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A short presentation about secQ.me services, do visit http://secq.me to find out more

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About secQ.me service

  1. 1. ‘My Guardian Angel’<br />James Khoo & Winnie Wong<br />Dec 2010<br />Copyright @ reserved 2010<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Problem Statement<br />Our solution – paradigm shift<br />Target Segments<br />Summary<br />
  3. 3. Problem Statement<br />Rising in crime rate globally especially <br />to the below segments<br /><ul><li>Missing Children
  4. 4. Rape against Women</li></ul>Statistic from Malaysia <br /><ul><li>KUALA LUMPUR: The crime index rose 15.74% last year (2007)
  5. 5. Since 2004, 6270 teenagers have been reported missing and 4620 are girls
  6. 6. Police statistic revealed that in 2005, 71 girls were found dead and in 2006 another 71 bodies were found by Police
  7. 7. Jan to Apr 2008 – 303 children & teenagers have been reported missing
  8. 8. Data from http://www.cybertraveltips.com/asia/malaysia/Statistic-Of-Missing-Child-In-Malaysia.html</li></li></ul><li>Problem Statement<br />Today’s Dilemma…..<br />Most application in the market requires one to trigger an ‘Emergency Button’ or triggers an ‘Emergency Call’<br />But most often then not, one is incapable to call for help during an emergency because: <br />Panic and too distress<br />Can’t access to their phone / Phone is unavailable<br />Unconscious<br />And it is often too late for local authorities to do anything by the time one can call. <br />
  9. 9. Our Solution<br />The concept rides on the believed of ‘prevention is better than cure’ by cultivating the habit of sharing with my virtual ‘guardian angel’ - secQ.me, my whereabouts every time when I am going out (vulnerable for risk), event detail, and the duration, for example:<br /><ul><li>Taking a Taxi Home, Taxi number WEB2930, duration 30 minutes
  10. 10. Going to pickup my Car at Building ABC open car part, duration 10 minutes.
  11. 11. Driving to City ABC via Highway 427 alone, duration 1 hour.</li></li></ul><li>Our Solution - continue<br />When a secQ.me event duration is up, and user fail to confirm his/her safety with us, <br />Or user trigger emergency…<br />secQ.me server<br />3. secQ.me mobile app <br />will continues <br />update user’s location <br />to our server<br />User’ SNS Account<br />1. Notify user’s <br />friend and family via SMS <br />And email.<br />User’s SNS status will <br />be updated<br />2. Track user’s <br />status and location<br />User’s friend and family<br />
  12. 12. Paradigm Shift …<br />Instead of sms/calling your husband or mum …now you inform SecQ.me<br />Cannot tell or lye to your parents or love ones & compromise on your safety… now you can share with SecQ.me & be rest assured that help will come when needed<br />Worry and do not know whether my child is in any danger overseas… now you can subscribe this for your child and when she is in danger you will be the first one to know so that help can be sent <br />Basically triggering SecQ.me, please watch over me!<br />Note: Do visit http://blog.secq.me/about/ for more information about secQ.me service and features.<br />
  13. 13. SecQ.Me – Why is it different?<br />‘My Guardian Angel’ Concept<br />Automatically alert the right people for help even if the person is NOT capable to call for help herself or LOST her a mobile device.<br />Automatically broadcast to Facebook & Tweeter so that all my friends and loved ones know I am in danger even though I cant reach out to them.<br />Automatically track & inform the right people/authority on my nearest possible location so that help can be sent immediately (shorten investigation time) <br />Allows user to trigger ON-THE-SPOT emergency.<br />
  14. 14. Target Segments<br />Single <br />Professional<br />Woman<br />Boyfriend &<br />Girlfriend<br />Brothers &<br />Sisters<br />Husband &<br />Wife<br />Teenage Children <br />(locally / studying abroad)<br />Parents for <br />their younger <br />children<br />
  15. 15. Summary<br />No dependency on any device or individual upon an emergency<br />Register an event anytime and anywhere<br />Provide the tracking location of the individual who may be seeking help in silence<br />Automatically notify a list of preferred people for help<br />Do Visit http://secQ.me to find out more!<br />