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  1. 1. THE STANDARD FORMAT• Letter template:• From,• Your name,• Designation and company name,• Address of the company.• Date of letter:• To,• Concerned person,• Designation and name of company,• Address.• Dear [name of the person],• Content of letter.• Yours Sincerely,• Your name.
  2. 2. INTERVIEW LETTER 1• Applying for a job and then getting one is one major task. There are many steps before one gets to the top of the job ladder and each step seems insurmountable till it is crossed. These days the trend of employee selection is different from what it used to be. Now there is first a round of group discussion that results in elimination. And then there are at least two rounds of interviews and then the final selection.• An Interview Letter is the one that is sent out for an individual inviting her/him to appear for the interview. Because of increased competition, an individual really needs to think out of the box while appearing for the group discussion as well as the interview. A lot needs to be and should be communicated in the Interview Letter, such as the date, time and venue of the interview along with details of any documents or proof the individual needs to carry with her. Since an Interview Letter is the first communication that an individual receives from an organization, it should be well written.
  3. 3. I VIEW 3• SAMPLE INTERVIEW LETTER• _______________ (Name and address of interviewee)• _______________ (Date)• Subject: Interview for the post of ____________• Dear Ms/Mr _____________• This is in response to your application dated __________ applying for the post of ____________ (designation) and the subsequent Group Discussion that was held on ___________ (date).• We are pleased to inform you that you have cleared the first round of elimination and have been selected to appear for an interview with our Panel Members.• You are requested to come for a formal interview on _________ (date) at ________ (venue) at __________ (time).• You are requested to please be on time for the interview. If for any reason the date is inconvenient for you, kindly contact the undersigned for an alternative date. You also need to call at any of the numbers given below and confirm your availability for the interview failing which the interview call will be null and void.• There is no need for you to bring any documents for the interview. They will be required after the results of the interview are declared.• We wish you all the luck!• Best regards,• (Name of signing authority)
  4. 4. I VIEW LETTER 2• DOS AND DONTS OF INTERVIEW LETTER• An Interview Letter is a formal letter so it should always be handed over on the company letterhead• It should always be typed and not hand written• Since it is purely an official communication of selection, it should be crisp and brief• It should clearly have the date of issue on the letter• The Interview Letter should inform the individual details of the interview such as date, time and venue• The Interview Letter should also specify for the individual if s/he is expected to get any documents with her/him for the interview• It should be addressed to the individual concerned with her/his full name and address to avoid an confusion• Since it is the first communication from the organization, an Interview Letter should be well drafted and well worded• Formal official language should be used while writing an Interview Letter• It should be sent well in advance for the individual to make arrangements to reach the venue on time especially if it is out of station
  5. 5. Practice I view letter• You are the HR intern at reliance telecom and r required to send an ack letter to Mr Rohit poonawala residing at 202 clover heights pune asking him to attend an interview at your mumbai office at 23, mayfair building, nariman point, mumbai 200112 on 13 mar at 1000h in response to his application.• Pl write the letter and put up for perusal
  6. 6. I VIEW THANK U LETTER• Ref: Extending gratitude for the interview Dear Sir,• I was fortunate to have attended the interview held on the 18th of this month. The interview was for the post of Senior Registrar.• The job, as you presented it, seems to be of my interests. I will bring to the position strong, assertiveness and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively with the department. Since I have a long experience of working with the nursing staff, I shall try to prove to be an asset to your college.• I also have a wide administrative experience and also understand your need for administrative support. My detail orientation and organizational skills will help to free you to deal with larger issues. I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working with you and look forward to hearing from you about this position.• Thanking You,• Yours Sincerely,• David Ronaldson
  7. 7. Offer letter• Infosys pune hinjewari• Head HR• Offering u ctc 4 lacs• Date f joining by 01 apr 2012• Location pune
  8. 8. Offer letter•• Dear Ms. Sarika,•• With reference to your application and the subsequent interview/s that you had with us, we hereby place on record the terms on which you have been selected as HR Executive.•• You will be paid a consolidated salary of Rs.8,300.00 per month during probation period, inclusive of special allowance permissible under the Minimum Wages Act, 1984 and you will also be entitled to Dearness Allowance if applicable to your category of employees in the organization.•• All taxes on your income shall be payable by you.•• You will join us latest by June 1, 2012.•• You will be on probation for an initial period of three (3) months, which may be extended. If you are not confirmed in writing by us on or before the expiry of the original period of probation mentioned above, your probation shall be deemed to have been extended even though no intimation is given to you in writing to that effect, which shall be in no event be more than one year.•• (a) During the probation period (original or extended) your services are liable to be terminated without assigning any reason or notice or compensation or payment in lieu of notice.•• (b) If your services are approved and if you are confirmed in our service in writing, you will be paid Rs.8,300.00 per month and you will be entitled to all the benefits prevailing in the company and eligible to your category of permanent employees.•• You will not be eligible to the benefits, which are enjoyed by the permanent employees of the company during your probationary period.•••
  9. 9. Offer letter•• During the period of your employment in the company you shall not secure or try to secure any other job without the previous consent of the company in writing.•• Your selection will become final after you are medically found suitable, subject to your producing all the documentary evidence, and certificates in original or your age and qualification as stated by you in the employment application form.•• You shall not take any presents, commission or any kind of gratification or benefit in cash or kind from any person, party or firm having connection with the company. In case if you get, you must possess a certificate from the person that it is presented to you.•• Your hours of attendance shall be regulated to suit the duties entrusted to you from time to time as required by the management of company and you will be required to work generally for 8.0 working hours.•• You will be entitled to get different kinds of leave which are admissible under The Factories Act 1948.•• A notice period of at least one (1) month is required from either side to relieve you from your responsibilities.•• In case of any dispute, Surat will be considered as the place where the cause of action shall be deemed to have arisen.•• I have carefully read the terms and conditions of my employment and I have understood the same and accept them entirely. I shall join service on or before June 1, 2005•• signature: Date:•
  10. 10. Appointment letter•• February 19, 2007•• To• Mr. Muhammad Rezwan• S/O- Late Shahid Ahmed• Vill- Hossainpur P.O.- Moheshgang• P.S- Begumgonj. Dist- Noakhali•• Sub.: Appointment Letter• Dear Sir,•• In response to your application & subsequent interview, we are pleased to inform you that the management of the company has been pleased to appoint you as “Regional Sales Manager- Noakhali” of Royal Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with effect from 1st March, 2007.• Your service will be governed by the following terms & conditions-•
  11. 11. • 1. You will get a consolidated salary of Tk.10, 000.00 (Taka Ten thousand only) per month ( Excluding TA/DA).• 2. That you will be on probation for a period of three months.• 3. That your next increment will be due after completion of probationary period.• 4.That your yearly increment will be due on evaluation of your over all performance.• 5.That your service may be terminated on one month notice from management side or on payment of one month salary in lieu thereof.• 6. Resignation letter may be submitted on two months notice from your side or surrender of two months salary in lieu there of.• 7. That you will be entitled to leave facilities as per rules & regulations of the company.• 8. That you will abide by all the rules and regulations of the company in-force or as may be made or amended time to time and applicable to the officers of the company.••• We wish you all success in life & profession and keep to memory our motto is to serve the Ailing Humanity & the Nation.•• Thanking you.•• Yours faithfully,• For, Royal Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  12. 12. Welcome letter• You r the senior marketing manager• One employee mr ram swaroop is joining on 30 mar 12. jnr mktg mgr• Pl write a welcome letter to Mr ram swaroop• Add 78, janpath new delhi• Add co haier products saket new delhi• He has exp of 6 years• Also served with u earlier from 2007- 2008
  13. 13. WELCOME LETTER 1• “Welcome“ a very warm word that brings a smile to your face and warmth in your heart whenever you read or say this word. The Welcome Letter should read and sound exactly as one feels it.• A Welcome Letter is written to show to a group or an individual that their coming has brought about warmth and happiness across. It is the first letter that someone receives on arrival to a new office or new house or new school/college. Needless to say, it makes the long lasting impression on the recipient of the letter. So the letter should be very carefully worded. Appropriate adjectives should be used to ensure that the correct feelings are being conveyed. A lengthy Welcome Letter looses its novelty so make sure that the letter is short and precise.• Preferably a draft of the Welcome Letter should be kept ready so that it is given the moment the individual arrives. It will have its maximum impact only then. A Welcome Letter given late indicates a very casual approach. Just the way they say “A stitch in time saves nine”•.
  14. 14. Welcome letter• Dear team,• I have known __________from over 5 years while she was working as an Assistant Manager in _____________. She reported to me as I was holding a position of Manager Operations between 2009 and 2011.during her tenure __________has shown excellent capabilities and was sent for a couple of projects overseas. She is very intelligent and because of her enthusiasm and hard work she has achieved the best employee of the year award for the year 2010.Her communication skills are excellent and has helped her solve many of the supervisory irate calls she has handled. The customers were always satisfied by her resolution and she has received many customer appreciation letters.• She is very hardworking person who is trustworthy and dependable and can go to any extent to achieve her goals am sure she will be an asset to our team and the company you all can learn from her skills and experiences.• I wish her all the best in life and welcome her as Manager Operations position in our organization.• Sincerely,• Your sign• Your name.
  15. 15. WELCOME 2• DOS AND DONTS OF WELCOME LETTER• Welcome Letter should be written as soon as a new member joins up or comes in• Appropriate adjectives should be used while writing a Welcome Letter• The tone of the letter should be warm and inspiring• The language should make the recipient feel that s/he will be an asset to the institution• Please make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors• A Welcome Letter should be short and crisp. Long letters loose their value and importance• An official Welcome Letter should always be on the companys letterhead• A copy of the Welcome Letter should be put up on the staff notice board to ensure that all employees are aware of the new development• In a Welcome Letter it is very important that some details or background of the person being welcomed is given
  16. 16. WELCOME 3• SAMPLE WELCOME LETTER• (This is a sample welcome letter for a new Managing Director who has joined the company)• TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN• Date:• We are extremely glad and welcome Ms/Mr _____________, who is joining our organization as our new Managing Director. Ms/Mr __________ will take charge from Ms/Mr ____________ (name of the preceding MD) on _______ (date of joining).• Ms/Mr. _____________ has _____ (number of years of work experience) with industries such as _____________ (details of industries or organizations where s/he has worked). _________________ (give details of educational background).• We assure Ms/Mr _________ of all the support that s/he would need while settling in the organization and wish her/him all the very best in her/his endeavors.• Management Team
  17. 17. APPRE LETTER GEN• Business appreciation letters are familiar between various organizations, where they thank and appreciate the other company for some good reason. If few or many companies complete a project together, each company appreciates the other for rendering a valuable work. There is a format for writing business appreciation letter.
  18. 18. APPRE LETTER• Job Appreciation Letter• Today in this competitive world, there are many people who strive really hard to get a job. Job is a must to live our life in this toughest world. Without job one cannot earn penny which is very much necessary for our daily bread. There are various basic needs which can be fulfilled only when we have money and money comes from working. Hence when someone in this whole world when you are alone helps you get a job even when it is little pay has to be appreciated for helping you in your bad days.
  19. 19. APPRECIATION LETTER• William K. Boyle• Daniel Drive 2049 John Argyle, MO 65001• 24th feb 2012.• Subject: Job appreciation letter.• Dear William,• Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate others has resulted in a significant increase in the company’s productivity and profitability.• Our company appreciates your efforts and the assistance you offer to your co- workers. You have earned the respect of both your superiors and your peers. Two months ago the time you joined, I still remember that date, our stock records and bank reconciliation status was in a total mess. Thanks to you for if you were not here then we could not have given our tax in time.• Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your superior work in the service department.• Yours Faithfully,• Jay L. Kennedy
  20. 20. APPRE LETTER• Appreciation to an Employee• Appreciation letter should be written by the higher authorized personality addressing to an employee with regards to appreciating him/her on his/her achievement in the organization. Appreciation letters are always formal letters so is has to be written in sincere and professional manner. By writing this letter the company thanked its employee and motivates him/her for more growth in future.
  21. 21. APPRE LETTER• Dear, Mr. Sergio• I am Ms. Berta C. Dodson General Manager of behalf of the management of Galaxy Hotel Pvt. Ltd congratulates you and appreciates you for on your success and achievement. Through your sincerity, hard work and dedication towards your work you have prove that you are one of the sincere employees of our hotel. As you are aware of it that on last weekend some VIP guest visited to our hotel and they lost their baggage for which they were claiming on us. Even though our hotel was not responsible for lost baggage they were misbehaving with our staff. At that time you looked into the matter and you had solved it very impressively. Thus our management is very proud on you and giving you appreciation bonus of Rupees 10,000. Kindly accept this bonus cheuq attached with this letter and continue your dedication and sincerity towards your work in future as well.• With Best Wishes• Thanking You• Yours Sincerely,• Ms. Berta C. Dodson• General Manager
  22. 22. TRANSFER LETTER• Transfer Letter – Sample Transfer Letter• 24 Dec, 2009 No Comments• A Transfer Letter is the one that is given to an employee when s/he is being transferred to another branch or another department of the same organization. The reasons why this is primarily given to an employee are:• To complete paper formalities of an organization• To put it on record of the individual’s file that s/he has been transferred from one branch/department to the other• To ensure that the individual who has been transferred her/his salary account also indicates the change• To reduce head count of one department and add to the head count of the other one• A Transfer Letter is an official letter but the transfer could be on mutually agreed terms between the employee and organization or it could also be only the decision of the organization. Most organizations when they get the acknowledgement of the offer letter from the employee, they also put a clause saying that the employee should be open to the idea of being transferred to any branch or department of the organization whenever needed.• A Transfer Letter should be short and brief. Since it is an internal official letter it need not be very detailed. It should basically give the name of the individual being transferred, the department to/from where s/he is being transferred, the effective date of transfer and the name of the person who s/he will be reporting after the transfer.
  23. 23. Transfer letter 3• SAMPLE TRANSFER LETTER• Name and address of person who is being transferred• Date:• Subject: Your transfer to our Mumbai branch• Dear Ms/Mr ___________• You have been an asset to the organization ever since you joined us on ________ (date of joining). Your efforts in helping increase sales or to motivate your team have always been commendable.• You may be aware that our Mumbai branch in-charge is due to leave the organization on _________ (date of leaving the organization). Based on your performance at our Delhi branch, the management has decided to transfer you to our Mumbai branch with effect from ____________ (date).• We acknowledge that you will need some time to settle in Mumbai. Therefore the company will give you a 15-day break for you to settle in.• As a result of the transfer your salary will be increased by __________(details of salary increase). You may contact the HR department for a detailed break-up of the salary component.• Please feel free to talk to us in case of any clarifications.• Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors.• Best regards,• Name, signature and designation of signing authority
  24. 24. TRANSFER 2• DO’S AND DON’T’S OF TRANSFER LETTER• Since a Transfer Letter is an internal official letter it need not be very detailed but should just have the basic information• It can be in a Memo format also since it is an internal communication• A Transfer Letter should clearly give the date when it has been issued• It should also give the date when the employee joins the other branch or department• If any perks or benefits come with the transfer then that too should reflect in the letter• It is always better to first verbally inform the individual who is being transferred and the Transfer Letter to be handed over later• Even though it is an internal letter make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors• This letter should preferably be given in advance so that the employee can make any arrangements if required• A Transfer Letter should also give the reason why one particular individual is being transferred• The support that the organization is due to give to the employee being transferred should also be mentioned in the letter• SAMPLE TRANSFER LETTER
  25. 25. PROMOTION LETTER• Dear Mr. /Ms ……………….• We have received a promotion request of you as per recommendation of your head of department. We are pleased to see recommendation forwarded with the reference of your work done in last two year. However, we mutually agreed upon your efforts that were put with the intentions to give important participation from your side. Company has certain preferences in order to reward to its individuals on the basis of their higher level of performance. It is some how better technique to make people happy with organizational policies.• It is been symptoms of pleasure for me to announce you as senior manager market with effect from ………… in the pay scale of Rs……………. Along all perquisites.• It is hoped that you promotion will shake up your feelings for working harder than before. You are expected to increase up your performance than previous one as well. Thus, company can take full advantage from you.• Distribution• To individual• Personal file
  26. 26. PROMOTION• Promotion Request Letter• 27 Sep, 2010 No Comments• Summary:• Promotion request is necessarily written to assure management about your compatible skills for job that you desire. Hence, applicant must tell the management about his standing in organization. you must ask for a meeting with MD or correspond with an intention to discuss your competencies.• Mr. Sanders,• Managing Director,• Sun Integrated Electronics.
  27. 27. PROMOTION• Dear Mr. Sanders,• This is to bring for your kind consideration about the fact that I have been working for the past 3 years and it gives me immense pleasure to tell you about the experience that has been derived so far.• Allow me to present an opportunity I see for greater profits and increased quality of our service. I am confident that you will agree with the effort I have put as a Senior Engineer to contribute to the success of the Networking project.• It is for your kind consideration to promote me to the project manager seat, which is more profitable and highly beneficial for company interest. I have the exact idea as to what the customer expects from company due to vast experience of dealing with customers. Hence, having three-year experience in networking, I can assure you about my productivity level via utilizing my abilities that can bring more profit to our company.• I wish to meet you but am aware about your busy routine. I would be thus delighted to meet you at any time as per your convenience to discuss my request.• Sincerely,• Aditya Rao, Senior Engineer.
  28. 28. promotion• . /Ms ……………….• We have received a promotion request for you as per recommendation of your head of department. We are pleased to see recommendation forwarded with reference of your work done in last two year. However, we mutually agree about your efforts. Company has certain preferences in order to reward its individuals on the basis of their higher level of performance. It is some how better technique to make people happy with organizational policies.• It gives me great pleasure to announce about your promotion as senior manager market with effect from ………… in the pay scale of Rs……………. Along with all perquisites.• It is hoped that you promotion will give further impetus for working harder than before.• Distribution• To individual• Personal file• Accounts Section• Place: ………… Dated …………..
  29. 29. Sample condolence letter• Condolence letter is very effective to person who has just loss his loved one. You can convey your sympathy on his loss by writing a condolence letter using very kind and supportive words. The letter must be short as it may not be the proper time to read a letter for the grieving person. It will be better if you can write it in your own handwriting.• Here is the sample of condolence letter to a friend on death of his brother.• Dear Jeffrey• It is with heavy heart that I got the news of death of your brother. Please accept my blessings and condolences on this sad occasion. I wanted to come on the funeral but I am out of country for some official meeting.• I got shocked when I got the news as I had a telephonic conversation with John before a week. So, it’s really heart breaking news. I will definitely meet you after I come back. In the mean time you can contact me for any type of help.• Thanks David
  30. 30. CONDOLENCE 2• Sample Condolence Letter• 12 Sep, 2010 1 Comment• Condolence letter works to express your condolences in case you are not able to meet the grieving person personally. The letter will be effective only when you use kind and supportive words in it. The letter should be written using simple and short sentences so that every person can easily understand it. The letter should be send after the funeral on the address of dead person. Here is the sample of condolence letter written to a friend on the death of her sister.• Letter:• To,• Rodney B. Woodall• 2684 Oakridge Lane Dublin, GA 31021• 5th August, 2010• Dear Rodney• It may be not the right time for you to read the letter but I wish to express my deep condolences on the untimely death of your sister due to serious accident. I know that this is a very difficult situation for you but you have to keep patience and strength to bear this loss.• I wanted to come there and wanted to meet you but at this time it is not possible for me as I am out of station for some official meeting. I will definitely come at your place after come back. Please tell me if you need any help.• Thanks John
  31. 31. DISMISSAL• ub: Dismissal letter During your five months of employment with(name of the company) the management has informed you three times in their appraisal sessions that your performance is not up to the standards of your position and you had also been given areas where you have to show improvement.• We regret to say that you have not come up to our expectations and that your performance has been unsatisfactory. The management has therefore decided to relieve you of your services with immediate effect. A meeting was conducted on (specify the date) and we discussed (give reasons of termination). Based on the reviews of the comments and the unsatisfactory performance you are requested to please hand over charge on (date). You are requested to approach the concerned departments for your final dues.• We take this opportunity to thank you for the contribution to the company during your tenure with us.• Wish you luck for your future endeavors.• (Signature of the Authorize)
  32. 32. DISMISSAL• An individual who is going to start working or is already working goes through various stages of her/his employment. The stages may be hiring, promotion, demotion, retrenchment or layoff and dismissal. Some of these stages indicate positive growth and some are negative.• A Dismissal Letter is given to an employee whose services in the organization are deemed to be over. There is a reason behind this letter being given to an individual and that reason is always a result of negative behavior of the concerned employee. No employee would like to get this letter ever in her/his work span and no company also likes giving it but there are certain unavoidable situations wherein there is no other option left but to hand over this letter.
  33. 33. DISMISSAL• DOS AND DON’T’S OF DISMISSAL LETTER• A Dismissal Letter should only be given to an employee once the entire situation has been looked into deeply• Since receiving this letter impacts the recipient’s life to a great extent it should be very sparingly issued• Even though the employee is being sacked or being asked to leave immediately, in no way should s/he be humiliated in the letter• The tone of the letter should not be insulting but it should surely be firm• The Dismissal Letter should be brief and to the point• It should also indicate to the employee that if a reference letter is required it will be given• The Dismissal Letter should always give the reason that has lead to the issuance of this letter• The reason should be supported with real time incidents with dates if possible• The letter should always have the contact details of the signing authority in case any clarification is required• The Dismissal Letter should give the date from when the letter is effective to avoid any confusion• It should ideally be typed and given out• A copy of the letter should be signed by the recipient and kept by HR in case of any legal issues that might come up later
  34. 34. DISMISSAL• sAMPLE DISMISSAL LETTER• _____________ (Name and address of reader)• ______________ (Date)• Subject: Dismissal Letter• Dear Ms/Mr __________• It has been observed that despite repeated reminders on _______ (dates) regarding adherence to the office timings, you still seem to be extremely relaxed about being regular and punctual at work. This attitude is obviously creating negative ripple effects amongst all the other employees.• Therefore the management has decided to dismiss your services with immediate effect. You are requested to please hand over charge to Ms/Mr ____________ by _________ (date).• Because you are still on probation, as per the HR policy there is no need for a notice period from either side. You may please collect your full and final settlement from the Accounts Department.• If you need a reference letter please do let us know and we shall be glad to help you.• Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any clarifications.• We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.• Best regards,• (Name of signing authority)
  35. 35. RETIREMENT LETTER• Retirement Appreciation Letter• 5 Oct, 2010 No Comments• Any employee when spends his whole life into any organization, it feels very much loneliness when he leaves the office permanently due to retirement. The management expresses their good wishes and conveys their thanks to the employee by organizing a big get together. This day of retirement is one of the precious moments in the whole world to the employee because this is the only day when the employee experiences the love and respect attached towards the colleagues working with him.
  36. 36. SAMPLE RETIREMENT LETTER• Heather J. Hume 413 N Webster St Red Cloud, NE 68970-2466• 26th October 2010.• Subject: Retirement appreciation letter.• Dear Heather,• After 30 years of service here at Eastwood Company as Vice President, it is hard to believe that you have reached retirement. It is tough for me to see you going today, but congratulations on your retirement.• During your tenure our company has witnessed numerous turbulent situations. You ensured a sound solution to each such problem with your dedication, discipline and hard work. We are grateful for all your dedications and are left with no words for appreciation. Your efforts have helped this company grow to the position it enjoys today. We hope you have enjoyed being here. My eyes are wet at this moment of time when you are leaving us.• Wish you good health and all the luck.• Yours Faithfully,• Rebecca H. Rivera.