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CoolJunk Kit-1 is a DIY(do-it-yourself) Kit using which learners can build an array of projects based on Electrical and Electronics.

The kit comes packaged with a DVD pack, a set of books, 35+ components & requisite hardware, a personal workstation and a modular breadbox.

DVD Pack contains 12-hour instructional video manual that covers theory, demonstrations and step-wise assembly of projects.

CoolJunk Kit-1 is meant for students (above 9th grade), engineering students, hobbyists, educators and all those who want to experience Electronics in a fun way.

CoolJunk has started pre-booking of the kit at
To see the sample video, check:

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CoolJunk Kit 1 Brochure

  1. 1. Practically, things are different.Do it Yourself.CoolJunk KIT-IA Personal Learning Kit for Electronics
  2. 2. Hands-on Electronics and TechnologyWelcome to the Silicon world. Work on Hardware. TestThings. Burn Off Components. Mess up. Learn hands on.Courseware covered by Kit-1Basics of Electrical and Electricity, Charge, Battery, Voltage,Current, Resistance, Ohm’s Law, Series and ParallelCombination, Variable Resistors (Potentiometer, Preset andLDR), Switches, Capacitors, Relay, Introduction tosemiconductors, Diode and its types, Digital logic gates, Zenerdiode, DC Motor, Transistors.
  3. 3. Whats inside Kit-1?
  4. 4. ComponentsKit-I comes bundled with all the requisite hardware and 35 pluselectronic components required to build an array of 50+projects.The components have been selected after rigorous researchand testing. You might have heard or read about thesecomponents in your academics. The Kit-I will allow you to playwith them. DVDsKit-I comes packaged with a set of DVDs. DVDs empower you todo self-learning at your own pace.The videos consist of lectures, demonstrations, live assembly ofprojects and schematic, reasoning and inference of eachproject. DVDs also contain detailed step-wise visual instructionsfor each project.For sample video
  5. 5. BooksKit-I is supported with a set of books. The books will help youvisualize concepts and build a strong theoretical base.With an in-depth explanation of components and circuitssupplemented with interesting facts (DYKs) and questions(Qboxes), the reading process will be more fun, interactive andengaging.Recommended for➡ School Students (9th Grade and above)➡ Engineering Students➡ Hobbyists➡ Private Tutors➡ Teachers➡ Educational Institutions and Labs
  6. 6. Personal WorkstationKit-I unfolds itself into a personal workstation. The moment youopen it, all the components are accessible to you.The small components are arranged into small blister packs andthe big components are arranged into a large blister tray.The books are at the bottom of the box. The breadboard isplaced in the back pocket of the box. There is a smallbreadboard-box provided so that you can carry your creationswherever you go.
  7. 7. What can you do with Kit? Learn PrototypingWe all have magical ideas.To test them, we build prototypes. Using Kit-I, you will learn andexperience the art of prototyping circuits on breadboard.
  8. 8. Decode TechnologyKit-I will help you in understanding and appreciating thetechnology around. You will learn about how things work in reallife.
  9. 9. DO YOU KNOW Do you know that there are 1.16 billion transistors in the latest i7 processor chip and the size of one transistor is less than even the width of your hair? Gain DepthUsing Kit-I, you will understand the concepts of electricity andelectronics in depth through hands-on experimentation,exploration and observation.
  10. 10. Extensive courseware on Basic Electrical and Electronics. The course topics covered from 9-12 grade are: Electrostatics, Semiconductors, Current and Electricity UpgradeThere is no limit to the number of projects you can make withKit-I.Kit-1 is upgradable to advanced learning levels (Kit-2, Kit-3 andKit-4) which will cover integrated circuits, sensors andprogramming. More Variety. More Components. More Fun.
  11. 11. What’s upcomingKit-2 will extensively cover Integrated Circuits(555/Gates/Counters) covering 40+projects.Kit-3 will extensively cover Sensors (Proximity(IR & Ultrasonic)/Temperature/Light/Sound/Audio/Touch/Colour/Force/Pressure/Accelerometer covering 40+projects.
  12. 12. “....such (CoolJunk’s) practical learning tools would attractstudents to physics and sciences”“After almost nine months of opening its doors, CoolJunkarmed with partnerships with 17 schools...”“Students use CoolJunks do-it-yourself kits at a workshop onunderstanding use of electric energy at a school in NewDelhi.”... vision of do-it-yourself science kits for school students tomake textbook science more practical.... a presence in 17 schools across Delhi and ... trained 600students so far....
  13. 13. “... don’t visualize physics, you do physics.”“ It will give you a much better perspective of things and wouldenhance your knowledge of how things work. But where doyou start your experience. In CoolJunk! ”“CJ is providing Concept Oriented Training through practicalimplementation on hardware.”“They (CJ team) are currently increasing the Learning Levelsof their programs via continuous R & D...”“CoolJunk – Fun way to learn physics and electronics throughDo-It-Yourself kits”
  14. 14. About CoolJunkCoolJunk is a DIY kits company. We build Do-it-Yourself kits for practical and self-learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The company isheadquartered in New Delhi, India.Our flagship creation is Kit-I, which is the first kit in DIY Electronics Series.Learning Paradigm and Development ProcessCoolJunk is committed to change the way we learn and understand. We thrive onoriginality and technology to harness the power of DIY hands-on projects to makelearning more fun, intuitive, interactive and intelligent. The core elements of our kitsare:Fun : It is in the process of building things.Wow : It is what you feel on completion of each project.Depth : It is in understanding how concepts actually work in real life.Our kits are for everyone who wants to practically experience STEM subjects(science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The starter kits come with allthe basic components, tools and rich content so that learners can develop acomprehensive understanding of the subject.The starter kits can be upgraded to give more functions and features, allowing theadvance learner to build more sophisticated and powerful projects. They aredesigned to be simple for beginners and flexible and modular for advancedlearners.Our development process is exhaustive, extensive and iterative. Our team iscomposed of engineers, designers, artists, content writers and visualizers whobuild each project to its minutest detail. We select a project only if it matches ourcore. The selection process is rigorous and we do not settle for mediocrity.
  15. 15. Contact us 011-25572559 R. Ganesan: (0) 9560333610 Binay Sharma: (0) 8826907501 cooljunkindia cooljunkindia cooljunkindia