Media tech day 2005


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Media tech day 2005

  1. 1. April 21st 2005
  2. 2. Be inspired!The Media Technology degree programme at the Royal Institute of Technology(KTH, Stockholm) marks its sixth year of academic excellence. The programmehas matured from its early stages and established it´s status as the obviouschoice for creative and abitious students with a genuine interest in media tech-nologies, their applications and uses.Our Media-Tech Day 2005 kicks off on April 21st and we predict it will be hot-ter than ever. This year´s event is a natural consequence of the success of theprevious two, and as always, TLG ( the Trade- and Industry Group), is placingemphasis on a solid and attractive speaker and seminar programme. The topicscovered will be of interest for all who would like to stay updated on develop-ments within the media technology and services industries.Sieze this unique chance to meet established authorities, as well as future mov-ers and shakers in the media!The work with Media-Tech Day 2005 continues and you will be able keep trackof how it is coming along on We look forwad to meetingyou on April the 21st.Regards,Sorosh TavakoliPresident,The Trade and Industry Group for Media technology,The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm
  3. 3. New technology- opportunities and constraintsThe rapidly developing media technology continuously creates new chal-lenges for the players in the media field. IP-TV, digital printing, 3G, e-pa-per, peer-to-peer, WiFi, convergence—all innovations affect the competi-tive situation and business opportunities in the media market. To ensurethe ability to reach customers and consumers in this changing world, allenterprises and organizations involved in media communication must re- late to or utilize new technology in conjunction with traditional methods. And this must be done without endangering profitability. Current knowl- edge of new media technology, its possibilities and restrictions, its uses end role in sociaty, is here a key to success.Nils Enlund, professor of media technology and graphic arts, KTHContent of the daySeminarsMedia-Tech Day 2005 will be based on discussion topics raised by inter-esting profiles from the media industry. The programme will be filled withinternational speakers from a variety of backgrounds.This is in order to reflect the breadth of the programme and allow allstudents and visitors to benefit . In order to get a general understand-ing about the programme information about previous Media-Tech Dayevents can be found towards the end of this document.ExhibitorsThe trade fair will take place at the South Eastern Gallery where 6-8display areas will be available for rent. Possible participants are differentcompanies and associations that are interested in exposure to studentsand industry representatives.Media Technology Student Expo 2005For the first year a student exhibition is going to be organised in con-nection with Industry Day, Media Technology 2005. The exhibition willinclude everything from digital presentations to more interactive physicalartefacts. The purpose is to give people an idea about what we are ca-pable of doing here at the university including the way in which individualdevelopment is encouraged by the degree programme.Mingle, food and drinkWhat would industry day be without a mingle? Industry day will havemany opportunities to meet interesting students and colleagues in a re-laxed environment. There will be opportunities to mingle during lunchand after the seminar programme’s end during which you will be serveddrinks to drinks accompanied by music.This is an opportunity to haveanswered your questions that may not have been covered during theseminars, as well as to build a more personal impression of our stu-dents.
  4. 4. VisitorsThe hosts of the event are Media technology’s two programmes.Media technology 180 credits and Media technology 120 credits.Other participants include students at other programmes at KTH aswell visitors as from Stockholm School of Economics, StockholmUniversity, Konstfack, and different art and media schools. Corpo-rate visitors and the media will also be present.ParticipationThere are different opportunities for everyone to participate.Mentioned below are a few suggestions:Main SponsorsYou may be a sponsor that is highly relevant for the programme. Asthe sponsor you will be there to design the day and get exposureand have unique opportunities to present yourself in different ways.ExhibitorThere is the possibility to rent exhibition space.VisitorCome and bring along your colleagues for inspiration. Listen, mingleand share your knowledge.Advertisement SpaceYou may purchase advertisement space on the Meda-Tech Day website or on printed material that the TIG uses in all external communi-cation with the press, industry, other educational institues etc..Media-tech day 2004Seven speakers from different parts of the world inspired stu-dents and industry representatives during Media-Tech Day 2004.The theme of the day was “Digitalisation and the Futures MediaUse.” Speakers who attended were; Stafan Agamonolis-MIT Irland,Ramia Maze-Interactive Project Play, Johan Forsberg-Lunarstorm,Per Stöm- Atomer and Anders Frisk- Qbrick. Although industry wasnot going especially well there was a great interest in the day. Theseminars finished with a debate which included a buffee. The mainsponsor was Edita.Media-tech day 2004The 26th of March 2003 was the very first industry day, which wasinaugurated by Nils Enlund, Professor of Media Technology at KTH.On the speaker list were people from Warner Music Sweden AB, Mi-crosoft, Accenture, SVT, Amuze, Dagen Industri and Aftonbladet.Mer information och bilder om tidigare branschdagar finns på hem-sidan:
  5. 5. Media Technology Education at the RoyalInstitute of Technology, StockholmMedia Technology Education at the Royal Institute of Technology,StockholmMedia Technology at KTH is multidisciplinary. The students get a widetechnical basic education while the focus is primarily on acquiring adeeper understanding of the technology in its context.KTH media technology creates flexible and creative technology prob-lem- solvers who work with media content and design, communica-tion, economics, cognition psychology, design and law. This is in orderto be able to meet the industry’s demand for modern engineers whocan think out-side of the box and has an understanding of the wholechain from innovation to the end user.A KTH media technology graduates has a strength,based on his or herknowledge, which suits a purpose and an ability to find innovative waysto communicate and to guarantee quality.Media Technology 120 creditsBSc in EngineeringYear 1Media Technology Mathematics Computer Science Non- Technical SubjectsYear 2Media Technology Mathematics Non-Technical Subjects Computer ScienceYear 3Media Technology Elective Final Degree Project CousesMedia Technology 180 creditsMSc in EngineeringYear 1Social Science Mathematics, Physics Computer/ Media TechnologyHumanistic InformationCourses TechnologyYear 2Social Science Mathematics Information Technology Media TechnologyHumanisticCoursesYear 3Social Science Specialisation Elective CoursesHumanisticCoursesYear 4Social Science Specialisation Elective CoursesHumanisticCoursesYear 5MSc Final Degree Project