Media survey analysis


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Media survey analysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire results For the questionnaire I asked questions that I think would be useful in helping me decide how to design my own magazine to make it appeal the most it possibly can to my target audience. As I want my magazine to be focusing on Hip Hop music and towards people between 15 and 20 I asked people from that age range. To make the survey I used then sent the link to 26 people.
  2. 2. I chose to do this question because the age range I asked is the particular audience I want my magazine to be aimed at therefore I wanted at least one person from each age in the age range to answer the survey to get their opinions on each of the other questions I have asked.
  3. 3. By asking the same number of males and females I am more likely to get more accurate answers and see what the average is that both genders answer on each of the questions.
  4. 4. As the genre of music I want to focus my magazine on is Hip Hop music a simple question to ask is ‘Do you like Hip Hop music?’ So that I could easily see whether it is a genre that would be liked by my target audience. Luckily 92.3% of the people I asked said that they do showing that is it liked a lot.
  5. 5. I chose to ask this question because after knowing whether people do like Hip Hop music or not it helps to adapt that answer to give me a clearer idea of how they think other people think towards it and as I got the most answers for popular and very popular it shows that it is along with the majority of people also saying they like hip hop music.
  6. 6. I chose this question to get a clearer idea about other genres of music and how they relate to Hip Hop music. For the options I chose music I think is similar to Hip Hop music such as R&B and Dance and genres which are very different such as Classical and Rock. The Results show that alongside Hip Hop music (which 24/26 people said they liked) they also like R&B and Rap music as they are pretty similar genres of music.
  7. 7. By simply asking this it gives me idea of how many people out of the amount of people I asked do read music magazines. Only 34.6% said that they do but that is still a large majority out of the people I asked.
  8. 8. By asking what other music magazines people interested in mainly Hip Hop music read helps to give me a clearer idea of how to possibly lay out and base my magazine around. As Q, NME and Top of the Pops were the most popular I could have a lot at how they appeal to their audiences and use similar styles on my own.
  9. 9. By asking how often magazine are brought would give me an idea of how often my magazine should be published. 84.6% of people said they rarely buy one but after that 11.5% of people said they buy it every fortnight so that is the more popular times for magazines being published so mine will be every fortnight.
  10. 10. By asking what people prefer to read about in a magazine will help me to design my magazine as I will know what to mainly include inside it, the 3 most popular was Gossip, New music and interviews with the least popular being competitions, Photo shoots and information on events and concerts which I will possibly not include in my magazine at all.
  11. 11. By asking what convection of a front cover appeals most to the audience will help me to know what to focus on when it comes to creating the front cover, as the main image got 88.5% of the votes from the people I asked it means I will focus on making sure the image is appealing to my target audience and really stands out.
  12. 12. By asking what people prefer inside the magazine between text and images will help me how to design my double page spread and how much of each is needed on it. As images was the most popular with 92.3% of people preferring it my double page spread with my more of the main image/images and a smaller proportion of text which 7.7% of people do prefer more of therefore quite a bit should still be on the page.
  13. 13. By asking how much the audience are willing to spend on a magazine it will tell me how much my magazine should cost. As the most common answer was maximum of £2 my magazine should be priced around or under this cost.
  14. 14. By asking if the audience brought a magazine focusing on Hip Hop would they want to see any other genres of music appear in the magazine helps me to know what to put in my magazine. As 65.4% of the people I asked said yes I could feature a bit of information on other genres, especially genres people who like Hip Hop music also said such as Rap and R&B as they answered in a previous question.
  15. 15. By asking what colours people associate with Hip Hop music will help me to create the perfect colour scheme for my magazine. As Black, White Purple and Yellow where the top 3 colours these are the 3 colours I am most likely to use as my colour scheme on my magazine.
  16. 16. By asking what Fashion people associate with Hip Hop music will help me to know how to dress up the people posing for my photos for the magazine. As High street fashion was the most popular with 50% of the audience saying it that’s how I’ll style the photos.