Michelle Cook Resume 2.0


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Correct X420 Resume 2.0 Submission

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Michelle Cook Resume 2.0

  1. 1. MeetMichelle Cook akaMarketingProfessional
  2. 2. Table of" The Present... The Purpose -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Michelle’s Purpose TO SHOW YOUContents My 8 Cylinders of Success My Greatest Achievement who and I’m and what I am My best work to date up to so that we can exploreThe Past... Other Work I’m Proud Of the possibility of working-------------------------------------------- My other evidence of great work together in the near future Lifelong LearnerMy educational historyLifelong LeaderMy leadership roles The Future. --------------------------------------------Personal Assets My Ultimate GoalsMy passions, strengths, & skills My personal & professional visionWork Experience Contact MichelleMy corporate, community, & campus My email, phone, & mailing addresswork
  3. 3. The"PastWhere I’ve Been...
  4. 4. Lifelong "LearnerUniversity of IndianaKelley School of Business - MarketingCollege of Arts & Sciences - SpanishGraduation: May 2012University of Seville, SpainStudy abroad program, January – May 2011Focus in Spanish Linguistics, Grammar, and BusinessSpanish
  5. 5. Lifelong "Leader Career -------------------------------------------- Aspen Marketing ServicesIndiana University Analyzed data and organized information and insights for client presentations------------------------------------------ Spanish translations and editingAlpha Kappa PsiProfessional Committee Co-Chair The Clutts Agency, Inc Relocated to Dallas, TX to pursue anHutton Honors College interest in the entertainment industryMentor Edited and critiqued movie scripts for producers in LAEmerging Markets Club Managed Adult Broadcast division whileEmerging Markets Journal Writer Independent supervisor was out of office -------------------------------------------- The Royal Lusitano, Horse Breeding Up ’ N ’ Over Stables Started and trained 6 horses, winning 6 Manager of horses’ training schedules Regional Champion titles, 4 National Qualifiers, and 1 National Champion title Bloomington Animal Shelter Volunteer
  6. 6. Personal"AssetsPassions Skills & Subjects Strengths------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------Curiosity: Discovering the WHY Statistical Analysis ActivatorStriving to understand the consumer, Developing insights and solutions through Can turn thoughts into actionhis culture, & how it impacts his programs such as Excel and SPSSdecision-making Achiever Spanish Language Expert Great deal of stamina and work hardHispanic Marketing Fluent in Spanish and able to teach itIt’s more than tacos and “hola” Discipline Compassionate Listening Create order and structure for excellenceTravel Ability to hear beyond the wordsOpening my eyes to new cultures Strategic Ideation Create alternative ways to succeedOther Interests Creating value with whatever is presentHorses, Cooking, Photography, Hiking Motivator Engagement of team members in their areas of strength
  7. 7. Work" ExperienceThe Royal Lusitano The Clutts Agency Aspen Marketing-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Marketed the Royal Lusitano at horse  Managed the Adult Broadcast division  Assisted in strategy conception and shows, selling horses and future when agent was out of town: negotiating implementation for a mobile gift card breedings between casting directors, talents, and project, incorporating quantitative, clients, organizing his email and schedule, qualitative, and social media research contacting all talents and casting directors Performed as marketing ambassador for current projects  Analyzed event recaps and organized for Cavalia, a traveling horse show insights for the ABSOLUT client for its founded by the creators of Cirque du  Edited movie scripts and sent summer event marketing promotions Soleil constructive notes to producers in Los Angeles  Orchestrated clients’ change requests Secured sponsors covering expenses on direct mail pieces, editing English and for the 2010 FEI World Equestrian  Completed organizational office work Spanish translations Games such as filing, assisting with the phones, and updating the company database  Created a twelve-month forecast sheet• Trained six horses, winning six which broke out costs, job numbers, and hyperlinked to job invoices for easier Regional Champion titles and usage qualifying four for Nationals, with one National Champion
  8. 8. The"PresentWhere I Am...
  9. 9. Michelle’s"PurposeOrigin Destiny Purpose Statement-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------1.  Principles » My Dashboard 5. Positioning » My Lane Purpose » My GPS Work hard every day. Remain optimistic. Be the best Marketing Professional I can My purpose is to investigate, analyze, and Make someone laugh today. be, especially within the realm of Hispanic discover the true meaning. I will explore Marketing. different cultures, and through my passion2. Passions » My Keys in statistical analysis and HispanicUnderstanding the driving forces behind 6. Pioneers » My Pace Cars marketing, I will bring exponential value tosomeone. The need to know WHY. Martha Zipper. Eric Cook. any company willing to listen. I believe in community and in the potential it brings. I3. Problems » My Fuel 7. Picture » My Road Map strive to bring communities together forWasted hours. Lack of proof. No attention Lead a life and career that is bold, optimal results and happiness.to detail. Guesswork. Stagnant behavior. visionary, innovative, and life-changing. Business Leader » Social Leader » Game4. People » My Motor ChangerFamily, friends, co-workers, clients,mentors, strangers. We all interact each 8. Possibility » My Destinationday – let’s make that interaction the most A world where the potential of one’spositive it can be. culture is unlocked & where Hispanics are not seen just as a business opportunity but as a people.
  10. 10. My Greatest"AchievementSummer 2009--------------------------------------------Working student in the EQUINE Industry Insights --------------------------------------------1 National Champion. Mirrors4 National Qualifiers. Horses are mirrors of their humans. I was6 Regional Champions. taught to stay present in the moment, to1 Girl’s hard work, patience, dedication. breathe deep, and to bring a positive attitude to work everyday.I am very proud of my work at the RoyalLusitano. Working with horses involves Managementmuch introspection and reflection. Like every individual, horses respondThrough the horses, I learned so much differently to different techniques.about myself and surprisingly how to Everything comes down to pressure. Askbetter relate from people. To win politely, increase until desired result isnationally on top is incredible to me. achieved, and then back down to lowest pressure.FutureContinue to learn from the horses in my Balancelife, about myself, patience, mental Learned to balance desires from multiplepresence and body language, and clients and trainers.management of people.
  11. 11. Other Work "I’m Proud OfTus bebidas favoritas Study Abroad Sevilla, SpainChanged the wording on a national Five-month cultural immersion in SpanishSpanish slogan for ABSOLUT vodka culture. Eye-opening, life-changing, inspiring.Friend Extraordinaire Sears Mobile Gift CardsLate night consolations, support, smiles Project in which I analyzed quantitative,and laughs. qualitative, and social media research.
  12. 12. The"FutureWhere I Am Going.
  13. 13. Ultimate"GoalsPersonal Professional------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------Live a meaningful life Become a leader in Hispanicprofessionally, socially, and Market Research and deepenintrospectively. companies’ understanding of this segment. To continue to explore mypassions and discover newpassions along the way. To travel to Latin America and consult companies there.But perhaps most importantly torecognize and be thankful for all To expand the frontiers ofof the blessings in my life. knowledge.
  14. 14. Contact "MichelleEmail Mail -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------cookmie@indiana.edu Michelle Cook 428 Brownstone DrivePhone Bloomington, IN 47408--------------------------------------------(630) 639 - 6036