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AUG Battalion Newsletter


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AUG Battalion Newsletter

  1. 1. Red Dragon Families and Friends, August 2011 Greetings from Southern Salah ad Din province! Your Soldier continues to Inside this issue:provide an impressive display of precision and discipline in all actions as we partnerwith Iraqi Security Forces across our area of responsibility. As you read through the Headquarters Battery 2-5newsletter, you will see that we are executing a wide range of missions in a very Alpha Battery 6-8diverse area of Iraq. The tone of the message is positive because our requirements are Bravo Battery 9-10clear and Red Dragon Troopers are focused on accomplishing all tasks with excellence.No doubt we are able to do this with the love and support you provide from home and Golf Company 11-13 11-we thank you for all you are doing! Chaplain’s Corner 14 The month of August is going to bring a welcomed change for the battalion.Our first Troopers head home for a well-deserved rest and recuperation leave. At this Rear Detachment 15point all have been given their target month for leave and while there may be a few Promotions &adjustments as we continue through the deployment, I suspect they will be very lim- Re-enlistments 16ited. For those that will see your Soldier very soon, have a great reunion with your Photo Collage 17-18 17-loved one. At this point, you probably have heard, seen, or read about the politicaldiscussions concerning the security agreement in Iraq. While our leaders work thelong-term plan out, our battalion mission remains unchanged. In the meantime, wewill make you proud by performing our duties with honor and Get the most up-to-date information on the Red Dragons:continuing to build a strategic partnership with our Iraqi Security Force brothers as weadvise, train, and assist them in security operations. The battalion‟s communication lines remain wide open ensuring you have themost current and accurate information about what is going on in Iraq. This also allows of us deployed to receive regular updates and key information about what isgoing on back home as well. Thanks to those that were able to attend the town hall inJuly. It was a great opportunity to clarify some of your questions. We will conductanother town hall in October. In the meantime, we will use newsletters, Facebook,FRG Family Night, e-mail, Skype, and phone calls to keep youupdated. As always, if you have a suggestion on how we canimprove our communication, please send a note to your FRGleader, battery commander/first sergeant, or me/CSM Soto. Weare always looking for ways to best communicate the greatprogress being made.Thanks again for all you are doing and will do in support of theRed Dragons!BlackJack!Red Dragons!Sincerely,LTC Nate Cook LTC Cook out on patrol with Bravo and a local Iraqi Security Force leader
  2. 2. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 2 Hello Hellraiser Family and friends. We are happy to announce that we are another month down through this twelvemonth deployment. Our Soldiers have been able to settle down a little more this month and were able to establish a muchmore consistent battle rhythm. Our Hellraiser Platoons have remained sharp and focused throughout this entire time. Wethank you again for your continued support for all our Hellraiser troops. HHB has a very unique and complex mission, withSoldiers in three different locations, Samarra, Joint Base Balad, and FOB Warhorse. Each of our Soldiers is doing anincredible job taking care of business in true Hellraiser fashion, always exceeding the standard. We appreciate the Family member‟s patience during the town hall meeting, as we had a few technical difficultieswhich delayed us. I do appreciate all of you who were able to attend and I hope we were able to address all of yourquestions and concerns. As we continue through the rotation and we learn more information about the future of thisdeployment I assure you we will let you know. As of now we are still expecting to be in theater for 12 months witheveryone being able to take mid-tour leave. Our Soldiers will also not lose the capability to communicate with you at anytime during thedeployment. Congratulations goes out to 2LT Ellison and his wife, Jennifer, who had a baby boy, Eli, on 12 July 11. Once againwe appreciate all the love and support you‟ve given to each of our Soldiers. Please keep the care packages and letterscoming as it brings a smile to our Soldiers‟ faces. Thank you again for everything. Very Respectfully, 4 July—MSG Love Michael Roscoe 2 July—SSG Tyree CPT, FA Commanding 8 July—SPC Sarkady Hellraiser 6 11 July—2LT Manning 23 July—SPC Madera 27 July—PFC Montgomery 27 July—SSG Richardson 1 Aug—PFC Black 5 Aug—SGT Sanders 10 Aug—SGT Omanson 10 Aug—CPT Brown 10 Aug—LTC Cook 12 Aug—PFC Schwarzer 12 Aug—SPC Jennison 12 Aug—SGT Springer 13 Aug—PFC Bouck 13 Aug—PFC Stakem 15 Aug—SPC Ziegler 17 Aug—SPC Appleton 18 Aug—SSG Bruno 24 Aug—SGT Delapena 25 Aug—CW2 Pratt 26 Aug—SSG Dixon 26 Aug—PFC Garcia CPT Roscoe with Iraqi Army Soldiers from the 4th Battalion 17th Brigade 28 Aug—PFC Rodriguez and our furry friend, Kanto, a Military Working Dog.
  3. 3. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 3 First Platoon, in its time here in Iraq, has had a mixture of experiences. There has been much opportunity for newchallenges that keep the whole platoon on its toes. The one thing that has stayed constant throughout these first two monthsis the cohesion within the platoon. The platoon is so close-knit and the level of commitment that each Soldier has the personto their right and left is beyond measure. It has been an absolute blastto be a member of this platoon. One of First Platoon‟s members, PFC Johnson,proved that Red Platoon was full of great Soldiers with lots of talent when hereceived a Division Commander‟s Coin of Excellence from MG Perkins for hisperformance during a mission where the success of the mission would havewavered had it not been for his abilities to step up and make things happen. First Platoon can truly be proud of themselves for the many successesthat have been achieved as a group. There are many challenges yet to be facedin the time ahead, but the Families back home can rest assured that each memberof First Platoon will attack each situation with determination and commitment toeveryone around them in order to ensure that the mission is successful. 2LT Zach Williams 2LT Williams and SGT Caffee with local 1st Platoon Leader Iraqi children in a local market place. Hello to the Hellraiser Family. I would like to take this time to let you know our Soldiers are doing extraordinarily well, and have been successful in accomplishing every task asked of them. We look forward to beginning mid-tour leave, and, of course, we are excited to be one month closer to coming home. Thank you for all your love and support. Our Soldiers definitely appreciate your continued efforts from home. This past month has afforded Soldiers from 2nd Platoon the opportunity to execute combined patrols with our Iraqi Army counterparts. This experience has broadened the horizons of many Soldiers. Meeting with one of the Iraqi Army platoon leaders proved to be a very rewarding experience. SSG Bartley recalls how far they‟ve come from when we first started training them during the early Operation Iraqi Freedom rotations. He was amazed at how much they‟ve improved as a professional organizationPFC Wyatt (left) and PFC Jones (Right) after and how much they‟ve learned from us. In the short period of time we‟veconducting a dismounted patrol in the Balad been here, we also have been able to learn from them. Patrolling with the Qadaa with Iraqi Army Soldiers.* Iraqi Army will be a memory we‟ll all keep for the rest of our lives. PFC Jones stated after a mission that “the language barrier disappeared when theIraqi Soldier and I realized we were in the same fight together. Mutual respect for our respective countries allowed thepatrol to be very successful.” July has proven to be very busy for 2nd Platoon. Soldiers are adjusting well and have just finished refit and servicesa few days ago. Refit week was dedicated to the servicing of all equipment and supplies. More importantly, Soldiers weregiven a little more down time to call home, watch a movie, or get some extra sleep. SGT Owen said “Refit week was agreat change of pace. After ensuring all my gear was clean, I was able to spend a little extra time relaxing”.Finally, 2nd Platoon would like to wish the Jones Family and the King Family well with the birth of theirchildren in August. We wish you luck and good fortune through these exciting times. 2LT Andrew Roberts 2nd Platoon Leader * Bravo Soldiers attached to HHB
  4. 4. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 4 Greetings from Joint Base Balad! The platoon has had a great July as we have settled into a more sustainable battlerhythm. We received our combat patches during a ceremony that occurred early in the month. The Battalion Commanderconducted the ceremony personally by sharing some words of encouragement, slapping on a patch, and giving a firm handshake. For everyone who is a first time deployer, it was a great relief to finally have our right shoulder covered up. Following the patching ceremony the platoon had a small ceremony of its own, where we advanced the two juniorSoldiers of the platoon. Christopher Harris and Thomas Abruzzesse were called to the front of the formation and both werepromoted to Private First Class. After receiving their new rank, they immediately dropped to the ground in order tocomplete the 30 push-ups traditionally required for obtaining the rank of E-3. Afterwards, each member of theplatoon congratulated them with a handshake followed by a thump on the chest. The platoon was able to share a meal at a local Iraqi Police station that was quite generous in its hospitality. Freshonions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chicken were piled on Iraqi bread and topped with hummus. The meal was washed downwith local apple soda, the platoon‟s favorite local beverage (except Chai tea). The locals are friendly and smile and wavewhen the platoon passes by. They like to pose for pictures and the children have plenty of questions to ask when patrols areon the ground. Although the platoon has fun, we are also working incredibly hard. Our patrols have gathered importantintelligence and our vigilance ensures safety of Joint Base Balad. I hope all is well back in Texas. As always, yourcontinued support of our Soldiers is invaluable to the platoon‟s success. I thank you for keeping our morale high inhelping us maintain a strong warrior spirit. 1LT Christopher Koppel 3rd Platoon Leader Bravo Soldiers standing guard over gate entrance.* SSG Chacone pulling security while forces from the Iraqi Army talk to local citizens. * Bravo Soldiers attached to HHB
  5. 5. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 5 Greetings, Hellraiser Family and friends, from the Radar Platoon located on FOB Warhorse. I am proud to bring youword that your Soldier and loved ones are performing superbly. Since the Platoon‟s arrival here in Iraq, we have replaced2-11 Field Artillery‟s radar sections and immediately began to provide the Brigade Headquarters with the valuableinformation they need to help keep our Soldiers safe though out the Brigade Area of Operations. Life here on FOB Warhorseis very comfortable. Soldiers here have access to two gyms, one with a full basketball court and one with a full set ofworkout equipment, wireless Internet connections in their rooms, and a Morale Welfare and Recreations Center that providesmovies, video games, and recreational activities, such as Table Tennis, free of charge. I would like to personally thank youfor all the support and love that you show to our Soldiers while we conduct this important mission that the Army has askedof us. We understand that it is not an easy task back home and want you to know that we appreciate all that you do. Themorale of the Platoon is extremely high. The care packages and ability for us to communicate with you back home as neededkeeps us going day to day. I know your Soldier will continue to do the outstanding jobs that they have been doing so far andare focused on completing the mission so we can return home to you. Once again, thank you for standing in our corner andfor all your sacrifices. CW2 Robert McDonald Radar Platoon Leader Q36 Section at FOB WARHORSE Q37 Section at FOB WARHORSE Hello, Hellraiser Families and Friends. The Hellraiser Company Intelligence Support Team (CoIST) hit the ground running in the beginning of June by becoming fully operational within 72 hours of the first member of the team arriving at Joint Base Balad. We immediately began tracking all patrols operating in our Area of Operations to include elements from the Air Force and the Navy. We have, to date, flawlessly tracked HHB patrols and several USAF and USN elements. The CoIST processes all intelligence the Maneuver Platoons bring in as well as searching through a variety of intelligence databases for information to help develop future operations, strengthen the Iraqi Security Forces, and increase the force protection efforts of JBB. The Soldiers and NCOs that 2LT Ramos and SGT Benson, HHB‟s COIST OIC make up the team come from four different occupational fields and have and NCOIC done an excellent job of cross training and coalescing into a tight knit and extremely effective intelligence section. We‟d like to thank you for your continued support from home. Our Soldiers really appreciate everything you havedone for us. We look forward to R&R starting, and of course we are happy to be another month down. Thank you again foryour service. SGT Marcus Benson HHB COIST NCOIC
  6. 6. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 6Members of the Gator Family, Greetings from Joint Base Balad, Iraq. I hope this letter finds you all well and in good spirits. We have justcompleted our second month “in country” and spirits are still high. The Gators continue taking the fight to the enemy atevery turn, denying him refuge, and preventing his attacks against Joint Base Balad. These men continue to develop theirskills and improve their abilities at a variety of tasks on a daily basis. This month was filled with key events on the road tohome. The 4th of July marked the 235th anniversary of our Nation‟s sovereignty from oppression and despotism; it alsomarked the departure of our last batch of Gators from Ft. Hood. SFC Gray, SSG Rijos, SGTs Glass, Trinidad, and Quintero,SPCs Resendez and Janzen, and PV2 Blas all arrived here safe and sound early this month and hit the ground running. You can rest assured that your Gator will return to you a better Soldier than when he left. These men also continue toimprove their physical readiness performing PT 5 days a week on top of their weekly work schedules. The heat of the Iraqisummer is fully upon us with daytime highs reaching nearly 120 degrees in the shade, making hydration a priority whenworking outside. Gator Soldiers continue to lead the way with several members of the Battery participating in the BattalionNCO and Soldier of the Month and Quarter. The 19th saw the first Video Teleconference (VTC) between Families and theCommanders and 1SGs of the Red Dragons, and, although we couldn‟t see you guys, it was good to hear your voices as LTCCook answered questions from Family members about what to expect in the days ahead. We look forward to manypromotions in the month of August as well as our first round of R&R leave. I continue to be impressed with the skill,stamina, poise, and initiative of the Gators; there is no other outfit I‟d rather be in. A special congratulation goes out to SPC William Goodwin and his wife Shaylene on the birth of their son CadeDylan born on the 15th of July. “Baby Gator‟s” baby Gator is the newest addition to our collective Family. Each and every member of the Gators continues to look forward to the road ahead as we get a little closer tocompleting the mission and coming home. We thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, love, and support. Ipersonally thank you again for what you mean to these men. Very Respectfully, Bryan S. Hammond CPT, FA Commanding Gator 6 3 Aug—PFC Bidia 7 Aug—SGT Velasco 10 Aug—SPC Janszen 12 Aug—PFC Stadelmeier 13 Aug—SSG Rosario 16 Aug—1LT Forstner 17 Aug—SPC Lopez 18 Aug—SPC Dane CPT Hammond during introductions at a Key Leader Engagement
  7. 7. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 7 1st Platoon still can‟t find the beach here in sunny Iraq; but we did find some Howitzers to fire. Gator Red is outfront again, this time having the distinction of executing both maneuver and Artillery missions. At the time of changing overfrom maneuver missions to firing missions, Gator Red ranked high in the battalion in the number of missions executed, proving yet again that the Gator Battery and Red Platoon are always out front. Morale is still high and everyone istaking quickly to their new assignments. The battery has received several howitzers, and gotten them fire mission ready -truly a yeomans task in the 115+ Iraqi heat. The gun crews have added a new capability to the battalion, allowing the RedDragons to be “snipers” from miles away. While the muscle is on the gun line, the heavy thinking is done in the FDC. FDCpersonnel have spun up a fully functional “brain” in a shockingly short amount of time. Most of the credit goes to soon to bepromoted SGT Fred Williams; his promotion is long overdue and well deserved. As always, the men lookforward to your letters, packages, and e-mails and will be in touch as much as possible. That‟s all from this little corner ofthe world, Gator Red 6 out. 1LT Michael Hobgood 1st Platoon Leader 1LT Hobgood and SGT Reho preparing to go on mission 2ND Platoon is still going strong. The platoon‟s morale is high due to successful missions and support from home. The platoon welcomed new members this month, with the arrival of the final main body flight. The men are growing more proficient, both individually and as a unit, each day. They are adaptable and have overcome any mission that has been thrown at them, from patrols to engaging key leadership of the area. The junior members of the platoon continue to step up and grow into the future leaders of Alpha Battery. SPC Hyndman in particular was named Battery Soldier of the week on July 3rd. The first members of 2nd PLT are looking forward to EML and getting to see their loved ones at home. The guys still do PT at least 5 days a week, and are getting as fit as ever. While the days are hot, the guys are getting acclimatized, and are adjusting to the dynamic and changing environment. Everyone looks forward to coming home and seeing their loved ones again. SGT Canning with Iraqi counterparts during a 2LT Scott Smith mission 2nd Platoon Leader
  8. 8. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 8 3rd Platoon is still going hard and fighting the goodfight. The men in the platoon are increasing their physicaland mental capabilities every day and coming together as afighting force. Every day spent together brings us closer tobeing those “Brothers in Arms” of the 21st century. Whilethey miss everyone at home, the packages and letters help,and the first Soldiers will get to go on EML. The morale issuperb, and each mission brings new challenges and hurdlesto overcome. While it is hot, hot, hot this month here inIraq, the men are well acclimatized, and willcontinue to bring the fight to the enemy. We cannot wait tocome home safe and see everyone as soon as possible. 1LT Anthony Forstner 3rd Platoon Leader SFC Sollano being served Chai tea at a Key Leader Engagement HQ Platoon is still supporting the fight. With the arrival of the last main body we have had some personnel changes; however, the transition went very smoothly. The hours changed, we‟re keeping busy, and the days are counting off until we end mission. Special congratulations go out to SPC Goodwin and his wife Shaylene for the birth of their baby boy, Cade Dylan Goodwin, on 15 JUL. Also, congratulations go out to SGT Sikes and PFC Kreuger, both of whom will be moving up in rank 1 AUG. The COIST cell continues to provide our platoons with the most up-to-date intelligence so they can complete the missions as safely and effectively as possible. The TOC is keeping the lines ofSGT Alvarez and SPC Thomson smiling in front of Alpha‟s COIST communication open and the information flowing. cell as they bring information together after the mission All of the packages that you send are getting to your Soldier as quickly as possible so keep them coming. The BCand 1SG are leading from the top and ensuring that all Soldiers have the necessary training and information so that we canall come home safe. 2LT Caleb Gaasch COIST/HQ Platoon Leader
  9. 9. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 9 A lot has occurred in the past month. We have continued our mission to advise and assist our Iraqi counterparts intheir fight to secure Iraq and make it a safer place upon our departure. We have continued to train hard, as well as furtherimprove our daily life here in Samarra. The weather has definitely intensified with temperatures reaching the 120s on somedays. Our hard work with quality of life improvements to the SJCC is clearly evident and it has definitely boosted moralehere. Our Battery has been laser-focused on partnering with our host-nation forces. We continue to advise, train, and assistthem to ensure they are more than prepared to take control of Iraq once our forces leave. It has been, and continues to be, aprivilege to work side-by-side with our host-nation counterparts. We would also like to thank the Families of ThunderBattery for their continued support while we are here in Iraq. We definitely cannot accomplish our mission without supportfrom back home. Morale continues to be high in the unit as we look forward to continuing our joint efforts with IraqiSecurity Forces to better secure our AO and Iraq as a whole. Although we have been in Samarra only a short while, the menof Thunder Battery have clearly made a lasting impact as we continue to strive to make Iraq a safer and better place to live. Very Respectfully, Jason A. Williams CPT, FA Commanding Thunder 6 12 Aug—PFC Tibbits 25 Aug—SSG Coons 27 Aug—PFC Aguilar CPT Williams, along with LTC Cook and LTC Coglianese, taking a picture with LTC Ghayath of the host-nation security force
  10. 10. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 10 White Platoon has been keeping extremely busy in Samarra. We have been steadfast in providing security for thebase, partnering with the host-nation security forces commander as he travels to his meetings, and securing the commanderas he conducts his Key Leader Engagements to secure the city of Samarra. PhysicalTraining has been an essential task in the daily lives of White Platoon. OrganizedPT is conducted once a day and most of the platoon has taken it upon themselvesto continue training on their own time. Our Platoon Sergeant, SFC ChristopherSchuerger, sets weekly challenges on the white board in the gym that everyone,including our Iraqi counterparts, are invited to attempt. Platoon cohesion hascontinued to rise, as well as morale in general. White Platoon continues to trainon a daily basis and provide security for the city of Samarra through unwaveringsupport to our Iraqi brothers in arms. 1LT Michael O‟Donnell 1st Platoon Leader PFC Horsley securing a gate outside the Mayor of Samarra‟s Building Headquarters Platoon has done an outstanding job upgrading our compound since we arrived here in early June and making the SJCC an enjoyable place to live. The Tactical Operations Center personnel, led by SGT Richard Gray and SGT Benjamin Stahl, have done an outstanding job ensuring that Thunder Battery is running operations efficiently and effectively. Our cooks and maintenance team, led by SSG Martin and SGT Gifford, respectively, have performed well, ensuring that Thunder Soldiers are well-fed and the vehicles are well maintained. Our medical team, led by SGT Flaherty, has worked diligently to ensure the high hygiene standards are upheld here at the SJCC and taking care of Soldier‟s bumps and bruises. SSG Jones, our communications expert, has been relentless in keeping communications open between Thunder Battery and the rest of the battalion, which is no small feat The COIST here in Samarra is made up of SSG Thomas Coons, SPC Tommie Clemeno, PFC Michael Nolasco, and our Law Enforcement Professional. They have done an incredible job uncovering terrorist networks and exploiting evidence in order to assist our Iraqi Partners in PFC Tibbits of Headquarters platoon standing capturing extremists. Morale continues to be high in the unit as we look forward to continuing our joint efforts with Iraqi Security Forces to better secure our operating environment and Iraq as a whole. Although we have been in Samarra only a short while, we believe we have made a lasting imprint as we continue to strive to make Iraq a safer and better place to live. 2LT Sean Murphy COIST Leader
  11. 11. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 11Friends, Family, and loved ones of the Gladiator Family, I bring you greetings from Joint Base Balad, Iraq. As this deployment continues, the can-do attitudes that emanatefrom hard working Gladiators never cease to amaze me. Although hot and dusty, the middle eastern climate conditions poseno challenge to our Soldiers‟ will. Still, they rise to the challenge of accomplishing our company‟s mission day in and dayout. All members of our team work collectively to ensure mission success. Our Headquarters platoon is a driving force in our ability to sustain our Soldiers out in Samarra. The CL I sectionplans and coordinates the delivery and preparation of all CL I food and water. Care packages full of our favorite snacks arewelcome, but you can rest assured that your Soldiers won‟t need canned goods to sustain them - our cooks are on duty 24/7! Also imbedded within the Headquarters Platoon is the COIST (Company Intelligence Support Team); this team ispivotal. They capture by-the-minute intelligence and provide an accurate report on patterns of life outside our base. A largeportion of our success can also be attributed to our Distribution Maneuver Platoon. Our Soldiers and NCOs are unrelentingin contributing to a safe and secure Iraq by patrolling the streets of Iraq and delivering all classes of supply. No matter thelength of time or frequency, these men and women can be counted on to carry out the mission with precision and discipline. Last, but certainly not least, is our Maintenance Platoon. These men and women are an integral cog in the wheel thatdrives our organization. Overall responsible for the upkeep of the battalion‟s fleet, we wouldn‟t be able to accomplish ourmission without them. Our time here also brought about transition in our command team. On 15 July, we bid farewell to 1SG Towns. TheGladiator family wishes 1SG Towns the best in all his endeavors with the 15th BSB SPO Shop. On the day of the Change ofResponsibility, the Gladiator family also welcomed 1SG Triplett to our team. We all look forward to accomplishing themission with him.Very Respectfully,Crystal E. ChatmanCPT, LG CommandingGladiator 6 CPT Chatman hands the guidon to incoming 1SG Triplett during the Change of Responsibility Ceremony.Dear Gladiator Soldiers and Family members, I wanted to take a moment to say that it’s a pleasure and an honor to serve as your First Sergeant. I lookforward to our time together and to getting to know each and every one of you on a professional and personal level. I am nostranger to 1st Calvary Division or Red Dragons. I recently was assigned to B Co 15th BSB, 2BCT,1 CD so I know the hardwork and sacrifice that it takes to be on the First Team. There will be long days and nights ahead of us but I can assure youthat I will do all I can to make the road easier for every one inside and outside the Gladiator formation. I envision the unitgrowing into a family of professional Soldiers and dedicated Family members. We all come from different backgrounds, buthave one common goal and that is to be a cohesive unit and build the team that can’t be divided.Yours truly,1SG Gary Triplett
  12. 12. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 12 Greetings from the tropical, sandy paradise of Iraq! Headquarters Platoon has been working hard and trying to matchthe Distribution Platoon on their high level of effort. SGT McGee has cross loaded over 11,000 serving of rations from JointBase Balad to Samarra. This plays a tremendous role because it allows our field feeding section in Samarra, led by SSGMartin and SGT Chatman, to cook three hot meals a day. Next, SGT Colon, our master driver, has been working around theclock training Soldiers on how to drive Mine Resistance Ambush Protection (MRAP) vehicles and forklifts. The Gladiators work hard, but we also play hard here in Joint Base Balad. We volunteered many of our Soldiers tohelp out with Iraqi Kids day, where PFC Hickman escorted and played with Iraqi kids. Last but not least, SGT Taylor, AKA„UPS Man‟, is our mail handler; he has passed out over 1,100 pieces of mail to Gladiator Soldiers, in addition to his role asthe food manager. The Soldiers all look forward to your letters, packages, and emails and your continued support helps keepmorale high and gives us a taste of home. So keep them coming! We‟re keeping friends and Family in our thoughts and lookforward to coming home when the mission is complete. 2LT Hoang Le XO/HQ Platoon Leader SGT DaSilva directs PV2 Patterson on a dismounted patrol. PFC Thompkins and PVT Fiolek assisting in loading rations for Soldiers at Samarra. In the month of July, the Distribution Platoon has meshed into the difficult cycle of deployment and developed aregular battle rhythm. The month has seen increased responsibility for the Maneuver Platoon. The Soldiers remain vigilant intheir duties and have excelled in their difficult assignment. The Cargo Section continues to ensure that all resupply missionsto Samarra are prepped in time, and assist the Maneuver Platoon in ensuring that all vehicles are prepared for mission. Withthe constantly changing assignments for Golf FSC, the Cargo Section is always adapting to prepare for what‟s next. TheDistribution Platoon strives to balance its role as the logistical support for the Battalion with its new combatfunction, but has succeeded in adapting and is prepared for the months to come. 2LT Matthew Cline Distribution Platoon Leader
  13. 13. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 13 July is over and the Maintenance Platoon has been the work horse of the 3-82 Field Artillery Battalion. Workinglong days outside with temperatures reaching over 120 degrees, these Soldiers show the determination and will to succeedwith every drop of sweat that comes from their bodies. The Maintenance Platoon has set up another section toservice, repair, and keep our Paladins ready to fire and destroy our enemies at a minutes‟ notice. The Soldiers would like tothank the Family members back home for the love and encouragement you have shown with all the letters and carepackages. Your support has raised the morale of these Soldiers and keeps them striving for excellence on a daily basis. 2LT Amanda Fonk Maintenance Platoon Leader 7 Jul—SGT Colonvazquez 8 Jul— SFC Stewart 27 Jul—SGT Vila 27 Jul—SGT Kuilan 3 Aug—SGT Boman 8 Aug—SPC Self 10 Aug—SFC Hoskins 10 Aug—SGT Fullard 11 Aug—SGT Chatman 14 Aug—PFC Devine 15 Aug—SFC Wright 16 Aug—PFC Roberts 17 Aug—SPC Hanten 21 Aug—SPC Hendricks 23 Aug—SPC Epps PFC Cook downloading repair parts at the motorpool PFC Denton repairing an M1114 HMMWV
  14. 14. Page 14 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter CHAPLAIN’S CORNER Greetings from the Red Dragon Religious Support Team (RST)! We have had the unique opportunity and greatprivilege of ministering to your Red Dragons for the past 60 days in Iraq. As a late arrival to the battalion, I did not get theopportunity to meet many of you before deployment. I have, however, been able to get to know you through yourSoldiers. I look forward to getting to know you personally upon redeployment to Ft. Hood. Between now and then, the RST is making every effort to ensure your Soldiers‟ spiritual needs are being addressedand provided for. There are many opportunities here to exercise religious freedoms according to one‟s faith tradition, verymuch as it is at Ft. Hood. Additionally, the RST prays with patrols before they depart, conducts weekly Bible Studies andworship services, conducts resiliency classes every Sunday afternoon, and hosts a monthly Prayer Lunch at the diningfacility. As often as the mission allows, Red Dragon Soldiers are enlisted to directly participate in those activities byplaying a musical instrument, leading a prayer, or otherwise having a speaking role. For you, the month of July brought the familiar Independence Day traditions: fireworks, backyard barbecues, andfun in the sun and water. A vital piece of this year‟s celebrations was missing, though—your Soldiers. Though you missedthem terribly, the reason for their absence is a good reminder for all of us what that day of celebration is all about. YourSoldiers were in Iraq protecting the principles of the document known as the Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776the elected representatives of the American people declared to England and the world that tyranny in America was foreverbanished. Brave Soldiers had to back that claim up with muskets and bayonets through many years of harshwarfare. In the end, the principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness prevailed in America…and have ever since.Your Red Dragons are continuing that tradition first established in 1776. Some things are worth fighting for; among themare Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Thank you for all you have to do so that your Soldiers can keep the declara-tion of freedom in America alive for another generation.CPT Darrell Burriss3-82 FA Chaplain“Red Dragons!” Red Dragon Strong Warriors of the Week 3-82 FA Chaplain, CPT Burriss, and his assistant, PFC Kim SGT Matthew Bland of Golf Battery 28 June—4 July July Newborns! PFC Timothy Rogers of Golf Battery 5 July—11 July 2LT Shane Ellison of HHB and his wife, Jennifer, had a baby boy, Eli, on 12 July 2011 PFC Justin Scherrer of Alpha Battery 12 July—18 July SPC William Goodwin of Alpha Battery and his wife, Shaylene, had a baby boy, Cade, on SPC Alex Toro of Golf Battery 19 July—25 July 15 July 2011 SPC J.C. Van Pelt and his wife, Amanda, had a baby boy, Avery, on 30 July 2011
  15. 15. Page 15 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Rear Detachment LetterRed Dragons, Families, and Friends, July has already flown by, and what an awesome month you all have made it! I want to thank all of you for makingour different events possible and spectacular; your support and hard work made them all a success. The Red Dragon FamilyNight saw a great turnout on 14 July, and the slideshow from forward, update from forward, and MAJ Sutten (2 nd BrigadeRear Detachment Commander) as the guest speaker all made for an informative and fun get-together. I hope the 11 AugustFamily Night sees even more Families there to see what their Soldiers are doing and to ask questions. Despite the technical difficulties, our first Town Hall Meeting on 19 July was very successful as LTC Cook, CSMSoto, the Command Teams, and the Staff provided insight and answers to your questions. As the deployment progresses wewill continue to keep you up to date on all relevant information. Please feel free to ask questions through your FRG Lead-ers and Rear Detachment Team as issues come up, and I hope attendance is even higher at the next Town Hall Meeting! As we look forward we are planning a Water Fun Event for August as well as a Halloween Event in October. Anyevent ideas or fundraisers you would like to do, please let me know! Bravo Battery FRG‟s Car Wash is a great example, andthe effort for this has been awesome. Your outpouring support of your Soldiers is unwavering, and it allows them to continue their mission and focusedon the tasks at hand. Please continue your incredible work and dedication. I hope the different events have given you agood idea of what they are doing and continue to do for the people of Iraq and the local forces. They are leaving thecountry in professional and trained hands to look after themselves, and it is an honor for the Red Dragons to be part of sucha historic part of Iraq‟s history. Great Support Services Relocation Assistance: 254-213-2857 Red Dragons! AER Assistance: 254-213-3991 CPT Chris Freeman Military Family Life Consultants: 254-213-2857 Chaplain On-Duty: 254-213-3967 3-82 FA Rear Detachment Commander Chaffee Child Development Center TJ Mills Boulevard, Bldg 198 254-287-4749 Red Dragon kids work on a Hugs from Home banner The Wilson Family participating in the July FRG Family Night Rear Detachment Upcoming Events Aug 19th - Back to School Water Fun Day at the Club Hood Pool: 10:00 AM -12:00 PM All Red Dragon Families are welcome to come and enjoy the reserved pool, food, and fun. Sept 8th - Battalion Family Night @ Oveta Cup: 6 PM - 8 PM All are invited to participate in the fun activities and get the most up to date information from our Soldiers in Iraq.
  16. 16. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Page 16 SSG Tyree, the Medical Team’s NCOIC, re-enlisted indefinitely on 1July!PFC Bouwkamp (Bravo) 1 July SGT Welch (Bravo) PFC Brickner (Alpha) 1 July 6 July SGT Shepard (Alpha) PFC Doyle (Alpha) 1 August 26 July SGT Grubb (HHB) PFC Mejia (Alpha) 1 August 27 July PFC Hart, (Alpha) SPC Paris (HHB) CPL Skinner (HHB) 28 July 1 July 14 July PFC Escobar (Alpha) SPC Ybarra (HHB) 27 August 14 July PFC Harris (HHB) SPC Kruger (Alpha) 22 June 1 AugustPFC Abruzzesse (HHB) 21 June SSG Williams (Alpha) 1 August SSG Sikes (Alpha) 1 August SFC Fleury (HHB) 1 July * * * Come one, come all!!! * * * Buy your Red Dragon T-Shirt today! CPT Lewis (HHB) Only $10 1 August Contact the Rear Detachment Commander to get yours today! Newsletter LegendFOB: Forward Operating BaseJBB: Joint Base BaladFDC: Fire Direction CenterR&R/EML: Rest and RecuperationSJCC: Samarra Joint Coordination CenterAO: Area of OperationsTOC: Tactical Operations CenterCL I: Class I supplies (food, rations, &water)BSB: Brigade Support BattalionSPO: Support Operations Newly promoted SSG Hewitt of HHB
  17. 17. Bravo Battery patrolling in SamarraBravo‟s COIST team meeting with their Iraqi counterparts to discuss security in Samarra Soldier s inducti lining up for on at th their NCO I e nductio n Cere mony sion for a mis earing up HHB S oldiers g Red Dragon Soldiers eating at the Spiritual Fitness 1LT Hobgood, SSG Rifenbury, SGT Velasco, SGT Lunch Reho conversing with Iraqi Soldiers iq PT Sadd an and C CP T Chatm B rigade TH Iraqi Army SGT Morales surveying the area of the 17 before a mission nce S ection g on gear while out on mission Maintena Red Dragons puttin
  18. 18. NCO Induction Ceremony—26 July 2011 SG mony TC n Cere I nductio o rn ier e NCO pho to of th wa lki Group ng thr oug h th eN CO doo r guez Rodri SGT lking wa gh the throu oor D NCOSGT Vela sco giving his sponsorinvocation CSM Soto reciting a n invocati o and CSM n along with CSM Dailey Reed rubb 1SGs rendering a salute nsorin g SGT G olas spo SFC McNich