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WordPress London - Favourite Plugins - March 2012


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The slides from my presentation on Favourite WordPress Plugins to WordPress London on March 1st 2012.

All the plugins come with recommendations from at least one member of the WordPress London meetup group.

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WordPress London - Favourite Plugins - March 2012

  1. 1. WordPress London 1st March 2012Favourite WordPress Plugins Graham Armfield, Lee Rickler, Rex Wickham, Emily Webber, Herb Miller
  2. 2. WordPress London 1st March 2012RelevanssiSuggested by Graham Armfield Better search engine for WordPress sitesFeatures: • Search and order results by relevance • Highlight searched terms in excerpts • Record search stats • Highly configurable • Automatically indexes new/amended posts and pages 2
  3. 3. WordPress London 1st March 2012Twitter Feed for WordPressSuggested by Graham Armfield Place Twitter feed on your site with shortcodeFeatures: • Reliable and easy to style feed • Highly configurable from within shortcode • Follow hashtags as well as ids • Does not update tweets realtime, but needs no javascript 3
  4. 4. WordPress London 1st March 2012Keyboard Accessible Dropdown MenusSuggested by Graham Armfield Dropdown menus work when user tabs through yournavigation.Features: • Uses enhanced CSS and small javascript file • Still in early stages of development – only works with themes based on default WordPress themes • It’d be useful to get feedback on possible improvements. 4
  5. 5. WordPress London 1st March 2012The Bar StewardSuggested by Lee Rickler Stop plugins hijacking your admin barPoint and Stare CMS FunctionsSuggested by Lee Rickler Convert WordPress more into CMS 5
  6. 6. WordPress London 1st March 2012Contact Form 7Suggested by Rex Wickham Build your own contact formsComments: Easy to use, flexible, well maintainedGoogle AnalyticatorSuggested by Rex Wickham Adds google analytics (webstats) code to the site and adds aquick stats graph to the Dashboard 6
  7. 7. WordPress London 1st March 2012WP Maintenance ModeSuggested by Rex Wickham Show a holding page when you are building the site, or doingupdates. Logged in administrators/users can still see the site.Add Logo To AdminSuggested by Rex Wickham Modifies the WP login page with your own logo 7
  8. 8. WordPress London 1st March 2012TransposhSuggested by Rex Wickham Automatic translation of content into any language supportedby Google/Bin Translate APIMy Links 2Suggested by Rex Wickhamhttp://??Purpose: Adds page thumbnails to Links page 8
  9. 9. WordPress London 1st March 2012WP Better EmailsSuggested by Emily Webber Adds a customizable good looking HTML template to all WPdefault plain/text emailsoikSuggested by Herb Miller (of WordUp Pompey Adds a series of useful shortcodes for presenting commonlyused information. Herb is asking for some feedback from this plugin. 9
  10. 10. WordPress London 1st March 2012Other Suggestions - 1Redirection• Manage 301 redirects and monitor 404 errorsRemove Title Attributes• Removes redundant title attributes on generated nav links etcWordPress Database Backup• Backs up database – variety of optionsWP-Table Reloaded• If a client’s site needs data tables - let them use this plugin. Tables created visually in admin area – then tables presented with clean markup 10
  11. 11. WordPress London 1st March 2012Other Suggestions - 2Watermark Reloaded• Adds configurable watermark to your images as they are uploadedVisual Form Builder• Dynamically builds forms with validation. Better accessibility of output than some. 11
  12. 12. WordPress London 1st March 2012Fin 12