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Online Safety


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Online Safety
Using a YouTube clip I have made a lesson plan for a listening comprehension. Flash cards with new vocabulary and questions are based on the video clip. A crossword is also made using the new vocabulary. This lesson is aimed at teenage students.
Being internet safe is important. What are you posting on FaceBook?

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Online Safety

  1. 1. Online Safety Making Good Decisions
  2. 2. Title COMIC BOOK ADVICE: The Henry County schools in Virginia created a comic book for students that emphasizes online-safety tips and proper cyber behavior.—Courtesy of Melany Reeves Stowe/Henry County Schools
  3. 3. Lesson Plan Listening Comprehension Introduction: Predict – watch clip without sound. Cut the video into plus minus 2 min segments and get students to predict what is happening and going to happen.
  4. 4. Watch the youtube clip
  5. 5. • Vocabulary: Below are 2 sets of flash cards of new words. Go over words with students. • Students to write 5 sentences choosing 5 of the new words, in their notebooks.
  6. 6. New Vocabulary humble ; abode ; nagging ; amazing ; detective ; research ; profile ; password ; private ; loads ; distressed ; obliged get up to; bird’s eye view ; inside out ; no harm will come to her
  7. 7. humble
  8. 8. abode
  9. 9. nagging
  10. 10. amazing
  11. 11. detective
  12. 12. research
  13. 13. profile
  14. 14. password
  15. 15. private
  16. 16. loads
  17. 17. distressed
  18. 18. obliged
  19. 19. get up to
  20. 20. bird’s eye view
  21. 21. inside out
  22. 22. no harm will come to her
  23. 23. humble
  24. 24. abode
  25. 25. nagging
  26. 26. amazing
  27. 27. detective
  28. 28. research
  29. 29. profile
  30. 30. password
  31. 31. private
  32. 32. loads
  33. 33. distressed
  34. 34. obliged
  35. 35. get up to
  36. 36. bird’s eye view
  37. 37. inside out
  38. 38. no harm will come to her
  39. 39. • Watch video clip again with sound • Read questions (Handout TWO) and look up words in your dictionary that you do not know. • Watch video clip again and answer questions (Handout TWO)
  40. 40. Online Safety Questions Justin is happy to live by himself because: a. He is away from his mum b. He can do as he pleases c. He can play video games Why does Justin like to play detective? a. Because he is bored b. Because he likes the internet c. To find out more about his friends
  41. 41. Online Safety Questions How does Justin gather information about his friends? a. Follow them b. Internet research c. Ask people questions Justin “ owes one” to Jade’s boyfriend because he ______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ What pictures must you not post online: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
  42. 42. Online Safety Questions Justin could see her photos because she had no ___________________ Rule number three is a. Know who your online friends are b. Don’t talk to strangers c. Be careful what you say to buddies.
  43. 43. Online Safety Questions All Jade has to do is “click a button” to stop Justin _________________ her. Why did Jade not think about the photos she was posting online? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ In one word what can Jade do to take back what she posted online. __________________
  44. 44. • Discussion • Would you really want a stranger knowing how to contact you? Have you ever thought about it? • Have you ever posted extremely personal information on your profile or wall? • Do you put too much information about yourself out on the internet? Do you think people will know what school you go to from the photos posted or comments on your wall? • Do you know how to protect yourself on the internet? • Have you set your private settings on Facebook? • Do you personally know all your friends on Facebook? How many friends do you have on Facebook?
  45. 45. RECAP Rule 1 : Never put up pictures that you would not show your mom, dad, granny, or prime minister. Rule 2: Make sure that your account and privacy setting are kept to private Rule 3: Make sure who is on your buddy list. Rule 4: Stop abuse and report.
  46. 46. Online Safety Handout THREE Across 4. a representation of something in outline 7. a quantity that can be carried at one time by a specified mean 8. great wonder, or surprise 9. To do a service or favor for 10. She felt emotionally and physically ________________after finding out that her car was stolen. 11. careful or diligent search Down 1. not proud or haughty; not arrogant or assertive 2. the place where one lives 3. We had to do some ______________ work to find out who used to own the house. 4. intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class 5. a sequence of characters required for access to a computer system 6. My parents are always _______________me to clean my room.
  47. 47. HOMEWORK a) Crossword Puzzle b) Go home and fix your private settings on your Facebook Page.