10 Reasons Why You Still Need a Tax Pro!


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In this day and age it may seem like you can get online, open up the internet, and have your taxes done in no time. Heck, you saved yourself time and saved a few bucks right? Think again.

Salt Lake City Tax Professionals, Cook Martin Poulson, PC will ensure you get the maximum refund that you are due. We'll catch deductions that do it yourself software often misses.

We'll help you plan for next year's taxes so you don't have any big surprises. Want to invest some of your refund in an IRA? We can do that. Want to reduce your business taxes? We can help with that as well.

If you need a CPA in Salt Lake City, UT, consider Cook Martin Poulson, PC. Proudly serving Utah for nearly 40 years.

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10 Reasons Why You Still Need a Tax Pro!

  1. 1. presentedby | ybmsmartcenter.com theygetthejobdonefaster presentedby SmartCenter The IRS estimates that an individual spends 32.7 hours preparing their own return, and a self-employed person can spend up to 57.1 hours. 1 in 5 people who self-prepare leave money on the table. The money lost by people missing deductions averages $460 per return. 1. they’llcatchthedeductionsyoumightmiss2. you’llgetabiggerrefund3. theyhaveyourback4. theyknowtheentiretaxcode...5. they’llhelpyouplanfornextyear6. theyknowwhatthenumbersreallymean7. theyactuallywanttohelpyou8. theyunderstandyourbusiness9. theyknowwhatthey’redoing10. Your brain. They know the ins and outs of your business, and can use this knowledge to help it thrive. Period. IRS Four Hundred Sixty Tax Refund YourTaxGuy $460.00 The US Federal Tax code is currently 73,954 pages long. That’s 12.84 miles of tax code. 1913 1969 2004 2014 400 pages 16,500 pages 60,044 pages 73,954 pages That’s 11,200,000 miscaluculated returns. why you still need a taxpro tenreasons ... 0734x234-.436 00071:f<in=0> 3928.4xf=0017; 0007x51-000.6570=r0/12.b; 00.922’005.1=81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643330/12.c outp[0x6p]&[000271] x6p]&[090515] #inc.e<mcth> const:f<in=0> const:f=0017; case’1’000cod=r0/12.b; case’2’cod=F81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643330/12.ccase’1’000cod=r0/12.b; case’2’cod=F81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643330/12.c case’1’000cod=r0/12.b; casex235’2’cod=F81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643dgw/12.c 34[0x6p]&[071] x6p]&[090515] #inc.e<mcth> const:f<in=0> const:f=0017; case’1’000cod=r0/12.b; case’2’cod=F81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643330/12.c 34[0x6p]&[071] x6p]&[090515] case’1’000cod=r0/12.b; case’2’cod=F81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643330/12.c case’1’000cod=r0/12.b; case’2’cod=F81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643330/12.c case’1’000cod=r0/12.b; case’2’cod=F81000000/12.b; case’3’cod=643330/12.c 32.7 57.1 individual self employed hrs hrs Having your return professionally prepared allows your tax guy to represent you with the IRS if an auditor comes knocking. ...soyoudon’thaveto Working with your tax guy throughout the year can make tax time a breeze. Their brain. They care about your financial health, and they’ll do anything to help when you’re in need. Tax professionals are experts at saving you money and helping you with the stuff you don’t want to deal with. Work with a tax pro to make tax time easier and more profitable than ever before. Sources: IRS.gov, NTU.org, Yahoo Finance, CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter ...That’s