Watch Over Me Deck March 2014 (For Echelon KL)


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Our Deck for Echelon KL 2014, it shows WOM new features + our New UI.

Watch Over Me, The Next Waze of Personal Safety App

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  • HI everyone. Let me ask you a question. If your gf, daughter or wife was in some form of danger and needed your help, could be a robbery, an attack on a quiet street or a car accident, a state of danger basically - would you like to be notified? Or if you were traveling to a new city like JB or London would you like to know which streets or areas of the city are high crime and you should avoid?
  • In fact, 2 weeks after launching in February, we were top 3 lifestyle and free apps in Malaysia and Singapore, top 10 in Australia , Hong Kong and the New Zealand.
    This app is used by 128,000 people.
    This app is called Watch Over Me.
  • This app addresses a very big problem for women.
    Women in big cities don’t feel very safe. No matter which city we live in, there are enough news stories about robberies, rape, abductions that keep women from feeling safe. So what do they do to feel safer? They call you - their husbands, brothers, boyfriends, fathers The problem is, they can’t call you all the time. So they install panic button apps. It’s still a problem because when you’re bring attacked do you really think they have the luxury of time to unlock their phones, load up an app and hit a panic button?
    It’s impossible. The solution has to be easy and automatic.
  • With that in mind, we built Watch Over Me. It gets help from your loved ones automatically, and allows you to shake your phone to send out an emergency alert.
  • Say your wife, gf or daughter is going for a 30 minute run. Let’s call her Karla. She tells the app to watch over her for 30 minutes. At the end of 30 mins, the app asks “Are you OK?” if the app doesn’t get a response from her, it sends out an emergency alert to you automatically. When you get the alert you get to see where she is and you get to hear and hopefully see what’s going on via video.
  • She can also shake her phone to trigger an emergency alert.
  • Our users love our app. Mzloveless, from the US, left a review on the app store a couple months ago raving about how Watch Over Me’s shake to alert your loved ones feature saved her from an attempted robbery.
    1 in 3 people who click on our ad download the app, and 60% of people who pay to subscribe, pay for 12 months.
  • With this version of Watch Over Me as our proof of concept, we’ve got over 135,000 users upon launching in 2013. We want to build a version 2.0, a major overhaul, that can take our user base growth to the next level, and to add more value to our users.
    We want to crowdsource crime data from our users to identify high-crime areas
    And using this data we will be able to let you know when you enter a “high crime” area in the city you’re in.
  • With this version of the app, we want to collect millions of data points which can then be used to analyze crime trends and best recommend safe routes to users.
    Initially we plan on scraping existing crime-maps from crime-spotting, Australian Federal Police, London Met, NYPD.
    On the next level we will be building features to enable users to submit crime-related data and tag these crimes to specific locations on a map.
    With geo-fencing, algorithms and deductions, we will be able to tag areas as high-crime and watch over our users when they will need it the most.
  • Using Facebook mobile ads, we can reach at least 130M women between the ages of 15-35 years worldwide.
  • In 12 months, we are looking to grow our userbase to 1M users.
    At our current freemium conversion rate of 2.4%, that would give us 24,000 monthly paying users. At an average of $2 a month, this means a revenue of $600,000 annualy.
  • While we monetize from paying users from high-spend countries like XYZ, we also monetize from lowspend countries. We do this via telcos.
  • We’ve secured our first country partner with the #1 telco in Malaysia. A Maxis-branded Watch Over Me app will be launching in Malaysia this year. Maxis pays us a licensing fee and shares 50% of app sale revenue with us.
  • Watch Over Me is a perfect fit for wearable tech as innovation speeds up and it becomes more popular.
    Mass adoption of wearable tech is inevitable. Instead of
    producing our own safety devices, we want to be able to
    connect Watch Over Me with existing devices with open
    APIs (such as Pebble, or the future iWatch)
  • As a co-founder I built my entire career in organic and paid marketing, managing and activating a 250K community for Mindvalley, an internet marketing company, leading to the birth of a $1M business. I’ve also managed SEO, adwords, FB and community engagement in F&B, web app and politics.
    My co-founder built his career leading tech teams and building banking solutions for financial institutions. At Experian, he built a team of 150 people in under 2 years.
    Both of us have had some crazy experiences that led to the birth of this app. James’ sister went missing for awhile before her family learned that she was involved in a car crash. I myself was kidnapped last year right here in KL, but thankfully, I escaped.
    This is why we dedicate our lives to building Watch Over Me and making sure every girl has it on their phones.
  • We’re raising 500K at a 2.5 pre-money valuation.
    We’ve raised 200K so far
  • Watch Over Me Deck March 2014 (For Echelon KL)

    2. 2. > 135,000 Registered Users When we launched in 2013… #1 Lifestyle app in Malaysia #2 Free app in Malaysia #2 Lifestyle App in Singapore #10 Lifestyle App in Australia
    3. 3. Women in Big Cities Don’t Feel Very Safe. They’re downloading panic button apps that don’t even work!
    4. 4. With That In Mind, We Built “Watch Over Me” Sends emergency alerts “automatically” And shake your phone to send an emergency alert
    5. 5. Sends Emergency Alerts “Automatically” If you don’t confirm your safety by the time your run is up.... They will be provided with your location on a map Video from your phone’s camera
    6. 6. Or, Shake Your Smartphone To Get Help Immediately Your GPS location Video recording of what’s going on from your phone’s camera
    7. 7. Women Love This App 1 in 3 people who click on our add download it.
    8. 8. The Waze Of Personal Safety In 2014, we’re taking it to the next level. One benefit of Waze is that it tells you where traffic jams are so you can avoid traffic jams. Watch Over Me tells you where high-crime streets are so you can avoid high-crime streets.
    9. 9. Building The “Safety” Graph Structuring unstructured crime data Data from: and more… Crime Data Crowdsourced from Watch Over Me Users With The “Safety” Graph we will be able to tag streets or areas as “high-crime” and watch over users when they need it the most.
    10. 10. We Can Reach 130M Women via FB Ads 40M 28M 18M 3.4M 36.5 M Female Age 15-35 Smartphone-using
    11. 11. Our 2014 Goal 1,000,000 users 24,000 paying users monthly $600,000 annually *assuming average 2% freemium conversion at $2 monthly
    12. 12. 400M While we monetize from paying users from high-spend countries like the US, AU and UK, we also monetize from low-spend countries in Southeast Asia. We do this via the telcos.
    13. 13. Deal Signed With Maxis #1 Telco in Malaysia Launched Circle Watch App
    14. 14. Future Opportunities #2: Watch Over Me For Wearable Tech Google Glass Smartwatches
    15. 15. This is why we dedicate our lives to making sure every girl in the world has it on her phone. This is our life’s work. James Khoo, Founder CTO + Systems Architect •Got the idea for Watch Over Me when his sister went missing for several days when she was involved in a car accident. •Former CTO, building banking solutions for financial institutions •Grew his R&D team at Experian from 20-150 people in less than 2 years. Chin Xin-Ci, Co-Founder Business Development + Marketing •Was attacked + almost kidnapped in 2012 but escaped. Started working on Watch Ove Me almost immediately after. •Managed & activated a 250,000 community, leading to the birth of a US$1M/year business •Managed SEO, Adwords, Facebook advertising and community engagement in broad range of industries.
    16. 16. Watch Over Me Targets A Very Basic Need That Every Woman Has. The Need for Safety