Jmailalerts.Email Digests using Joomla. Presented at Joomla Day India & Malasia, JAB11


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J!MailAlerts is a automated periodic Email Alerts system. Have you seen mail alerts that networks like Facebook & Linked in send to their users periodically ? Using J!MailAlerts you too can send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site or social network. Users can select if they want to receive weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates. J!MailAlerts is completely extensible using plugins which means you can virtually add an update about activities in any extension on your Joomla website.

Its a great way to keep your users in touch with what's going on on your website & keep them coming back. Get J!MailAlerts today & Engage your community!
Supports over 30 free & paid content plugins

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Jmailalerts.Email Digests using Joomla. Presented at Joomla Day India & Malasia, JAB11

  1. 1. CMS via Email - with J!MailAlertsThe free, GPL Email Digest solution for Joomla Parth Lawate TechJoomla Twitter : @parthlawate
  2. 2. Tekdi Web | @tekdinet Custom Apps
  3. 3. | @techjoomla ● Extensions ● Training ● Custom Development
  4. 4. Some ProductsSocial AdsDemographically targetted ads, similar to facebook adsfor CB & JomSocialJBolo!Facebook & Gmail like chat for Joomla, JomSocial, CBInvitexViral Invitations system for Joomla, JomSocial & CB.
  5. 5. Nurturing your Users
  6. 6. Catch your Users ● Yup.. you have to catch them ! ● Trap them,entice them, honey talk them into registering. ● But it does not end there..
  7. 7. Growth needs usersBoth New As well as Returning Visitos
  8. 8. Keep your users interested ● Update your sites regularly Keep it alive ● Give users features they will come back to. ● Content is supreme. Only you can create that
  9. 9. Keep them informed ● Email Newsletters ● RSS ● SMS Alerts ● Twitter ● Facebook ● Email DigestsNotifications may be automated or Manual
  10. 10. Effect of Alerts ● Alerts are to users what the smell of honey is to bees ● Use alerts judiciously ● Don’t harass your users !
  11. 11. So Whats J!MailAlerts ?
  12. 12. CMS via Email Updates from Disney Land !J!MailAlerts Hey All ! Heres some updates from Disneyland. Your favourite cartoon place ! Latest Users VIA EMAIL Photos Latest News ● Updates from Kunena ● Updates from K2 Latest ● Eventlist Events ● JomSocial, CB – get Social
  13. 13. The Problems● Limited attention span of users means very less number of users come back● They would come if only they knew !● Manually sending updates via conventional newsletters is difficult to keep up● They have RSS but subscription rate is low
  14. 14. More Problems ...● Lots of sites, lots of email clogging mailboxes. Users love when they have control.● Users dont want to read irrelevant content.
  15. 15. Enter J!MailAlerts
  16. 16. Reminder for me to show the Video !
  17. 17. What people using it are calling it …● Its a customisable periodic Email Alerts system for Joomla extendible via plugins● Its a extendible email digest solution for Joomla● Its an Email CMS ! Or rather CMS delivered via email !
  18. 18. What can it do ?● Send Digest emails without you touching a single button as per user preferences● Users can select how frequently then get the alerts● Users control what Alerts they get● Users get control on each alert they opt in for● Extendible via plugins to add support for any content
  19. 19. Lets see it in Action !
  20. 20. Hey we already have RSS !● Its too much effort to subscribe to RSS or use RSS to mail functions● Level of control & personalisation in conventional RSS is low● RSS Readers Desktop or browser based, dont get as much attention as a email
  21. 21. J!MailAlerts Vs Conventional Newsletters● Admin controls what content goes in● Admin controls when its sent● Content is not personalised● No Automation, admin needs to send manually
  22. 22. So is JMA a replacement for Newsletters ?Absolutely NOT ! In fact it complements them..Integrations planned for conventional Newsletters● Joomailer● ACYMailing● J!PHPList
  23. 23. I see you have a Genie.. Can J!MailAlerts do magic ?Q. Will all users come back to my site once istart using JMA ?A. Hmm.. Well not necessarily. The userwould need to be interested in your contentin the first place !
  24. 24. Free Plugins Available● Joomla Latest ● Phoca Gallery Content Latest Photos● K2 Content ● SOBI2 Latest● Eventlist Latest Listings Events ● Latest Users Plugin● Kunena Latest - With CB & Forum Posts JomSocial Support
  25. 25. Commercial Plugins Available● Mosets Tree Listings JomSocial Plugins● EasyBlog Plugin ● Group Activity● Docman Plugin ● Latest Photos, Videos, Groups, EventsCB Plugins ● Pending Connections● Pending Connections ● Network Suggest● Network Suggest ● People You may● People You may Know Know
  26. 26. Is there a Plugin for … ?If not, you can always make your own !
  27. 27. The Plugin APIJ!MailAlert plugins sends alerts mainly basedon the following parameters● Whom are we sending the alert to ( The User )● When we last sent an update to the user ( Last Email Date)
  28. 28. Methods● Fetch the contentonEmail_jma_latestusers($id, $date, $userparam, $fetch_only_latest)$id = User ID that you are sending the update to$date = Last time the mail was sent – This is so that we only sendlatest content$userparam= Fetch the users customised settings for the plugin$fetch_only_latest = This tells the plugin if we need to respect lastemail date )
  29. 29. Planned Features● Monetisation with targeted advertising in Emails via SocialAds● Add Module support for more flexibility● Let users see whats new on the site in a date range view on the site● Alert Types● RSS output & User Controlled RSS compilation
  30. 30. Some Case Studies & Use Cases
  31. 31. Our Intranet – A Casestudy
  32. 32. Page View Stats
  33. 33. Effect of an Alert
  34. 34. What else ?● JomSocial Group Digest Email● Simple content digests● Complete Digest emails like Facebook or Linked in.● Forum Email Digests
  35. 35. Questions ?
  36. 36. Special only for #jd11my ! 50MalaysiaGet a full 50% off on all our Products today & tomorrow !
  37. 37. Thank YouFeel free to contact us ! Parth