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Research and information on wiki best practices

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  • We can’t have a world class education without the world in our class.
  • I and my fellow collaborators must have the 3 habits essential to global collaboration: receive, read, respond
  • Klossner’s theory says that on social networks 90% of the people lurk, 9% contribute intermittently and 1% are heavy contributors. However, when we collaborate, klossners doesn’t cut it in the classroom. It just doesn’t work.
  • Research slideshare

    1. 1. John Seely Brown,Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California “…you can’t just drop new innovations into a classroom and hope that the instructor will invent effective ways to use them.To fully utilize a new teaching technology, you often need to invent new teaching practices as well.” Flat Classroom Conference 2011 Beijing, China “Web 2 Kung Fu” speedsharing invented
    2. 2.  Fosters community (Elbow 373)  Helps see problems from multiple viewpoints (Howard 10)  Co-authoring impacts the writing of individual authors (Aghbar)  Improves Learning Experiences (wolf 2010)  “Ideal model for constructing, reorganizing and acquiring new information” (Janssen et all 2010)  Global collaboration is essential in today’s workplace (Friedman)  Shorten time required to solve pressing world problems (Tapscott) Benefits of Collaborative Writing Hong Kong 2011 Students edit wiki with virtual partners
    3. 3. Dr. Justin Reich @bjfr • “Only 11% of wikis have any form of student collaboration and only 2-3% of wikis could be called ‘highly collaborative.’” • “Giving students access to collaborative platoforms doesn’t mean they will collaborate.”
    4. 4. Types of writing via Dr. Justin Reich 1. Concatenation – discrete content – Students don’t touch each other’s work 2. Copy Editing – Edit grammar, punctuation, syntax or spelling 3. Co construction – Substantively edit text of another student through addition, deletion replacement As quoted in Chapter 1: Collaborative Writing in the Cloud By Vicki Davis @eyeoneducation Winter 2013
    5. 5. Types of writing via Dr. Justin Reich 4. Commenting – Conversational move – Doesn’t contribute to wiki content 5. Discussion – Comment back and forth on a topic with at least four conversational turns. As quoted in Reinventing Writing By Vicki Davis May 2014
    6. 6. Community of Practice • “communities of practice are formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor.” (Lave and Wegner)
    7. 7. “We can’t have a world class education without the world.” @coolcatteacher Flat Classroom Conference Bejing, China 2011
    8. 8. 3 R’s of Global Collaboration •Receive •Read •Respond P 128-130
    9. 9. Klossner’s (2010) 90-9-1 principle Step 4: Contribute & Collaborate Klossner’s doesn’t cut it in the classroom! P 128