First day sept 2012 class 5


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First day sept 2012 class 5

  1. 1. Ms. Goldberg’sOpening Day Announcements
  2. 2. The Last 15 Minutes of ClassGetting library books occurs during the last 15 minutes ofevery library class, primarily on the 5th floor by my desk.
  3. 3. The Last 15 Minutes of ClassIf the line for checking out a book is really long, you maycheck out with Ms. Shorter at the main desk on this floor.
  4. 4. The Last 15 Minutes of ClassUnless you’ve gotten special permission from me, you shouldnot be on your computer during the last 15 minutes of class.If you are not actively looking for a book, think of this asD.E.A.R time!
  5. 5. The One Thing You CAN Do on the ComputerWant to know if we have a certain book? Hop on to yourcomputer and go to this website. You’ll be able to tell if it’schecked out or where it is located on our shelves.
  6. 6. Juvenile SectionIf you want to check out the books in the Juvenile section,that’s fine. However, you must ask me first.Please be extremely careful not to disturb Ms. Kover’s class.
  7. 7. How Long Can I Check Out a Book?You can check out a book for 2 weeks. You then have 2weeks to return it or talk to me about renewing it.
  8. 8. Personal StuffThe bathroom is located in the Juvenile area. You do notneed my permission to go. Just quietly excuse yourself andwave to me as you leave.
  9. 9. Extra Time in the LibraryStarting the next cycle, you will be able to come to the libraryduring your snack time on certain days. Your homeroomteachers will let you know the days.If you come to the library during snack, please say hello tome so I can find you during a fire drill or other emergency.
  10. 10. And One Last ThingFor safety reasons, please do not tilt back in your chairs. Ifyou see the person next to you doing it, pat them on the backfor me!
  11. 11. What Can You Say in 6 Words?
  12. 12. Can you tell a story?
  13. 13. One boy. One summer. Brokenhearted.
  14. 14. Complete a journal entry?
  15. 15. Letting go of parents, being myself.
  16. 16. September, please be good to me.
  17. 17. The Goldberg Two are now Three.
  18. 18. The Goldberg Two are now Three.
  19. 19. Can you capture the essence of a book in six words?
  20. 20. Boy accepts destiny and runs away.
  21. 21. Mom knows 23 words. One’s soof.
  22. 22. Volunteered for sister’s place. Big mistake.
  23. 23. Library ChallengeTry to capture a book you like in as few words as possible.Start by trying to capture it in two sentences, then reduce.At the end of class, I’ll collect your work and make it into agame for next class.
  24. 24. Library ChallengeExampleWhen a sister and brother run away to New York City, theychoose a magnificent building on 5th Avenue as their hideout.
  25. 25. Library ChallengeAt the end of class, I’ll collect your work. Next week, we’ll tryto guess your book based on the sentence you wrote.HINT: Do not use any words that appear in the book’s title!