Using the Joomla Framework for Internet of Things (IoT) Case for Lighting Control


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This case study presentation shows how we have used the #joomla framework in building a IoT infrastructure for Lighting control systems. The infra provides a way to control various smart devices via web & mobile devices and also mash up other APIs. Its designed to scale easily both in terms of numbers as well as in terms of protocols

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Using the Joomla Framework for Internet of Things (IoT) Case for Lighting Control

  1. 1. Building a LCMS with the Joomla Framework the internet of things & Joomla
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  5. 5. Our worst fears have come true ! Another CMS on the Joomla Framework !! LCMS
  6. 6. What's a LCMS ? How do I Build my Website with it ?
  7. 7. Lighting Control Management System
  8. 8. What does a LCMS do ? ● Device Management ● Device Grouping ● Scheduling ● Manufacturer Mgmt ● User Management ● Access Control ● Reports & Analytics
  9. 9. Why are they Used ? ● Control + Automation ● Intelligent scheduling ● Maximise energy savings ● Comply with Building & energy regulations
  10. 10. Where are they used ? ● University Campuses ● Hotels ● Industries ● Street lighting ● Any situation where volume ligting is implemented
  11. 11. What's a Web & Mobile Company doing in this space ? the key is to use our existing expertise in new areas of application
  12. 12. Enter Techventures Enventure Partners + Tekdi Technologies Hardware + Software
  13. 13. We're looking at making hardware integrations simpler by bringing web services into the picture. Less of embeded programming, more of web
  14. 14. A Little Background ● Replacing Proprietery hardware with Open H/W solutions ● Replacing Proprietory LCMs built by Billion
  15. 15. Challenges ● Control Thousands of devices ● Support Multiple transport protocols & formats ● Support new devices & retrofits ● Extremely light footprint ● Scale as needed
  16. 16. Simplified Representation HTML5 Browser UI Application Server + Web Services Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway D E V I C E S
  17. 17. Base Architecture Device Drivers ( LED lights/Motors/ Air Conditioning etc) Device Subnet LCMS Backend on Joomla FW LAMP Stack JSON over XMPP/HTTP Webservices JSON over XMPP/HTTP HTML5 Browser UI Mobile App /resource-id/action/value || ds344/dim/10 JSON over Power line / Wireless/ Zigby/Bluetooth … Controller DB Device Gateway Raspberry Pis Cloud/Hosted Webserver Currently Hosted on Pi #Python
  18. 18. The Blue Box The Joomla Framework (Bluebox) is being used as a Cloud based server that communicates to several "gateways" LCMS Backend on Joomla FW LAMP Stack
  19. 19. The Green Box Currently running Raspberry Pi's for the gateways running python among other things for the application code Device Subnet Controller DB
  20. 20. Multi Gateway Access Pt Controller JSON over Power line / Wireless/ Zigby … Blue Box Access Pt Controller Access Pt Controller Horizontal scaling for volume is achieved by adding more gateways to the network
  21. 21. The Framework App Joomla Framework xmpphp package bootstrap package Twig package
  22. 22. APIs with the Framework ● The Framework app outputs both human consumable views as well as Web Services ● Currently we are using only the Webservices
  23. 23. The App in Action HTML5 Web App working off Framework Webservices
  24. 24. Polling based Device Discovery ● Imaging you have Building with 1000 lights installed on various floors ● Auto Discovery via polling lets the system 'auto discover' devices connected to that g/w
  25. 25. Discover available services ● Discover the services supported by the devices via polling ● In case of lights it can be ON/OFF/DIM ● Depending on device type this can vary
  26. 26. Group the Devices ● Managing one by Sucks ! Group devices into logical groups ● You can create as many groups as you want & assign devices to groups ● Each device can be in multiple functional groups. - Eg: 1 group per storey, decorative & functional light groups etc
  27. 27. Scheduling ● Create schedules and automate ● Schedule for individuals or groups ● Eg: Dim porch lights at 6am, Turn off porch lights at 9am.
  28. 28. Override when needed Each device's state can also be overridden, which will override it's state defined by a schedule.
  29. 29. Device Mapping Maps Integration for mapping devices
  30. 30. User Management Manage Users, Grant access, delegate responsobility.
  31. 31. Multiple transport options for G/ws ● Choose to Connect gateways via different transport methods ● Choose between XMPP or COAP *Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a software protocol intended to be used in very simple electronics devices that allows them to communicate interactively over the Internet.
  32. 32. Device – Asset & Manufacturer mgmt Makes it easier to manage devices & warranties as well as maintainance from multiple manufactures with asset management done via the same unified system.
  33. 33. Before – > After
  34. 34. A look at the Prototype ● Working Prototype hardware with live demo launched ! ● Production devices go live very soon !
  35. 35. J! Framework Contributions ● Full CRUD Example with Add/Edit/List Views & REST Webservices ● Router that simplifies RESTful URLs
  36. 36. What Else ? What Next ?
  37. 37. The Internet of Things (IoT) ● LCMS Is a sub case IoT ● The Infrastructure for LCMS can be used many many IoT applications ● The Infrastructure is completely scalable both from a hardware & software perspective
  38. 38. M2M & M2E Communications The architechture allows for Machine to machine connectivity as well as Machine to Enterprise communications
  39. 39. Term Glossary ● API - Application Programing Interface ● LCMS - Lighting control Management System ● XMPP - Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is a communications protocol for message oriented middleware base protocol based on XML(Extensible Markup Language). The protocol was originally named Jabber. ● RPi - Raspberry pi ● COAP - Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a software protocol intended to be used in very simple electronics devices that allows them to communicate interactively over the Internet.
  40. 40. Thank You ! ● Questions ? ● Interested in an implementation like this or anything that deals with intesting web/mobile/hardware mashups ? Drop us an email ! Twitter @techjoomla | @parthlawate