Motivating Students


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This presentation is to help teachers understand how to motivate students in the classroom. It also discusses the value of homework as a targeted assignment and not just to keep students busy at home.

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Motivating Students

  1. 1. Motivating Students and Homework Issues.
  2. 2. Motivating Students To Engage in Class Activities
  3. 4. Develop a positive relationship with students, most students want to co-operate and do well.
  4. 5. When I focus on the positive and  catch my students “doing good” and comment about it, then they do more of the same and other students follow suite.
  5. 6. For those students who can’t sit still for very long and lose focus easily; do their work on the board, they are more likely to stay focused and learn.
  6. 7. When a classroom is a safe place to make a mistake, then  reluctant students are more willing to take risks.
  7. 8. Ensure course materials relate to students' lives and highlight ways learning can be applied in real-life situations.
  8. 9. Allow students to have some degree of control over learning.
  9. 10. Assign challenging but achievable tasks for all students , including at-risk, remedial, and learning disabled students. Tasks that seem impossible easily discourage learners , as do those tasks that are rote and repetitive.
  10. 11. Arouse students' curiosity about the topic being studied.
  11. 12. Design projects that allow students to share new knowledge with others.
  12. 14. Homework and Practice
  13. 15. Grade level is important when teachers assign homework .
  14. 16. Teachers should assign appropriate homework at instructional levels that match students' skills and provide positive consequences.
  15. 17. A survey of teachers found that 80 percent of teachers regularly assigned homework, but few matched the tasks to students' skills. 
  16. 18. Match the right type to the goal. Assign the appropriate homework type to meet the learning goal to make homework a more focused learning experience.
  17. 19. Homework should serve a clear purpose. Make the goal of a homework assignment explicit and clear to everyone , including students.
  18. 20. Assign the right amount of homework time. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the grade x 10 to approximate the right amount of minutes per night for students.
  19. 21. DON’T LET HOMEWORK BE …..