Cool australia biodiversity 5&6 presentation


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Teachers can use this presentation to help their students learn about biodiversity.

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Cool australia biodiversity 5&6 presentation

  1. 1. Biodiversity – Weird & Wonderful Creatures! Year 5 & 6
  2. 2. Madagascan Aye Aye
  3. 3. Echidna
  4. 4. Leafy Sea-Dragon
  5. 5. The Star-Nosed Mole
  6. 6. Naked Mole Rat
  7. 7. Spiny Leaf Insect
  8. 8. The Leech
  9. 9. Bird of Paradise
  10. 10. Tarsier
  11. 11. Penguins
  12. 12. These extraordinary creatures… …are very important for our planet! Many other animals and plants rely on them and they rely on other animals and plants. They are connected!
  13. 13. Biodiversity Biodiversity is a term used to describe all the living things that make up the web of life on Earth. From a microscopic bacteria to a polar bear! From a gum tree to a blow fly!
  14. 14. Activity: What would life be like without all these strange animals?
  15. 15. Habitats A habitat is the place where an organism lives. A habitat will provide the animal with the resources it needs for survival.
  16. 16. We can show how organisms connect through food chains and food webs…..
  17. 17. Food webs/chains… The arrow shows the flow of energy. The arrow points to where the energy goes. Flow of energy
  18. 18. Forest Food web
  19. 19. Why do we need biodiversity? We need high levels of biodiversity for clean air, food, fresh water, clothes, energy and medicine. Without biodiversity, life for humans would be both dull and dangerous!
  20. 20. Threats to Biodiversity Humans have been damaging our biosphere and ecosystems, which is affecting our biodiversity! What has happened in these pictures below?
  21. 21. Although humans have been changing the Australian landscape for 50,000 years or more, the changes in the last 200 years have caused a terrible loss of soil, vegetation and biodiversity. This sounds bad! What on earth are we humans doing to cause all this?
  22. 22. What are humans doing… • Pollution • Deforestation • Introduced Animals • Climate change
  23. 23. Tips for helping biodiversity • Use less stuff! • Plant native plants in your garden - good for the birds, butterflies and bees, and good for the soil! • Pollute less by driving less, buying less and wasting less and thinking about what you’re flushing down the drain! • Buy organic fruit and veggies if you can - these haven’t been sprayed with chemicals that can harm biodiversity! • Lock up your pets at night - the night belongs to native animals! • Donate some time to vegetating or cleaning up a local wildlife park! • Choose sustainably harvested fish to have with your chips! • Spread the word! • For more tips and more information on biodiversity visit the Cool Australia site (
  24. 24. Lets review… 1. What is biodiversity? 2. Why do we need high levels of biodiversity? 3. What are humans doing to influence biodiversity? 4. What is your favorite weird and wonderful creature? Is it likely to become extinct?