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secQme High Level Presentation


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Presentation I did for CRDF -GIST Battle of Idea competition which we won 1st runner up, and get a prize money of USD 10,000, and a sponsor trip to US to pitch to US investor

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secQme High Level Presentation

  1. 1. Bodyguard in your mobile phone
  2. 2. The problem Increase crime against Women. Missing children. When emergency happen….  Most of time, we can’t call for help…
  3. 3. The Solution “A Guardian angel” in your mobile phone,  Very easy to trigger emergency request  Preventive - if all things fails Check out our intro Video at
  4. 4. the Solution (Patented with Malaysia IPO, other country patent pending) server User’ SNS Account 3. Track user’s status and location User’s friend and family
  5. 5. Tracking Page
  6. 6. Where we are now 1st Runner up of CRDF-GIST, Battle of idea competition. Sony Ericsson 2011 Application Awards. VentureBeat King of Code Finalist. Four Stars by AndroidPIT App Review, August 2011 Beta launched (Android + iPhone) 12,000 users “it is companies like that Malaysia hopes will lure Silicon Valley investors.”, CNBC, Nov, 21
  7. 7. The Team  James, Founder , CEO  Over 16 years of IT Experience.  Working Exp: ○ R&D Manager for Experian ○ CTO of Theta Service Partner ○ Enterprise Java Architect for Sun Microsystems.  Winnie Wong Wai Lin, COO  Over 18 Years on IT Experience, focus on finance Industries  Regional Head of Process reengineering of Standard Chartered Bank.  Jeff Hoffman, Adviser  ColorCar Founder, CRDF-GIST Adviser, PriceLine ex CEO
  8. 8. Technical Advantage Patented with Malaysia IPO, applied PCT Extended Patent in Auto Mobile, filed with Malaysia IPO  “Black box” for car, auto tracking  Panic button beneath driving wheel  Auto trigger emergency request if collision detected (e.g Airbag launch)
  9. 9. Business Model Consumer  Freemium – Basic features  Monthly subscription (USD 2.99) for Advance features. SME  Protection for their staff  Include monitoring console White label/Licensing  Telco, Insurance company, home security,  Dating website
  10. 10. Competition Life360, family monitoring  6 million users, Incorporated at 2008, focus on US market. Features Life360 Family Monitoring Available at Q1, 2012 Yes Watch over me Yes No Support External Device Yes N0 SMS Notification Support 40+ countries US only Support Video, Voice, Yes No Picture event capture
  11. 11. Financials (in USD) Seeking Investment of USD 300,000 • Profitable in 9th Month, and ROI in 2nd Year 6th Month 12th Month 18th Month 24th MonthRevenueConsumer 30,000 204,000 420,000 715,000Enterprise 100,000 150,000 200,000Total revenue 30,000 304,000 570,000 915,000Expense 120,000 191,000 227,000 274,000Profit -90,000 113,000 343,000 641,000
  12. 12. Road Map Family Monitoring  Multiple Safety Zones,  Configurable check in and check out time per Zone Hot Zones warning.. External Device/Service  Heartbeat waistband  Jawbone Up  Bluetooth watch/bracelet  Apple SIRI
  13. 13. Contact InfoWebsite : http://secq.meFounder : James Khoo,Email : james.khoo@secq.meSkype : coolboyklMobile : (60)-162389788