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Cool Australia: Climate Change Powerpoint Presentation

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Cool Australia: Climate Change Powerpoint Presentation

  1. • Everybody’s talking about global warming, the greenhouse effect and climate change, and for good reason: it’s one of the biggest threats we have ever faced.• Some of the stories we hear about these issues can sound like the stuff of nightmares. But what does it really all mean and why is it happening?
  2. • Changes to our climate are natural and have been happening for as long as the Earth has been around.• This means that some places that are now deserts might once have been covered in ice or by rainforests.
  3. • Australia was once a part of Antarctica. It was a pretty cold place back then. But since it broke away from Antarctica millions of years ago and started moving north the weather has been getting warmer (thankfully).
  4. • But now scientists have discovered that the climate is changing again and that it is happening much faster than it has ever happened before: it is this recent and rapid change that scientists are referring to when they talk about Climate Change.
  5. • So why is this change happening to our climate?• Scientists have discovered that the Earth’s temperature is rapidly increasing and they believe that this is because of the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.• There are a many types of greenhouse gases, but the main ones that are causing problems for the climate are Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide.
  6. The main human causes for these gases are the energythat we use for electricity, the transport that we use, andthe ways that we grow animals for food.
  7. • Most of these problem greenhouse gases are produced in naturally in low amounts.• At their natural low levels greenhouse gases act like a gassy blanket, trapping the heat of the sun around the Earth. This heat is the perfect temperature for Earth as we know it. Without this heat the Earth would get very, very cold: this warming blanket is known as the Greenhouse Effect.
  8. • So what is the problem?• The Earth’s not the only one making greenhouse gases anymore: people are also making them too, and we are making so many of them that the planet can’t take care of them naturally anymore.• These extra gases are making the Earths gassy blanket thicker and thicker. And because this blanket is getting so thick it’s not letting out any of the heat.
  9. • This means that the Earth is starting to get warmer and warmer. This is called Global Warming.• Global warming is affecting the way the Earths’ climate and weather systems work, sending them a bit topsy-turvy. Global warming is what is causing Climate Change.
  10. • A change in weather patterns and climate will have an affect on all living things, including us.• If there is a big change in the climate this might mean that some places will be better off, and some will have a much harder time.
  11. • This means that some plants might grow better, but others might not grow at all. Some animals might have more to eat, while others might have less. And some humans might find that where they live will be changed so much that it will be too difficult to live there anymore.• In Victoria we may get even less rain than we have now. This means that Victoria will get drier and it will be harder for people, plants and animals to live here.
  12. Map of the possible climate change impactsfor Victoria
  13. • No one really knows what exactly will happen and how it will happen. It all depends on what we humans do now to stop the climate changing too much.• There are lots and lots of people all around the world working hard to stop this problem getting any worse.• The only thing is, they can’t do it alone. They need the help of as many people as possible: they need your help!
  14. • So what can you do to help them and help your planet?• Start by thinking about what you would most like to see happen or change: what would that be? How do you think you go about making that happen? What little things could you do in a little way everyday to help you reach that goal?
  15. • Using the Cool Green Hero Checklist that we have provided, or using one that you have created yourself, think up at least two actions to help stop climate change that you think you can achieve within the next six months. • Write down a few sentences for each cool green action that describes what you hope to do. If you need some more tips, have a look at the ones that we’ve thought up and are trying out.
  16. Tips for helping stop climate change - Transport• When you can, leave the car behind and put your legs to work on the bike or by walking.• Catch public transport if it’s too far to walk or ride.• If you do need to drive, try carpooling and take as many people in the car as you can.• Make sure mum and dad drive efficiently: driving efficiently saves heaps of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere.
  17. Tips for helping stop climate change - Food• Eat less meat.• Buy local food where you can – the closer it is, the less it has had to travel to get to you.• Don’t waste food - use your imagination to turn you leftovers into a delicious taste sensation!• Grow your own veggies and feed the whole family with fresh, healthy and tasty food!
  18. Tips for helping stop climate change - Energy • Turn off your lights! • Open the curtains instead of turning the lights on. • Turn off the standby – that little red light on your stereo/tv/computer uses nearly 10% of household energy. • Be smart with your heating and cooling. Take your jumper off before switching on the air- conditioner, or put on a jumper to get warm. • Dry your clothes on the line and not in the dryer.
  19. • For more tips, visit the Our Cool School website!• Did we forget any tips? Send your tips to us and we’ll post them on the Our Cool School site!
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