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We put bodyguard into user's mobile phone, always watch over them and ensure their safety, should our user's is in danger situation, will automatically call for help without user's invention.

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  • Hi I am James, and this is Winnie, we are from secQ.meWe put bodyguard in your mobile phone, automatically call for help without your intervention.Let me share a story with you.---- Next Slide ----
  • I found out that when dealing with emergency, most of mobile safety app require user to take out phone, unlock the screen, launch the application and finally trigger the panic button.. Seriously, could one really go though so many steps when in Panic? And...what if we can’t call for help at all? because we panic, lost of conscious, or worse force to turn off our phone.. How do we let our love one know that “Hey we are here, please come help me ASAP”How could help?==== Next Slide ===
  • A quick recap- 1. We allows user to
  • A quick recap- We allows user to register event, confirm safety, and trigger emergency directly from bluetooth watch, without even taking out the phone. If all things fail, with, we could always assure that help is always on the way.
  • And this is what your love one will see upon an emergency, complete trail of your journey, with details of voice, text, picture and video.
  • Since we launch our Beta at August, have won series of international awards. And initial market response is very positive.
  • We believe secQ,me is applicable to everyone, , Few companies has shown interest to use our service,, and we have initiated a discussion with one of Telco on possible to white label our solution back home.
  • We will be profitable with just 1% of the projected 50 million USD market, in Malaysia alone! And We are confident to get 200,000 paid subscribers in 3 years time..
  • This is our team, Winnie, and Nizran, there are with me today, do approach me to find out more about We are happy to have Jeff Hoffman as our adviser.
  • will be profitable with just 1% of the 50 million market share, in Malaysia alone.A simple comparison against our biggest competitor, Life360 (USA), who have now close to 6 millions users, who charging 5 USD a month.
  • Lastly, I like to share with you voice of our customers, oh btw,, what if I tell user cloud also trigger emergency by simply shaking the phone, with auto video capture…Smile judges, you are on camera..Thank you!-------------Oh by the way, how easy to Lady and gentleman, every year, there close to 7000 woman forces into unwanted situation in Malaysia, approximately 200,000 children reported missing in US every year, thousands of life could be save if they able to call for help a bit early., it’s our vision that with, we able to help on reduce this number greatelt. But even if we able to help to save one life, jus one life, we feels that we have done something great ..
  • We have patented solution with Malaysia IPO, and applied PCT, at the same time we have extended solution into Auto Mobile Industry.. Due to time constraints, I will not explain the solution here..
  • secQme BodyGuard in your mobile phone

    1. 1. Bodyguard in your mobile phone
    2. 2. The problems
    3. 3. The SolutionCheck out our IntroVideo at
    4. 4. Solution Summary Ease of use  Be smart with Risk
    5. 5. Tracking Page
    6. 6. Where we are now Patented with Malaysia IPO. Applied PCT Awards:  1st Runner up of CRDF-GIST, Startup competition.  Sony Ericsson 2011 Application Awards.  VentureBeat King of Code Finalist.  AndroidPIT Best Safety App Beta launched (Aug, 2011) - 14,000 users “it is companies like that Malaysia hopes will lure Silicon Valley investors.”, CNBC, Nov, 21
    7. 7. Consumer Freemium Monthly subscription (USD 2.99 – USD 4.99) for advance features.Corporate  Protection for their staff,  Include monitoring consoleWhite label/Licensing  Telco, Insurance company, home security
    8. 8. Market• Malaysia Market alone - USD 50 million • 2% of market share – profitable for secQ.meSource: Demographic data and surveys conducted 2011• Aspire to achieve 200,000 paid subscribers in 3 years time.Market Reference: Life360 (US -competitor), have 6million users in 3 years
    9. 9. Family Monitoring  Multiple Safety Zones,  Configurable check in and check out time per ZoneHot Zones warning..External Device/Service  Heartbeat waistband  Jawbone Up  Bluetooth watch/bracelet  Apple SIRI
    10. 10. Financials (in USD) Seeking Investment of USD 300,000 • Profitable in 9th Month, and ROI in 2nd Year 6th Month 12th Month 18th Month 24th MonthRevenueConsumer 30,000 204,000 420,000 715,000Enterprise 100,000 150,000 200,000Total revenue 30,000 304,000 570,000 915,000Expense 120,000 191,000 227,000 274,000Profit -90,000 113,000 343,000 641,000
    11. 11. The TeamJames Khoo, Founder Winnie Wong Wai Lin, Nizran Noordin, Developer Co-Founder, COO Co-Founder 16 years exp 15 years exp Business Development 8 years exp Jeff Hoffman, Adviser - ColorCar Founder, - CRDF-GIST Adviser, - PriceLine CEO.
    12. 12. Backup Slides
    13. 13. Market and Competitors  Malaysia Market- USD 50 million a year  1% of market share – profitable  Life360, 6 Million users, -USD 5 a month Life360 Available at Q2, 2012 YesFamily Monitoring (Smart Monitoring) (Standard)Watch over me Yes NoEmergency via Yes NoExternal DeviceSMS Notification Support 40+ countries US onlySupport Video, Voice, Yes NoPicture event capture
    14. 14. Love this app!, It should comeas pre-installed on every Great personal safety app ItAndroid Phone. Works! The best personal safety app Ive ever tried! Jessica – 12-Dec-2011 Milos – 28-Dec-2011This app have really MANYgreat opportunities andPersonal safety is itscovered with great something that means a lot to me. Thanks secQmenotifications (FB, TW, SMS,email), .. Igor – 12-Jan,2012 Michael 14-Jan-201 Q and A
    15. 15. Technical Advantage Patented with Malaysia IPO, applied PCT Extended Patent in Auto Mobile, filed with Malaysia IPO  “Black box” for car, auto tracking  Panic button beneath driving wheel  Auto trigger emergency request if collision detected (e.g Airbag launch)
    16. 16. SecQme My Mobile Tracker – Screen shots