Future of Communication on the Internet


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My Talk at the Inaugural of Computer Society of India Chapter at Nitte.

I talked about how the information flow is continually changing across the globe and why real time web is the key to the future..

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Future of Communication on the Internet

  1. 1. Moving Forward… A look at the next generation of Internet, and a real time Web.
  2. 2. Who Am I?   Alright before we begin a small introduction of myself.. I am a die hard Apple Fanboi, an Internet geek & addict, love reading blogs, and somebody with a very poor sense of humor.   So pardon me for any stupid lame jokes that I crack midway thru this otherwise boring session..   And yeah how long have I been on the Internet, 10 years! Yes exactly after an year Google was founded back in 1998.
  3. 3. How things stand today…   We use Email/IM as our primary means of communication.   Social networks like Orkut/Facebook are the primary means of socializing on the internet   We hardly know much about what the latest innovations on the internet are.
  4. 4. 3.0 The Real Time Web Moving forward…
  5. 5. Can you identify the pictures that follow…
  6. 6. One common thread connects all these… They were all taken by people like you and me, and broadcast to the rest of the world… #IranElection
  7. 7. Iran Elections Social media played three very important roles in the Iran situation: 1. It has helped Iranians communicate with each other. 2. It has helped Iranians communicate with the outside world. 3. It has helped the rest of the world communicate with both people in and out of Iran.
  8. 8. The Real Time Web Where information spreads every minute…
  9. 9. The Next Big Thing…   The real time web is now all set to be the next big thing..   No more waiting for someone to check your email, messages etc..   Information will now be pushed real time to you where ever you are in this world.   Incredible amount of power to ordinary people like you and me, and less dependence on global politics.
  10. 10. Blogs & Wikis The foundation of the next generation web. Where it all began…
  11. 11. Technorati a leading blog search engine, tracks over a billion blogs and processes over a million blog posts every second. Yes every time you blink your eye, somebody somewhere has added something to the internet.. Wikipedia, the leading online encyclopedia, grows at a pace that even if you were to spend the rest of your life reading it, you will never be able to read it completely..
  12. 12. Power in your hands…   Blogs give you, the ordinary man extraordinary powers to express your opinion in just about any random thing in the world..   Freedom that you’ve never had before.   Best thing, you connect to people world over, who share similar interests as you do..
  13. 13. Live Blogs… Have you seen a live blog being used in Nitte?
  14. 14. Live Blogs   Allows you to cover events as and when they happen.   Popularly called as Citizen Journalism.   Reach out to an audience quickly and effectively.   Oh yes, we used a Live Blog during Ignite `09 to power the main display…
  15. 15. Refreshing your memory a bit…
  16. 16. Facts   First tweet after the blasts first shook the city – 8 seconds   First blog post after the blasts – 1 minute   Wikipedia page on the Mumbai blasts – 2 minutes   Live pictures from the blast scene – 4 minutes   Coverage on News Channels all over India – 16 minutes
  17. 17. And its not just about the speed. Twitter lead the role, in organizing immediate aid to the people who needed it. #mumbai
  18. 18. Twitter The cute little bird, is extremely powerful…
  19. 19. How Twitter Works…
  20. 20. That was not exactly real time was it? Google Wave is set to redefine how we communicate in the near future. Have a look…
  21. 21. A Demo of Google Wave P.S. I haven’t been lucky enough as yet, to have the Gods back at Google bestow me with an invite for Google Wave.
  22. 22. A peak inside Google Wave
  23. 23. The future is beginning now… Be a part of it…
  24. 24. Any Questions?
  25. 25. Be a part of the NextGen Internet… The power is in your hands…
  26. 26. Thank You You guys can find me online at : Twitter : http://twitter.com/coolkarthik88 Facebook : http://facebook.com/karthik.kastury DailyApps : http://dailyapps.net/