can be legally operated on public roads • 6 Google Driverless Cars o 5 Toyota Prius o 1 Audi TT • Total miles o 140,000 miles with occasional human intervention CURRENTLY Sai teja madireddy
  22. 22. CONCLUSION:CONCLUSION •The driver less car’s technologies improves vehicle's stability helps to minimize loss of control. •Driver less cars are designed to minimize accidents by addressing the main causes of collisions: driving error, distraction and drowsiness. Sai teja madireddy
  23. 23. ANY QUIRIES? GOOGLE’S DRIVERLESS CAR Sai teja madireddy
  24. 24. THANK YOU… GOOGLE’S DRIVERLESS CAR Sai teja madireddy