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Power of the mind final


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Power of the mind final

  1. 1. FADE IN: Power Of The Mind Written By Louis Davis Based on, if any PRODUCTION DRAFT Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 Address Phone Number
  2. 2. FADE IN: 2. INT. CLASSROOM - DAY Jasper is sitting at the back of the class next to the girl he likes called Ruby. Usually he wouldn't be nervous around girls as they don't really notice him but this time he is worried about losing control of his powers and her finding out. Jasper's looking at the clock counting the seconds until lunch time when all of a sudden Ruby taps him on the shoulder and ask's him if she can borrow a pen as her's has run out. RUBY Sorry to bother you, my pen stopped working and I was wondering if I can borrow one. JASPER (V.O.) Why is she talking to me? Should I reply? What if I lose control? RUBY Sorry, did you hear what I said? JASPER Yeah sorry I was day dreaming. Yeah of course you can. I think I have one somewhere? RUBY Thank You. Jasper reaches into his bag where he grabs a pen. He starts to feel something wrong with his right hand so he switches the pen to the left hand and extends it to her. She reaches out to grab the pen falls out of Jaspers hand. Just fall on the floor he accidently stop it. The pen floats back up when all of a sudden it as the pen is about to uses his mind power to and lands in her hand. She stares at Jasper in pure horror while Jasper stares back hoping she doesn't make a scene. Ruby still holding the pen drops it and runs out of the classroom leaving her possessions behind her. As she runs past her table a folded piece of paper falls off and lands on Jasper's shoe. He knows everyone is looking at him. MISS BARLOW Where did Ruby go? JASPER Ermmm she told me to tell you that she needed the toilet and (MORE)
  3. 3. FADE IN: JASPER (CONT'D) that she couldn't wait anymore. The classroom goes back to normal as Jasper picks up the piece of paper. The piece of paper has writing on it which says RUBY Dear Jasper, I find you strangely luring like you have some secret mystery not telling us. I somehow feel like this wants me to get to know you better so I was wondering if you wanted to be friends. p.s you look very nice today. By reading this Jaspers rushes out the classroom to find Ruby and explain to her what happened and that he has powers. Before he leaves he tells the class.... JASPER I also need the toilet. (panic) MISS BARLOW Ok! Hurry back. 3. INT. SCHOOL CORRIDOR - DAY He smiles cheekily then leaves the classroom in a search for Ruby. After looking for 10 minutes he starts walking back to class knowing that his life was over when out of no where he sees her sitting down near one of the lockers crying. He walks up to her slowly thinking about if he should come clean and tell her he has powers. Ruby wipes her face then stands up, but while doing this she knocks down a poster (notice) on the wall. She stares at Jasper with fear. Jasper knows now that if there was a time to come up with an excuse it's now. He stares at her then quickly at the ground. While looking back up he see's the poster (notice) on the floor that she knocked down. JASPER (V.O.) Ha (cheekily) RUBY What was that in there Jasper? I would like an explanation (MORE)
  4. 4. FADE IN: RUBY (CONT'D) please. No normal human being can do that. Its impossible. He grabs the poster (notice) from the wall and shows her. Jasper smiles. JASPER I was practising for the magic show coming up in a few weeks time. I'm a young magician.