NetGenEd Project 2012 Award Winners


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This presentation includes links to award winning student videos that explain topics as outlined in the 2012 Horizon Report and how they relate to education.

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NetGenEd Project 2012 Award Winners

  1. 1. NetGenEd 2012Flat Classroom™ Co-founded by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay
  2. 2. Welcome - Vicki Davis- Julie Lindsay
  3. 3. Participating Schools
  4. 4. Judges AwardsGiven by the expert judges aggregating their scores These awards go to the best multimedia works. See Rubrics for details about  Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality and  Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas Awards can be found at after this ceremony)All videos can be found at:
  5. 5. #1 Mobile Apps Total Number of Videos submitted – 27 Judged by: Eva Brown, Craig Union First: 4.A.1The Evolution of Studying by Kendall B (WHSB) and A.APM.1 Mobile Apps in the Real World byKristenS_AAHS Second: 4.A.2 Picture This! by RandyL_aahsand 5.A.4 NathanR_HPC Apps for collaboration Third: 6.A.3"Educational Apps" tj-whsb HM: 8.A.1 Innovation of Mobile Apps: Small Tools to Make a Big Difference MishaB_SVHS
  6. 6. #2 Tablet Computing Total Number of Videos submitted – 22 Judged by: Craig Union, Tina Schmidt, Dilek Gokce First: 8.B.1Tablet ComputingRachelP_SVHS Second: 5.B.1 Tablet Computing Collaboration Morgan_ISA and 6.B.1 BarryW_PHSA Tablet Computing Third: 7.B.2 "Transcending Tablets" by Josephg_aahs and B.PM.1 Trees T. - Ning video link HM: 8.B.2 Tablet Computing_Innovation DanielleM_PHSand 4.B.1 Ebooks by BeccaB- whsband 3.B.1 Tablet Computing: Scrutiny by ElenaAPPHS
  7. 7. #3 Game Based Learning Total Number of Videos submitted – 24 Judged by: Julie Lindsay, Gay Landaiche, Terry Smith First: 8.C.2 "Game-Based Learning" by Samuel M/KSand 2.C.2 Ben H Game Based Learning Video Second: 5.C.2 Game Based Learning Justin C Third: 3.C.3 Game Based Learning Scrutiny by Matt_PHS HM: 4.C.1 "Teachers Issue with Boring Class Room" by TrevorS_PPHS
  8. 8. #4 Learning Analytics Total Number of Videos submitted – 18 Judged by: Craig Union, Susan Hennessey First: 5.D.1 Allie Ms talk show! Topic: Learning Analytics and Collaboration! AllieM_PPHS and 2.D.2 "Learning Analytics and Customization" by Tess T.-pphs Second: 2.D.3 "Customizing How We Learn" by GrantF_AAHSand 8.D.3 Using Learning Analytics Flora Wang Third: 1.D.1 "Smart Homework" HayesG_WHSB HM: 5.D.2 Joshuas Collaboration and Learning Analytics Video JoshuaA_AAHSand 8.D.1 Learning Dana-lytics and Innovation Dana_ISA
  9. 9. #5 Gesture-Based Computing Total Number of Videos submitted – 19 Judged by: Toni Olivieri-Barton, Ashley Holst First: 5.E.2 SadeB_AAHS Computing Made Easy Second: 1.E.1NateB_SVHS Gesture based Computing leads to freedom Third: 5.E.1 Rachelh-WHSB Why would you want to take a personal assistant to school?
  10. 10. #6 Internet of Things Total Number of Videos submitted – 20 Judged by: Kyle Dunbar, Jayme Johnson First: 8.F.2 EmmaS_AAHS Emmas Internet of Things Video Second: 1.F.2 "The Internet of Things" by NiallC_KS Third: 8.F.3 DavidM_PHS Internet of things-Innovation HM: 7.F.3 The Speedy Highway of the Internet of Things NicoleG_SVHS
  11. 11. Meta-Judge Awards The meta-judge for this project is Alan Levine. Alan is widely recognized for expertise in the application of new technologies to education and was a pioneer on the web. An early proponent of blogs and RSS, he shares his ideas and discoveries at CogDogBlog. More recently he has explored new forms of web storytelling (including 50+ Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story and the StoryBox), and tools for connecting and open sharing online. Currently he is an instructional technology specialist at the University of Mary Washington, following leadership positions at the New Media Consortium and the Maricopa Community Colleges. When possible, he enjoys the peace of a little cabin in Strawberry, Arizona. His interests include digital storytelling, digital photography, bending WordPress to his whims, and randomly dipping into the inifinte river of the internet.
  12. 12. How does meta judging work? Divisional award winners use the rubric for judging. All first and second place award winners are viewed by the meta judge who then determines the best overall without using the rubric. Those who are first and second in each section are often very close and it is understood that they meet the criteria to be at the top of the project.
  13. 13. Honorable Mention Winner: SadeB_AAHSVideo: 5.E.2 Computing Made Easy made-easyJudges comment: I was impressed by the juxtaposition of the hand drawn visual style and the use of gesture- based device (seen in reflection) for recording of the video. Ease of use is certainly the leading compelling aspect of Gesture-Based Computing and this video made a strong case for it- I might have liked to seen the drawing of the message on the iPad sped up just a tad.
  14. 14. Third Place Winner: Samuel M/KSVideo: 8.C.2 Game-based Learning based-learning-2Judges comment: The graphic style for this video was compelling and matched well with the topic, and was complemented by compelling narration. The synthesis brought together key points as well as addressing the positive and negative aspects of game-based learning.
  15. 15. Second PlaceWinner: RachelP_SVHSVideo: 8.B.1 Tablet Computing computing-1Judges comment: I enjoyed the clean video style in this project, use of music and the depiction of examples that both showed the technology and supported the message. The one caveat that is difficult to avoid is the dominance of iPads, and at least there should be mention that there are other key table devices out there.
  16. 16. FIRST PLACEThe NetGenEd 2012 overall WinnerWinner: NiallC_KSVideo: 1.F.2 The Internet of Things internet-of-things-freedom-choiceJudges Comment: I was impressed by the comprehensive overview of this topic and its illustration of how it might come to be via concrete examples. This video was able to demonstrate clearly how this technology might come to be in clever ways through metaphors and real objects, and added a bit of clever humor that did not detract from the message
  17. 17. Congratulations to all students and teachersThank you to all judges, advisors, researchers and supporters.NetGenEd 2012 http://flatclassroomproject.ning.comFlat Classrooms (for educators) http://flatclassrooms.ning.comEmail: Flat Classroom™ Co-founded by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay