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Slides of my Joomla REST API presentation

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Joomla REST API CTO, Techjoomla Director, Tekdi Web Solutions @coolbung | @techjoomla
  2. 2. My Joomla! connection● 5-star personality on the Joomla Forum● Started using Joomla since Mambo days● Using Joomla since 1.0● Webservices working group co-ordinator
  3. 3. Did you check-in ?
  4. 4. How did it happen ? You buy a ticket! Scan Extract QR Code Ticket ID Validate Send Ticket ID Welcome Email Show Message
  5. 5. REST What ?● Representational State Transfer● A web page is a human readable representation● A webservice is a machine readable representation● REST piggybacks on HTTP● Hidden workhorse to integrate with external applications
  6. 6. Human Readable – Web Page Machine Readable – Web Service
  7. 7. REST APIs What is a REST API?● Machine readable data● A way to interact with data over HTTP POST = Create GET = Read PUT = Update DELETE = Delete
  8. 8. Why do I need REST APIs ?My JAVA app My Joomla! website INSERT INTO jos_users (name, username, email, password, block) VALUES (James Bond,,, MD5(007), 0) INSERT INTO jos_user_usergroup_map VALUES(62, 8)
  9. 9. What do I do then ?index.php?option=com_api&app=users&resource=createuser&format=raw[POST]name = Ashwin Dateusername = coolbung@gmail.comemail = coolbung@gmail.compassword = supersecretkey = 4358a6fc7470713c79f31b163558a2639b3036ed
  10. 10. Cool! What else can I do ?
  11. 11. Tell me more.. who else uses it ?
  12. 12. Who else ?● News apps – Look at● Reportoise – Sales Reports● Zoo Image browser● Snappcloud
  13. 13. Did anyone say Enterprise ? A fortune 500 semiconductor company, for a HTML5 based Desktop app.● Managing a repository of 100,000 micro products● Product approval workflow
  14. 14. Mobile LMS Using Joomla Another upcoming app from Techjoomla.. Already in use by Enterprise in Healthcare, Marketing & more !● Take a course on iPad● Go through a few lessons● Go meet your girlfriend● Come back and start the course on your PC● Fortunately the iPad spoke REST● Uploaded your progress to the Web LMS● You can resume where you left off
  15. 15. Content Synchronization● Subordinate creates articles in Joomla on staging server● Manager saves and views article on staging server● Manager then pushes an approved article over to production● The staging & production site speak REST
  16. 16. Preventive MaintenanceNew machine provisioning API Agent Maintenanceannouncements
  17. 17. Preventive Maintenance● Electronic monitoring of machines - like a drill● Vital stats like temperature, vibrations monitored● Deviations send alerts to engineers & management● Causes discussed on private forum and conclusion archived for future reference
  18. 18. Current Drawbacks● Need to write plugins● Small amount of code rewrite● Components not using Joomla MVC may need a lot of plugin code
  19. 19. Whats Available● Jomsocial● Joomla Articles & Categories● Some of AEC
  20. 20. Few Ideas● view.json.php● restcontroller.php● format=json
  21. 21. Next Steps● Discussion on integrating Framework on Framework (FOF) into Joomla core● FOF gives access to RESTful json data● Build on top of it to implement all of POST/GET/PUT/DELETE and various HTTP codes● Re-use existing models to fetch data objects
  22. 22. Please join in!● Webservices working group● Code on github● Joomla! General Development Google Group!for
  23. 23. Thank YouAshwin DateTwitter : @coolbung / @techjoomlaEmail : ashwin@techjoomla.com