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Company profile of Mangal Synnove Energies Pvt Ltd.
Mangal Synnove Energies is a one stop solution provider for all your renewable energy requirement. From Solar Photovoltaic technologies to solar cooking to solar farms to solar water heating we provide complete end to end turnkey solutions.

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Mangal Synnove Energies Company Profile_Renewable Energy

  1. 1. Welcomes you to the world of RENEWABLE ENERGY
  2. 2. "Switching to renewable energy isn't just the best choice. It's our only option. The way the world produces and uses energy today is not sustainable."
  3. 3. Why Switch to renewable energy ??          Get your own small independent power plant Avail 80% Accelerated depreciation (only on solar power) Reduce your carbon foot print Get Green Building/LEED certification Minimum to least maintenance of your power plant Get Free electricity Sell electricity and earn – Entrepreneurship opportunities Earn Tax Free returns for 10 years Electricity generation through renewable sources are for long term but some of these statutory benefits shall expire soon…… be smart be sensible and invest in renewables today…. A golden opportunity awaits your doorstep….
  4. 4. Who are we??  Mangal group of companies is a Mumbai based professionally managed diversified business house with very strong financial fundamentals, listed on Bombay stock exchange as Mangal Credit & Fin Corp Ltd
  5. 5. website Our group companies
  6. 6. About Mangal Synnove Energies  Mangal Synnove Energies is a one stop solution oriented renewable energy company engaged in providing world class and unmatched renewable energy solutions  Mangal Synnove is a subsidiary company of Mangal Credit & Fin Corp Ltd  Synnove Thermo Pvt . Ltd. was a company founded by Mr. Chintan Valia and Mr. Karan Verma in December 2011.  In July 2012 both the directors decided to merge this company with Mangal Credit and Fin Corp Ltd hence the company was renamed to Mangal Synnove Energies Pvt Ltd.
  7. 7. Products & Solutions we offer  We provide complete end to end solutions in;  Solar Thermal Technology        Solar Water Heating Technology Solar cooking technology Solar Photovoltaic technology Wind Energy Solutions (Small wind turbines only) Solar/Wind Hybrid technology Solar based utility scale power plants ( ) Products we offer;        Solar panels (Indigenous & Imported) (of all wattages) Solar Lanterns Solar Mobile Chargers Solar Home lightning kits Solar Garden Lights Solar Bags Solar Cube ( a first of its own kind portable power generating unit, ideal for construction sites, architects, second home owners)
  8. 8. Mangal Synnove Renewable Solutions – Elaborated
  9. 9. Switch on to the Sun & wind; & you will never regret….  Solar thermal technology  Solar Photovoltaic technology  Utility Scale power plants & Financial Consultancy (power Sector) (  Small Wind Turbines @ Mangal Synnove  Solar-Wind Hybrid Technology  Solar Products Click on individual links to proceed….
  10. 10. All about solar thermal technology Solar thermal technologies can be used for water heating, space heating, space cooling and process heat generation.
  11. 11. Solar Water Heating A solar water-heating system uses clean, non- polluting energy from the sun to heat water. MSEPL Designs Solar Water Heating systems for :  Commercial  Industrial requirement requirements; &  Domestic requirements.
  12. 12. Types of Solar water heaters Flat Plate Collector type (FPC) Domestic System Commercial System
  13. 13. Types of Solar water heaters….contd Evacuated Tube Collector type (ETC) Domestic System Commercial System
  14. 14. Solutions offered     Our well qualified, experienced & well trained team of engineers designs solutions as per your requirements We refrain from executing projects without a site visit; this is to analyze the site conditions before providing you a most cost optimzed solution We offer a wide range of products starting from as low as 125 LPD (liters per day) up to 50000 LPD and there on multiples of 50,000 LPD Our After sales service team ensures your system works efficiently for the period of 5 years ; MSEPL is one of the very few companies in India to provide 5 years comprehensive warranty on all its projects executed. ALWAYS REMEMBER : However good the product is or however great its features are; if the system is not ENGINEERED or DESIGNED CORRECTLY it might fail.
  15. 15. Environmental factors Yearly one solar water heating system of 100 liters can save : 300Kg of Coal Just Think about it….t 1,442KWH of Electricity 182Kg of Gas 678Kg of Co2 Emission 8 Trees from being Cut
  16. 16. Product – System Overview  Self-contained, Highly efficient Solar Water Heating System  Aesthetic, durable, temperature and weather-resistant construction  Safe and User friendly with zero maintenance  Because of Closed Loop System, the collector is prevented from clogging due to scale formation as it is never exposed to any impure water (for more info contact out sales engineer)  Fully mechanically automated system  No additional costs i.e without a pump or electrical running costs  Compact, space-saving design  Very quick and easy to install
  17. 17. The Synnove’dge for your System          Free Site Survey before providing the precise Quotation All Govt Approved Materials used for installation 30% Subsidy Local Municipal Liaising done by our Sales/Service Engineers (in select regions only) Complete System Warranty for 5 years System designed by expert team of experienced technical engineers having more than 5 years of experience System serviced and maintained by our service engineers every four Months Engineer on Call for any reported issues in the system A free technical demo at the time of Society Handover by the Builder with introduction of our service team. (in case of new residential towers only)
  19. 19. Client Name – Mutha Constructions System Capacity – 12,000 LPD Location – Kalyan, Thane System Type – Natural Thermo siphon
  20. 20. Client Name – Space Developers System Capacity – 9600 LPD Location – Mira Road, Thane System Type – Forced Circulation
  21. 21. Client Name – Great Western India Pvt Ltd System Capacity – 450 LPD (Domestic) Location – Juhu, Mumbai System Type – Indirect Natural Thermo siphon system
  22. 22. Client Name –Whispering Palms Resorts Pvt Ltd System Capacity – 16,600 LPD Location – Calangute, Goa System Type - FPC, Pressurized Thermo siphon system
  23. 23. Food for thought On an average the pay back period of solar water heating system ranges from 18-30 months. Why Wait!!! Why think!!! Go Green!!! Call our solar water heater advisor today.
  24. 24. Solar cooking Technology Considering the increasing gap between cooking fuel demand and supply, Solar Cooking becomes an economical and feasible option for a country like India, which receives sun light in abundance for maximum time of the year.
  25. 25. Types of Solar cooking systems Solar Domestic Cooker Solar Direct cooking system Solar Steam cooking system
  26. 26. Solar Domestic Cooking Solutions  Can cook food for 5-6 people per day  More efficient than perennial box type cookers  Frying can be done along with other cooking applications  Ideal for rural to semi rural settling
  27. 27. Solar Direct Cooking Solutions • • • • Solar parabolic concentrator concentrates radiations of sun on the receiver throughout the day - from 9 am to 6 pm. It tracks radiations of the sun through automated tracking device, which rotates the parabolic dish along the axis of rotation of the sun. It enables the users to do cooking in the comfort of their kitchen. These systems are very economical – allows cooking for up to 200 men, with very attractive paybacks.
  28. 28. Solar Steam Cooking System      In this system, there are several static concentrators reflecting/concentrating solar rays on one receiver each. The steam generated in these receivers due to solar energy goes to the header. The system is connected with feed water and steam pipelines that in turn are inter-connected with the boiler and the cooking vessel system. Solar Steam Community Cooking System is an eco-friendly solution to serve the increasing energy demand of the community kitchen cooking. It finds its applications in Residential Schools, Mid-Day Meal program, Military and Defense teams deployed in remote and urban areas, Hotels, Jails, Institutions, Industries providing canteen facilities to employees, temples and many more - catering to more than 200 to several thousands persons daily.
  29. 29. Solar thermic fluid based cooking system    This concentrator focuses sunlight into a high efficiency thermal cavity receiver which is used to heat water, steam or hot oil to generate process heat to high temperature. The Concentrator has a inbuilt dual axis tracking system which follows and tracks the sun to generate the maximum solar output at all times which thereby results in high yield of output energy that can be used in various applications. The concentrator tracks the sun with constant accuracy given the fact higher the concentration higher the efficiency & energy generation and maximum fuel savings.
  30. 30. End of solar thermal section Back
  31. 31. Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Solar Photovoltaics is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semi-conductors that exhibit the Photovoltaics effect.
  32. 32. Different types of solar panels Mono-Crystalline Multi-Crystalline/ Poly-Crystalline Amorphous Silicon/ Thin Film
  33. 33. PV Applications  Solar    Roof tops for : homes/residences commercial establishments industries  Solar Street lights  Solar Telecom Towers  Solar pumps  Solar Fencing Systems  Solar Billboard Systems  Solar Wind Hybrid Systems  Solar products  SOLAR UTILITY SCALE POWER PLANTS
  34. 34. PV Applications – Roof Tops  Roof top solar systems are widely used across the globe for generation of green power.  Easy to install, operate & Maintain; not only enables you to consume but also sell power (to the utility) {kindly refer to our concerned sales representative for more details}  It not only generate power but also keeps your roof far more cooler and protects the same.  Helps appreciate your real estate value faster  Minimal maintenance  Increased energy security through distributed generation  Durable and reliable  Go Green!!! Reduce your carbon footprints & enable a sustainable ge’n’ext
  35. 35. Commercial benefits – Roof tops  Enhanced/appreciated realizable value of your estate/farm/second home/bunglow/apartment  Avail 80% accelerated depreciation and avail tax benefits  Earn Renewable Energy Certificates(for select projects only)  No escalation of electricity tariff – secure yourself from escalating energy costs  Reduce your current electricity consumption – get into the lowest possible tariff slab  Enables you to sell additional power (FIT’s)  Earn Salvage costs – for the remainder of your power plant after 25 years
  36. 36. Solar Street lights Benefits of solar/led lighting         No environmentally hazardous substances (Conventional lights contain Mercury) No more bugs around lights (LEDs don't attract insects) No laying down electrical wires and digging Zero electricity running cost High durability Less heat emission and easy disposal due to absence of harmful substances like mercury Higher color temperature of light No UV & IR radiation
  37. 37. Solar Water Pumps • • • • • • • • Can lift from depths of more than 350 m, Max. Flow rate of 70 m3/hr Lowest power consumption, Max. Efficiency 92 % (motor + controller) High reliability and life expectancy with Low Maintenance Smaller size of solar / wind / battery systems making it cost‐effective pumping solution Glass filled polycarbonate / Stainless Steel construction, industrial standard carbon‐ceramic shaft seal Weather-proof, fully sealed enclosure, resistant to chemicals, salt & sunlight and Withstands temperatures up to 175°F Self‐priming centrifugal design, protected against reverse polarity, overload and high temperature Automatic reset 20 minutes after low water protection engages
  38. 38. Solar Fencing Solutions
  39. 39. Grade –1 fence Full fence with Passive support Grade –2 fence Full fence with out Passive support Grade –3 fence Wall and Grill top fence 40
  40. 40. Solar Bill Board Systems Solar Energy can be very effectively used for Illuminations of Billboards / Hoardings The System Comprises of: 1. Solar PV Array 2. Battery Bank 3. Charge Controller 4. Inverter system 5. Advanced & Most Energy Efficient Lamps 6. Weather Proof luminaries 7. Solid State Timer •The System can be installed on virtually any type or size of Billboard. •Can also be placed at a short distance away •Specially Engineered fixtures provide High Color Rendition Index with Uniformity for extra clarity & equal brightness of displayed creativity / advertisements. •Completely Automated systems with timers for: 6 Hrs. / 8 Hrs. / 12 Hrs. of operation
  41. 41. Utility Scale Solar Power Plants  Utility Scale Solar power plants are connected to National or the state grid with the evacuation capacity of more than 500 Kw.  MANGAL SYNNOVE ENERGIES has Partnered with ACCAD ENERGY to form MANGAL ACCAD SYNNOVE ENERGY, to provide EPC Services, Financial Consultancy and overall C2C (Concept to commissioning) for Solar, Wind power plants.
  42. 42. E ngineering P rocurement C onstruction  Providing turnkey solar energy Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services, MASE’s experts specialize in delivering customized and costeffective solutions for utilityscale solar projects.  By receiving all EPC services from a central project manager, MASCE’s customers receive improved schedule and budget control for their utility-scale solar power plants. Services
  43. 43. Consultancy & Development services  Building a multi-megawatt power plant & installation it is a complex and expensive undertaking. Installations of this size can take years from start to finish, and the smallest error in the early stages could cost you millions in project overruns or could prevent the project from being built.
  44. 44. Financial Consultancy (power sector) Financial Model Financial Consulting • Project IRR • Payback Period • Cash Flows Bankability of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Banks • Interest Rates • - Domestic Interest Rates • - Foreign Int. Rates (LIBOR Based) • Sanction of Limits
  45. 45. Concept 2 Commissioning    Our unique ability to bring a client through the - entire project lifecycle makes us more than a typical consultant - it makes us a partner in your success. The advantages of the concept to commissioning approach are tighter project management, improved cost control and faster and better communication. These all contribute to lower risk and a faster, troublefree start up. ie. the "right project, executed well". Our clients benefit from our suite of services as we assist them from concept to commissioning of their Solar Power Project
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Currently the payback of a Solar Power Plant is not more than 3 years with added statutory benefits….. Make a wise decision…. own a solar power plant today…. • Produce green energy… • avail tax benefits… • have a stable income for at least 25 years
  48. 48. Small Wind Turbines A Small Wind turbine caters to residential & industrial usage and generally complements solar energy by providing additional power. Mangal Synnove Wind turbine is not a traditional wind turbine with motor and three blades. Its PATENTED….its innovative…its economical…
  49. 49. Mangal Synnove – Wind Turbine
  50. 50. Wind Turbine with patented technology  Cut in wind speed at 0.89 m/s compared to 3.5 m/s for standard turbines  Gearless technology improves energy extraction efficiency and increases operating life and reduces maintenance requirement.  Negligible vibration as there is no central generator or gearbox
  51. 51. Recognition & Awards  CE Certified – IEC61439-1, CENELEC EN61000-6-2, CENELEC EN61000-6-4, IEC 60034-1, IEC60204-1  2009 UNIDO Top Ten New Technologies for Renewable Energy Utilization  Voted one of the most Brilliant Product of 2009 by Popular Mechanics Magazine  Edison Awards Gold winner in 2010 under Energy and Sustainability category
  52. 52. Multiple & Flexible Mounting Options
  53. 53. Energy Recovery System
  54. 54. Energy Recovery System
  55. 55. End of Small Wind Turbine Section Back
  56. 56. Solar – Wind Hybrid solutions Hybrid Systems are a combination of 2 or more technology to generate power at a single location. For Eg: Solar and Wind technology can be used in a single common location to generate power. Solar Wind Hybrid systems are very popular and at times can ensure round the clock green power generation.
  57. 57. Solar – Wind Hybrid
  58. 58. End of Solar Hybrid Section Back
  59. 59. Solar Products  Mangal Synnove provides a varied range of solar and eco friendly products catering to different market segments.  Some of our products have international appeal and are accepted globally.  We adhere to strict quality controls and make sure we honor all our commitments and accept best business practices and ensure sustainable business transactions.  With our Pan-India Network we make sure we take care of after sales service which differentiates us from other suppliers.
  60. 60. Solar Cube  The Solar E-power™ cube 1500 is the ultimate portable power source.  Charge up the internal battery with the fold out and slide out solar panels.  You can also charge with a home AC outlet or vehicle DC outlet.  Additional solar panels and batteries can be connected for more power. 1.5 Kw Portable solar power generator with in built battery & inverter. For more info log onto our website
  61. 61. Solar Lanterns  We provide various makes and types of Solar Lanterns.  We Customized the complete product with packaging for our clients for CSR Activities & Corporate Gifting.  Different range of lanterns are available which shall suit client’s pockets as well.
  62. 62. Other Solar Products Solar Mobile Chargers Solar Bags Solar Torches
  63. 63.
  64. 64. Thank you Team Magal Synnove Energies Corporate Office : Magal Synnove Energies Pvt Ltd 1701-02, 17th Floor, A wing, Lotus Corporate Park, Ram Mandir Road, Off Western Express Highway, Goregoan (East), Mumbai 400 063 Maharashtra, India. E-mail – Website – Phone - +91 22 42461300/301