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Architectural Concepts - A Guide to architectural design concepts


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This Lecture was prepared in 10/09/2014

Published in: Education
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Architectural Concepts - A Guide to architectural design concepts

  1. 1. Architectural concepts A guide to architectural design concepts Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  2. 2. What is a concept? • In simple words …. A concept is an Idea! • Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion. • Mind representation. • Solution. • Driving force of any project, an identity for the work. 10/16/2016 2Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  3. 3. Definitions of Concept • Idea • Theory • Notion • Parti (French) • Conception • Opinion • Abstraction • Philosophy • Belief • Inspiration 10/16/2016 3 What is a concept? • Image • View • Intention • Plan • Thought • Impression • Hypothesis • … DESIGN Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  4. 4. 10/16/2016 4Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
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  6. 6. 10/16/2016 6Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  7. 7. 10/16/2016 7Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  8. 8. 10/16/2016 8 Where do ideas (Concepts) come from? • Site (site analysis) • Program (functional requirements) • Place / Culture / Society • Technology / Materiel / Method • Personal Architectural Influences • Movement • Space / Emotions • Speed / Technology • Memory / Place • Precedent Research Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  9. 9. 10/16/2016 9 Dimensions of Concepts Any building concept should provide: • Exterior Expression • Interior Experience Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  10. 10. 10/16/2016 10 Levels of Expression The concept should be appeal to both: • The Normal Layman • The Professional Specialist Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  11. 11. 10/16/2016 11 Elements of Concept Generation and Expression Function Form Materials Structure Lighting Ventilation Meaning Philosophy Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  12. 12. 10/16/2016 12 You might be asking yourselves: I can design without a concept, why do I need to go through all the trouble? That’s absolutely true but you need a concept because: 1. It gives depth and meaning to your work, the more innovative and coherent your concept the more interesting your work is! 2. Concepts open the door for more related ideas, they make you think and research. A richer concept means a richer building! 3. Concepts are what distinguish architects, yes anyone might be able to design (functionally) with experience, but your creativity is what makes you special! Even among peer architects and designers. Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  13. 13. 10/16/2016 13 Help! I am stuck • Be comfortable, use any, yes any way you find best to express what you are thinking of. • Understand the nature and context of the project you are working on. • Brainstorm, don`t be afraid to experiment! • Empty all your thoughts, the relevant and irrelevant, on butter paper. Doodles are not only fun, but they usually also carry messages! • Select one or a couple of ideas, work more intensively on them. • Settle on the concept, an idea you personally feel attracted to. • Remember; great concepts have a humble beginning. Concepts evolve. • With time, every architect finds his preferable way. Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  14. 14. 10/16/2016 14 But also … • Remember that the concept is usually derived from an idea related to the project, its function, context, objective,… • The concept will definitely evolve as u work, don’t worry! • The concept is to be applied on any project (of any scale) on all levels and details. • And again; great concepts have a humble beginning. Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  15. 15. You have a concept but don`t know how to communicate it? • Multiple tools can be used to express your idea; – Drawings, all sorts of drawings are applicable even if a section. – Conceptual models. – Use little text! • Using different materials, colors and methods might help you both understand better what you are doing and hence express your concept. • Sometimes you need multiple tools to express your idea. 10/16/2016 15Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  16. 16. How can I express a concept? 1. Diagrams: drawings of geometric shapes to show different relationships within any given space. 10/16/2016 16Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  17. 17. 2. Parti: a type of diagram that serves as a general idea to figure out a building's program or layout . They are usually in the form of quick sketches or even 3D models. How can I express a concept? 10/16/2016 17Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  18. 18. Examples.. •Parti model 10/16/2016 18Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  19. 19. 3. Morphology: the study of the forms of things, in particular. 10/16/2016 19Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  20. 20. 10/16/2016 20Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  21. 21. Diagrams Examples... 10/16/2016 21Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  22. 22. 10/16/2016 22Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  23. 23. 10/16/2016 23Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  24. 24. 10/16/2016 24Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  25. 25. 10/16/2016 25Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  26. 26. Conceptual models Yes you can turn your idea into a model! Conceptual model can be used to express: • Layers of a project; vertical, horizontal and rotated planes. • Outer Shell. • Circulation, whether vertical or horizontal and types. • Materials and colors • Any construction issues • Coherence with Topography • Any other idea u want to communicate 10/16/2016 26Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  27. 27. 10/16/2016 27Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  28. 28. 10/16/2016 28Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  29. 29. Analogy & Metaphor
  30. 30. Definition • Analogy : a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based. • Analogy is a cognitive process of transferring information from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target), and a linguistic expression corresponding to such a proccess. 10/16/2016 30Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  31. 31. • Analogy: A comparison based on such similarity; a. superficial analogy: to take the same shape of sth without any change. (direct) b. structural analogy: to make a structure of building from a shape or something. c. holistic analogy: combination of both. 10/16/2016 31Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  32. 32. Metaphor • Metaphor is a literary term which means "carrying-over and a synonym is the word transfer. • It associates meanings, emotions, things , times and places which otherwise would not have been related. 10/16/2016 32Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  33. 33. Examples… • Santiago Calatrava ….. Eye concept 10/16/2016 33Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  34. 34. Tornado Tower, (designed by Manuel Gausa ACTAR Arquitectura,2001, Barcelona) 10/16/2016 34Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  35. 35. Concert Hall by Santiago Calatrava , the City of Arts (Valencia). • The concert hall features the architect’s signature wing effect – a single wing that seems to enfold the building without covering it entirely. 10/16/2016 35Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  36. 36. 10/16/2016 36Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  37. 37. The shape of the spar and its cables is said to evoke an image of a harp lying on its edge 10/16/2016 37Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  38. 38. 10/16/2016 38Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  39. 39. Full Moon building in Azerbaijan 10/16/2016 39Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  40. 40. Steven holl; Sponge concept 10/16/2016 40Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  41. 41. 10/16/2016 41Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  42. 42. Recommendations • Be aware of the following: – Overcomplicating the issue, remember your concept evolves. – Being afraid of expressing you ideas. – Using too much text. – Not enjoying what you are doing. 10/16/2016 42Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
  43. 43. Thank you
  44. 44. Examples 
  45. 45. 10/16/2016 45Arch. Dania Abdel-Aziz
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